Raja Beta 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sanju and Pankhudi get engaged

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The Episode starts with Vedant coming home and hearing Sumiti asking Radhika to get ready as it is the big day for her. Vedant asks about Purva. They say she must be here. Vedant asks Gomti about her sarees. Gomti says it is delivered. Sumiti asks him to pay for the jewellery. Radhika looks at Vedant. Vedant looks at her sad. Sumiti makes Radhika ready and goes. Radhika picks Prateik’s call and tells that Sanju is getting married and some guests are coming to see her. Prateik gets shocked. Guests come for the engagement. Sanju asks his friends not to eye Pankhudi. Radhika comes to Vedant and asks if he met Prateik. Vedant says yes and tells that he is very understanding guy. He tells that he is with them. Radhika hugs him happily. Just then the groom’s family come there. Ramesh greets them.

Vedant touches Dadi’s feet and gets blessed. Sumiti introduces Radhika to Chaturvedi. Vedant greets him. Chaturvedi’s son Avinash looks at Radhika. Ramesh and Chaturvedi ask them to go and talk. Vedant calls Purva and finds her number to be switched off. Avinash looks at Radhika and forcefully offers her drink. Radhika excuses herself. Avinash gets busy talking with some other girl and calls her sweetheart. Narendra hears him talking to the girl. Radhika comes to her room. Prateik comes there and asks why are you not picking my call. He says your brother didn’t tell me that groom’s family is coming to see you. Radhika tells that Vedant bhai liked him a lot and will help them. She asks him to go as guests are in the house. Prateik says ok. He hugs her and leaves. Ramesh talks to Chaturvedi about Jeevan Rekha shares if the alliance is fixed. Dadi asks to bring Pankhudi. Vedant asks Dadi about Purva. Dadi says she was last seen in her room. Vedant says I will see.

Radhika comes out to the party hall. Avinash asks why she is feeling shy and compliments her eyes. Radhika says lets go. Pankhudi comes wearing saree. Sanju gives his hand. She holds his hand reluctantly and smiles fakely. She asks where is Di, and says I can’t do engagement without her. The guests start gossiping. Ramesh asks Vedant to call his wife and says engagement will not break because of her. Manjula and Sumiti ask him to calm down. Ramesh tells Pankhudi that Purva might be coming and says lets start the rasam. Pandit ji asks for the bride and groom’s ring. Pankhudi says my ring is with Di and asks where is she? Gomti says ring is missing at the right time and says such cheap thing can be done by Purva only. Sanju gets up angrily and says engagement will happen now itself and asks Manjula to give the ring. Purva comes there running and says I have the ring. Pankhudi gets up shockingly. Vedant asks her. Purva says diamond was coming out the ring so she went to the shop to get it repaired. Dadi praises her. Pandit ji asks Sanju to make Pankhudi wear the ring. Sanju makes her wear the ring. Pankhudi gets upset. Everyone claps and shower flower petals on them.

Purva and Vedant shower petals on each other smiling. Pankhudi makes Sanju wear the ring. Purva looks at Avinash throwing petals on Radhika and thinks this seems to be babu ji’s friend son. Sanju dances on the song hello hello…….Narendra and Sumiti also dance. Vedant dances with Purva making Pankhudi upset and jealous. Later Purva tells Vedant that she wants to talk to him something urgently. She tells that she lied infront of everyone and tells that the ring was missing so she had to sell the pendant which he gave her, and bought the new ring. Vedant says I gave it to you. Purva says I thought you will do the same and says sorry. Vedant says you did right. Ramesh announces Radhika and Avinash’s alliance and says roka will happen now itself. Sumiti, Narendra, Radhika and others are shocked. Sumiti says Bhai Saheb announced the engagement suddenly. Narendra says he didn’t ask us. Ramesh asks Chaturvedi to come forward. Radhika looks at Vedant. Vedant is shocked as well.

Precap: Vedant assures Radhika that her marriage will happen with prateik only, the most important thing is he is good and she loves him. Narendra and Sumiti hear about Prateik shocking Vedant, Radhika and Purva.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Dis is d second role i c dis woman in where she is after her sisters husband first in kaala teeka now here hmmmm. Wonder if she will kill all here as well.

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