Raja Beta 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant offers money to Rahul to reveal conspirators

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The Episode starts with Vedant thinking home and hospital responsibility shall be handled by someone, but whom. He sees Purva giving balloons to the kids in the park and hides from her sight. He thinks this time is very difficult for her, but he is very happy seeing her gathering her courage and handling herself. A girl says these balloons can take our wishes to God. Purva asks them to tell what to write. Girl asks her to ask holiday from God. Purva writes on the balloons and make it fly in air. They asks her to wish from God. Purva writes on the balloon, please prove Vedant’s innocent and make it fly, but it get stuck in the tree. The kids say sorry did, it got stuck in the tree. Purva hopes that Vedant proves innocent and goes.

Manjula comes to Dadi. Dadi tells her that Vedant had come and gives cheques for everyone even though she didn’t ask. She says they kicked him out of hospital without thinking, but he thinks for everyone. Ramesh is standing out of hospital and thinks the money from the hospital will shower on me. Vedant says you might be counting the money which you will get from the hospital and says you started celebrating so soon. He says you can’t do anything in my Dada ji’s hospital. Ramesh says your Dada ji and says you got the name in charity, you are not letting us get our money. He asks do you want to make us hungry. Vedant says I gave cheques to Dadi. Ramesh asks what about Rahul who is blackmailing us? Vedant says my Dadi will not give money to the blackmailer, I will handle Rahul. Ramesh says Rahul will not be quiet, you know what he will do. Vedant asks if you are having share in it, so that my sins can be compensated. Ramesh says you are accusing others rather that regretting for your sins. He says Amma shall see your real face. Vedant says Dadi shall open her eyes and ears and see everyone’s true faces. He walks away from there. Purva thinks of the balloon and thinks she has seen dream with her open eyes, it was her mistake. Dadi and Manjula come there. Purva gets happy and asks them to sit. Dadi says I was missing you so I came. Purva hugs her and says I thought you are upset with me. Dadi says it was not your mistake. Purva says I did a mistake to hide truth from all. Manjula tells Purva that struggles days make everything fine and says RadheMadhav will make it fine. Purva asks if RadheMadhav can bring my baby back.

Pankhudi checks a patient. Patient says I thought this is charitable hospital and classy patients matter to you also. Pankhudi says you will see our high class services in our hospital. She asks her to come to hospital daily and get the scan done by the specialist. She asks her to buy medicine from the hospital. She asks her to come to hospital for three days, says treatment is quite expensive as we don’t compromise on quality. The patient tells that she wants 5 star quality. Ramesh comes there and asks Pankhudi to talk to Vedant, says he refused to give money to Rahul. She comes back to the patient and says Minister’s wife called for an appointment and gives her file. Mr. Kapoor leaves. Ramesh comes to Sanju and scolds him, saying Vedant told clearly that they will not get money. He says he is not scared of Rahul or the bad reputation. Sanju says you have provoked Dadi against her. Pankhudi comes there, tells that Vedant is not picking the call. Sanju says if he reaches Rahul then? Pankhudi says don’t know what he is going to do.

Ramesh gets Rahul’s call and picks the call. Rahul says hello uncle. Vedant is with Rahul and signs him not to tell about him. Ramesh says Vedant came to hospital today and asked directly if he has share in the money. Vedant hears him. Ramesh says he doesn’t know that we will take the half the money each and asks if Vedant came to you. Vedant cuts the call. Ramesh says I will call him. Sanju asks him not to call him and says Vedant might be doubtful on us.

Rahul says now see what I do with you. Vedant says you can’t do anything as you are a small puppet of the game, says I want to make Ramesh Tripathi from my way and asks him to help him and tell all the conspiracy story, and offers to give him money.

Gomti, Sumiti and Narendra get their names cheque. Gomti says he gave cheques and went. Narendra says we never had problem when he was here. Gomti says who will run the house. Sumiti says Manjula and says you don’t know naari shakti. Gomti asks her about sugar rate. Sumiti says I don’t know. Narendra takes the cheques from them. Vedant comes to Purva’s house and looks at him from window. He thinks she is again sad. He sees Pankhudi coming and tells her that he met Rahul today and made him call Ramesh. He says Ramesh is behind the conspiracy and says he will find out who is with them. Pankhudi says why he will do this. Vedant says he wants to blackmail Dadi and take money from her. He asks about Purva. Pankhudi says di gets upset hearing your name and shouts.Vedant says that’s why I am not coming infront of her. he leaves. Pankhudi thinks I won’t let you get Purva back and you will never come to know about the truth.

Precap: Vedant tells Purva that Pankhudi showed him all the reports and made him do the operation. Purva is shocked. Later she finds a board on which Pankhudi has written house, honour and hospital. She thinks if Pankhudi has done this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Its time for all the conspirators truth to be exposed. Purva and Vedant will see who are their well wishers and enemies

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