Raja Beta 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant takes Gomti and Sumiti on his side

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The Episode starts with Gomti telling Ramesh that she heard about the box when Amma told him about it and says whatever money Purva gets as the alimony, I will have my share in it. Vedant refuses to give divorce to her divorce or alimony. Purva says she will snatch her rights. Gomti says she will not lose her share. Sumiti asks for her share. Ramesh says I will not give even 2 sq feet to anyone. Gomti breaks relation with her and says you can’t be related to anyone, and says I will tell you how I snatch my right and asks him to stop her if he can. Ramesh smiles. Vedant says you are challenging me and asks if this is the way to talk to elder brother. Gomti says it is elders’ responsibility to give the share to the younger siblings. Vedant says we will talk to the lawyer. Gomti says lawyer came and went

from here. She says he made plan with the lawyer also and says he was surprised to know that I know about his plan. She says her own brother is bad and vedant is good. Ramesh asks her to ask Vedant to give her property and says he tried to separate us and you are trapped.

Gomti asks Vedant if he will give her share to her. Vedant says how can I give you? Ramesh laughs and asks did you listen. He asks her to open his eyes and see Vedant. Gomti says this property is of our babu ji. Vedant says that’s what I am saying and says I will give your share on your name and says I have a small condition. Gomti says I agree to accept all your conditions. Vedant asks do you trust me. Gomti says yes. Vedant says 1/4th share is yours and shakes hand with her. Purva and Vedant smile looking at each other. Ramesh gets upset and goes. He talks to Gomti’s pic and asks why did you do this. Purva says if Vedant gives 25 percent to Bua then he will have 75 percent. Sumiti says Narendra will also get her share. Ramesh gets angry and asks them to go. Purva stops Sanju. Vedant asks Gomti to convince Sumiti and Sanju to come to his side. Gomti says she will convince them. Purva tells Ramesh that Vedant will take everyone on his side. Ramesh asks Sanju not to betray him. Sanju says I will not betray you. Purva thinks how your son will be loyal to you.

Gomti comes to kitchen wearing saree and tells that she is going out. She asks her to keep her things. Sumiti asks if she is getting some beauty also. Sumiti comes to her room. Narendra comes there and gives 1100 Rs to her. She scolds him and asks him to come to Vedant. She says we shall get our share from Vedant and reminds him of Ramesh’s behavior. Vedant makes Dadi have soup. Dadi asks about their plan. Vedant tells her that Bua is on their side now, Sumiti will agree also, and Purva is working on Sanju. Sumiti comes to meet Vedant in Dadi’s room. Sumiti says our daughter is happy in her house now because of you and says you respect my husband in this house, and says I want to come to your side and apologizes to her. Vedant asks her not to say that. Narendra says you think of everyone’s betterment. Vedant says even you have equal rights on Dada ji’s property. He tells Narendra that he won’t let the house break and hugs him. Purva tells Ramesh that Vedant is taking everyone on their side. Ramesh comes to meet Sanju outside secretly. Sanju asks him to come to point. Ramesh says everyone is against us now, we both are just for each other and asks will you support me. Sanju says yes, just like you are supporting me.

Precap: Pankhudi tells Vedant that she is taking Purva’s place and asks him to sign the papers. Vedant signs on the divorce papers without reading it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vedant is getting caught in Pankhudi trap. Now its time for Dadi and Purva to save him from that lunatic Pankhudi.
    Hopes that all Dadi’s plans become fruitful and the criminals in the family are exposed

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