Raja Beta 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Tripathi family to celebrate holi

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The Episode starts with Purva serving bottle gourd dish to everyone. Dadi asks everyone to have food. She tells Ramesh and others that she came out of death trap. Ramesh says what are you saying? Narendra says you have to handle the great grand kids. Dadi says don’t know how many days are left and tells that she wants them to celebrate holi grandly. Ramesh says you just came out of hospital. Dadi says I want you to celebrate holi with everyone. Ramesh agrees and asks Sanju and Radhika not to make plan with their friends and be at home. Narendra says we shall distribute the work as holi is tomorrow. Sumiti asks him not to let her stay in peace. Ramesh gets a call and goes to side to attend the call. Someone asks him to give 5 lakhs. Ramesh says he will give. He checks the money and thinks he has just 60000 Rs. Manjula asks what happened? Ramesh shouts at her. Vedant looks at Purva’s pic and waits for her, thinks their first holi will be wonderful. Purva comes and thinks he has slept, thinks to talk to him tomorrow. Pankhudi comes there and takes Purva out, and tells that she brought icecream for her and says we will gossip like old days. Purva says ok.

They go to Pankhudi’s room. Purva says sorry for not giving her time. She asks about her internship. Pankhudi says it is good. Purva tells that she overreacted today and says she will do the better planning next time. Pankhudi asks her not to agree so soon and says he shall understand. She asks if she decided to stay in joint family. Purva says Vedant takes care of her and let her be as she is and says what else she wants. Pankhudi says we shall get some balloons for tomorrow. They fill water on balloons. Pankhudi makes Purva drenched in water and asks her to sleep in her room today. Purva says she will go and change her saree. Pankhudi stops her and tells that she will bring her nighty. She comes to Vedant’s room and pushes the tray inside with her foot. She touches his face. Vedant is sleeping and thinks Purva is touching him and takes her name. He opens his eyes and sees her close to him. Purva thinks don’t know where Pankhudi go and is coming there. Vedant gets up and asks what are you doing here? Pankhudi says sorry and says I came to get Di’s night, lost balance and fell on you. Manjula sees Purva and asks her to apply sindoor tomorrow. Purva takes the sindoor.

Vedant asks where is Purva? Pankhudi says she is in my room, as she is upset and want to sleep in my room. Just then Purva comes there and asks why did she take so much time. Purva sees Vedant sitting. Pankhudi takes Purva with her. Vedant keeps the cake and coffee tray on the table. Next morning, Vedant knocks on the door. Purva opens the door. Vedant wishes her happy holi and fills color in her maang. He says only I have the right to apply color to you first. He asks you…Purva goes to her room and sees cake and coffee cups. She thinks she missed it all. Vedant tells poetry surprising her. She asks him to learn flirting and says these poetry will not work. Vedant says it is working else you wouldn’t have felt shy. He wishes her happy holi and gives her gift. He says sorry for yesterday. Purva says I should have understood your point. Purva opens the gift and sees a dress. He asks her to tell everyone that it is given by her husband and says he will handle. He asks if she forgave him. Purva says yes.

Dadi tells that relations will be sweet again with Purva’s entry here. Pankhudi comes wearing saree and wishes happy holi. Dadi says you are looking good. Sanju looks at her and goes to kitchen. He asks if you don’t love me then why you are ready. Purva comes there wearing dress and wishes everyone happy holi. Dadi gets very happy seeing her and blesses her. Pankhudi wishes her next and says you are looking good. Sumiti says you would have worn saree being a bahu, like your sister.

Precap: Ramesh shouts Gudadi lal and slaps him. Vedant falls on Sanju.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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