Raja Beta 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant organises Gomti’s Swayamwar

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The Episode starts with Vedant asking Gomti why she is getting so much sweating as she tries to go secretly. Gomti says if I wear my mother’s chappal then will walk on the right path. Vedant says everyone shall value you and says Tripathi ji don’t respect woman and don’t want to give anything to anyone. He asks her to test Ramesh. Dadi smiles. Ramesh thinks he has to cut Gomti’s feathers before it troubles him. Purva comes there and tells him that whatever Bua is saying is Vedant’s words. Gomti tells Vedant that everything is on his name. Vedant says I want all family members to unite. Purva asks Ramesh if Gomti comes in his talks. Ramesh says he can’t let this happen. Gomti thinks Amma is unwell and I started checking in her room. Vedant thinks Gomti will believe him. Pankhudi asks Lawyers to

submit the divorce papers once it is signed, and thinks she will love Vedant so much that he will forget Purva’s name. She records the video in which she tells that he will be hers for forever. Sanju comes and asks whom she is speaking to. Pankhudi shows her pic with Sanju and shows him. Sanju says I am yours forever. He asks her to find out if Purva is really divorcing Vedant.

Pankhudi comes to Vedant and says she wants his signs on some of the papers and says she has read and all is well. She thinks to divert his attention while he is signing the papers and talks about the patients. Vedant is reading the papers while signing. Pankhudi snatches the papers and thinks she will get it signed tomorrow, and pretends to get sleep. He says I will sign tomorrow after reading. Pankhudi thinks you are just mine, you have to sign. Purva goes to meet Vedant. Pankhudi thinks once he signs the papers then he will be mine, then I will make your (Purva’s) marriage Swaha (end).

Gomti is in her room. Vedant comes to her and asks her to get ready. Gomti says you tried to kill Ramesh and Amma. Vedant says it was Ramesh’s trick and I can’t do anything with Dadi. He says I think I will never get love. Gomti says even I. She tells that she dreams about swayamwar. Vedant says your Swayamwar will happen and asks her to do arrangements. He says this will be possible if you trust me. Gomti thinks I don’t trust you, but may be I will find a guy. She think she shall find out what Ramesh’s new conspiracy is.

Sanju gets happy seeing the decoration in the house. He asks Ramesh if he planned his marriage today. Ramesh says even I didn’t know about this. Purva says there is a function without your consent. Vedant comes there and says welcome everyone for Rajkumari Gomti Devi’s Swayamwar…Ramesh asks him not to talk nonsense. Vedant asks him to see the grooms coming. He calls the grooms for Swayamwar and says Rajkumari Gomti Devi is coming. Gomti comes dressed as a bride with heavy jewellery etc. Ramesh is surprised. Manjula smiles. Vedant bends down before Gomti and kisses on her hand, and takes her to sit for the Swayamwar. Ramesh asks Vedant to send the guys. Gomti says nobody will go and asks him to respect the guys, and says one of them will be my husband, and asks him to respect even Vedant. Sanju asks what is going on? Gomti asks him to stop it. Vedant shows Gomti’s pic and says whoever aims the arrow rightly on the heart of the pic will be chosen by Rajkumari. The four guys coming to the Swayamwar fire the arrow at her pic, but their arrows fall down. The fifth guy is about to take the arrow from Gomti’s hand, but Ramesh asks them to leave. He makes all the guys leave. Gomti shouts. Ramesh says you are not in my control now. Gomti asks why did you stop my Swayamwar. Ramesh asks if she has gone mad and tells that this Swayamwar doesn’t happen now. Gomti thinks I did this to know your true colors, and tells that she will get married and get her share of wealth when she finds the Will papers.

Precap: Ramesh asks Gomti ask Vedant to give her share. Gomti asks him. Vedant says how can I give?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    I dont know y every time there is an issue to solve divorce/pretend divorce is part of d plan to give d enemy d upper hand and actually get d persons involve divorce. While vedant and purva r fighting one enemy another whom dey trust and not lookin towards in dis light is takin advantage of d situation and off course is gonna later pretend dat it was all a mix up “but while we r here vedant marry me(pankhudi) as dis must have happened as u and purva dont belong together.” I dont know y divorce is always thrown in cant dey think of someting else stueps

  2. We are seeing many plans in place to deflect and hide the truth of all. Hope that Pankhudi is exposed for the lowlife shameless lowclass sister she is. Purva made one mistake but was rewarded with a loving kind compassionate husband Vedant.
    Hopes that Dadi’s plan become fruitful and the crooked relatives are exposed. Poor Gomti being trapped by this evil cunning Ramesh.
    I don’t want any divorce of Vedant and Purva. Pankhudi may lie to save herself if she is caught.

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