Raja Beta 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant tries to commit suicide, but gets saved by a friend

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Raja Beta 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purva asking Vedant how can he hurt her when he loves her so much. Vedant says I want to tell you that I didn’t do anything intentionally. Purva says but my baby, keeps her head on his chest and cries. Pankhudi goes to her and takes her away from Vedant, asking her to handle herself. Purva says no father can do this and asks him to go else her pain increases seeing him. Vedant says if you get peace then I will go from here and will never return. He says I know your wound will not be healed soon and asks her to move on in life and learn to live life again. Ramesh tells Dadi that Rahul received the cheque and seems like he got more greedy, threatened to call the Police and get the hospital closed. Dadi says we have given him money. Ramesh says he has understood that Vedant is a

rich man and that’s why opening his mouth wide. Dadi says how can he do this. Ramesh asks her to give the hospital responsibilities to Sanju as Vedant has signed the POA. Dadi says Sanju is not a doctor yet. Ramesh tries to convince her and asks her to take signing authority from him. Dadi says she will talk to him. Purva thinks of Vedant’s words and switches on and off the lights. Pankhudi asks her what are you doing and says how will I sleep? Purva asks do you think that Vedant loved me immensely. She asks her to say yes or no. Pankhudi says yes, may be, yes. Purva says how can he hurt me whom he loves a lot and will do all possible things to save me. She asks her to say yes or no. Pankhudi asks what is this yes or no in night. Purva asks do you think he was trapped and someone made him do all this which he never wanted to do. Pankhudi is shocked and asks her not to think much, sleep and let her sleep too. She thinks if Di’s heart is melting and if she will forgive Vedant. They lie down on the bed to sleep.

Vedant walks on the road lost and recalls Ramesh calling him gutter baby. He recalls Dadi slapping him and Purva asking him to kill her. He stands on the road infront of the lorry and says kill me, I have kill someone with my hands. Just as the lorry is about to hit him, his friend comes there and saves him. He asks what happened to you and says you don’t seems to be fine, and takes him to his house.

In the morning, Pankhudi asks head nurse Usha about the patients standing in the hospital and talking. Usha says they are demanding for Dr. Vedant. Pankhudi says you should have sent them to me or other doctors. Usha says they don’t want to go to other doctors. Pankhudi asks her to tell that Vedant will not come. She sees Mrs. Pradhan and makes her remind that she has done her test. Mrs. Pradhan says she got the test done as Vedant said and says she trusts him and not her. Pankhudi is shocked.

Sumit asks Vedant to sit and says I was thinking about what you said in night, seems like you was trapped. He says people’s opinion matters and asks him to return to hospital. Vedant says I can’t go until I find out who is behind the conspiracy. Sumit says Rahul. Vedant says he can’t do this alone, someone from my family is helping him. Just then he gets a call from Bank Manager Verma and he asks did you give 10 lakhs rs. Cheque to Ramesh. Vedant thinks Dadi told that she will give to Rahul and asks Manager to cancel the cheque. He tells Sumit that who has helped Vedant.

Pankhudi is upset and says patients want just Dr. Vedant. Ramesh says we have to tell them that Vedant is not related now. Sanju says Pankhudi’s new plan to bring half patients and they will get 4 times more money. He says my Pankhudi will make the hospital as ATM. Ramesh says we have cut Vedant’s connection from Jeevan Rekha. Pankhudi says she is still in confusion that if he got trapped by someone. She says she distracted her, but di…Sanju asks did you do say something which will be proof against us. Pankhudi says I did a mistake as I gave him all those reports and says they might have to pay for their doings. Rahul says nothing will happen and asks about his 5 lakhs. Ramesh says he has deposited the cheque in the bank and once it is cleared, 5 lakhs is mine and 5 lakhs is of yours. He gets a call and comes to know that Vedant got the cheques cancelled. Sanju says what game he is playing, if he started doubting us. Everyone gets tensed.

Vedant enters home secretly. Dadi is reading Dada ji’s newspaper articles on the frames. She sees him in the frame and says grand son is coming like a thief. Vedant says Dadi will never think her grand son as thief. He says before someone else tell you, I came to tell you something. He says I got the cheques cancelled which you made me sign. Dadi says there may be a reason. Vedant says amount written was double. Dadi says Sanjeevani Sadan needs money to run. Vedant says everything is yours, I am just an orphan. She says you made me educated and become a doctor, even if I give my everything then also it will be less. Dadi says whatever you have done..Vedant says I did a big mistake and don’t deserve forgiveness. He asks her to take everything from him. Dadi says Rameshs aid that if your name is connected with the hospital then Rahul will malign the reputation of your Dada ji. She asks him to sign on the papers and handovers responsibility to Sanju. Vedant says Sanju is not yet ready for responsibility and asks her to think before taking a decision. He says I will sign on the papers. Dadi asks if not Sanju then whom? Vedant thinks who shall handle house and hospital responsibility.

Precap: Ramesh tells Vedant that Rahul will not agree if he don’t get the money. Vedant says he will handle Rahul and says his dadi will not give money to blackmailer. He asks Ramesh why he wants to give money to Rahul and asks if he has some share in it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now the crookedness of Ramesh and Sanju are coming out. Vedant should not sign over his responsibilities to those bandits. Rahul , Ramesh and Sanju are getting too greedy. Its time he return to the hospital and find his greatest enemy trying to replace him.

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