Raja Beta 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ramesh finds out about Vedant and Purva’s drama

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The Episode starts with Vedant coming to room and thinking outside divorce acting and here all the arrangements is done. He takes his clothes and goes to change the clothes. He thinks Purva thought that I didn’t have food. Pankhudi comes and says she also cares for him. Vedant says did you do this? Pankhudi says she is taking Purva’s place and asks him to sign the papers, and read it if he don’t trust her. Vedant says he trust her and signs on the papers. Just then Purva comes there hurriedly and the glass falls on the papers ruining the papers. Vedant tells her that she has spoiled Pankhudi’s papers, and says she has done so much for him and he has second option pankhudi for him if she threatens to give him divorce. Purva and Vedant laugh. Pankhudi thinks she will get the papers sign again and is

the sole option for Vedant.

Ramesh asks Gomti to give dal. Gomti gives dal to Sumiti. Ramesh asks her to give dal. Manjula takes the dal and gives to Ramesh. Ramesh thanks her. Vedant announces that he will give 25 percent to Bua, 25 percent to Narendra Chacha and 25 percent to Sanju. Sanju asks if I will also get. Vedant says I am making the papers and asks him to say if he needs anything. Sanju looks at Ramesh. Gomti asks him not to look at Ramesh else he will not get anything. Sanju gets a call and goes. Ramesh says I want to tell something and says Purva’s husband refused to give divorce and didn’t sign on the papers and that’s why he took the date for the court hearing. He tells Purva that she don’t have to live with Vedant now. Vedant says his wish will never be fulfilled.

Manjula comes to meet Vedant. Vedant says how do you know that I am missing you. Manjula says I was thinking how you are breaking the family whom you wanted to unite. Vedant says I am trying to unite them, you couldn’t see. Manjula says you are trying to get Ramesh insulted by his siblings. Vedant says I am giving their shares to them. Manjula prays that he becomes good and leaves. Vedant thinks I didn’t change, just changed my approach for family’s betterment.

Purva brings candle and the pastry piece and wishes Vedant happy birthday. She asks him to blow the candle. He blows on the candle. She makes him taste it. She asks if he is not worried about their divorce case.

Ramesh gets a Lawyer’s call and he tells that first hearing is tomorrow. Ramesh thanks him. Manjula comes there. Ramesh asks what are you taking. Manjula shows the sweets box. Ramesh says tomorrow is Gudadi lal’s birthday, best day to give him good news. He opens the box and eats the sweets. Manjula feels bad. Vedant tells Purva that Sanju will be on their side, and then this act will be over. Ramesh hears him. Vedant says whenever they talk about separation, his heart pains, and says I have to stay away from you on my birthday also. Ramesh is about to confront them, but Sanju keeps hand on his hand and takes him to room. Ramesh asks why did you bring me and asks him to go to them. He says they are fooling me. Sanju says I am with you only and says I was doubtful about them, and says we have to fail their plan. Ramesh says we have to do big dhamaka. Sanju says we will make the big blast, just needs Purva’s phone for 5 mins. Vedant asks her for gift. She says she will take him somewhere and asks him not to question her. Purva takes him to terrace and shows the decorations. He asks did you do this alone. Purva says this sky, moon etc was with me.

Vedant says this sky, fairy night etc and you are with me, this is the beautiful night for me. Purva says something is missing. She makes him hear the song in the ear plug. They lie down inside the decorated flower hearts with lamps. Song plays…..chand chupa song plays…..Vedant gets closer to her. She feels shy and gets up. He makes her lie down again and touches her cheeks with flower. He looks at her and says I never knew that love will bring so much happiness and says I can’t be away from you. Purva says I will live with you, even on your birthday, she says life without you…mazaak hai kya….She says you will also be with me. Pankhudi comes there and interrupts their romance. She calls him and Purva. They get up. Pankhudi tells that Sanju is going to his room. Vedant goes. Pankhudi asks her to come to her room. Purva says we have to move all this decorations, and thinks Vedant is mine, and you can’t unite with him, I have to break you both.

Precap: Ramesh sings song and says today is Vedant’s birthday. He wishes him calling Gudadi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now Vedant and Purva have been exposed by Sanju. Its great that Purva soiled the divorce papers done by that shameless Pankhudi. So now Ramesh will pull off his act to fool Vedant. Hope that Vedant can see through Ramesh act and not get taken in.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Y d hell punkhudi has so much leway to keep goin to their private moments and ending it? Y dont dey find it strange dat she is always there to interrupt them. And how is it dat d other side always gets wind of their plans while dey always fail to discover d other sides plan? Dis serials r too bias for evil and dis is shown in every serial

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