Raja Beta 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant tries to reach the truth, Rahul demands 50 lakhs as penalty

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Raja Beta 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vedant telling Purva that he is wrong and is not suitable for her. He asks her to leave him, divorce him and file case against him. Purva asks what will I get by doing this and goes to room. Vedant goes from there sadly. Pankhudi calls someone and says hello. Ramesh comes to hospital wearing suit and sings Sala main toh saheb bangaya. Sanju laughs sitting on Vedant’s chair. Ramesh picks Vedant’s name plate and throws it in dustbin. Sanju asks if he will get this cabin or Pankhudi. Ramesh says Pankhudi will not get anything until she marries you, until then this is all ours. Sanju asks what about Rahul, if he will keep quiet with less money. Ramesh says I want him to widened his mouth and demands more so that Amma gets scared and disown Vedant. Sanju laughs. He says who can

teach better how to take advantage of situation. Vedant comes to the hospital and thinks to get baby and Rahul’s HIV report, thinks he has to find out how he got trapped. He asks watchman to open the gate. Watchman says sorry, you are not allowed as Sanju said that she has handover Jeevan Rekha to you. He says this is Dadi’s order. Vedant comes to Dadi. Dadi says you shouldn’t have come here. Vedant asks if Jeevan Rekha is not mine now. Dadi says if it will be yours then it won’t be there. Vedant says if I will not get forgiveness. Dadi says I don’t know how you will prove your point that you abort baby without Purva’s permission.

Dadi tells him that when Dada ji died, Ramesh kicked you out but I brought you back. Vedant says you fought for me. Dadi says Rahul came here and insulted us. He told that he will ruin this house respect and jeevan rekha to take revenge from you. Vedant says that’s why you kept me far from hospital and home. Dadi says you have to fight. He is about to go. Dadi says I want you to fight this war and return home, want you to be here, infront of my eyes before my death. She says I want my Vedant back in Sanjeevani Sadan. Vedant touches her feet and goes. Dadi cries.

Purva checks her mobile and calls Vedant. Just then door bell rings. She keeps the phone and goes to open the door. Vedant is on the way and picks her call. He hears Rahul asking if she is still angry with him and asks can I come inside. Vedant thinks what Rahul is doing there. Rahul tells that he was scared of Vedant and thought if he saw me back then what he will do. Vedant is shocked. Rahul says we will marry and fulfill our dreams. He asks will you love me like before. Purva says I don’t want to talk about this. Rahul says Vedant has ended everything and sheds fake tears. He says Vedant had made fake reports and killed our baby. He says Vedant has done a sin, but I am getting punished. He says I will not leave him. Purva asks him to go. Rahul goes. Vedant hears everything and ends call.

Manjula asks Dadi to have food. Dadi says she is not hungry, apologizes to Ann devta and is leaving. Ramesh comes there. Manjula says ration is ending. Ramesh asks Dadi to give money. Dadi says ok. Sanju comes and asks Manjula to serve food. He tells Ramesh that he will bring money from hospital and tells that Rahul demanded 50 lakhs from Vedant. Ramesh says he is learning, and they laugh.

Rahul tells his friends that he has a golden egg laying hen and says he will make full use of her. He says he don’t need to earn money, it will automatically come. Vedant comes there and beats Rahul. He asks his friends to go and asks Rahul to answer. Rahul says you will give me answer for keeping me away from Purva and killing me. Vedant says I didn’t kill him and says baby was having aids because of your bad deeds. Rahul says I got my test done and says I have no AIDS. Vedant checks the reports and says this report is wrong. He says I have report in hospital which is positive. Rahul says I will file case against you and will ruin your family’s reputation. He says headlines will be Vedant has killed his illegitimate child and ruined Jeevan rekha. Vedant warns him. Rahul asks him to give 50 lakhs as penalty. Vedant says I will find out who has trapped me very soon. Rahul laughs and says 50 lakhs.

Purva holds the divorce papers which Vedant had given her after their marriage. Pankhudi asks do you want to divorce him and says your decision is right. Purva says it is 5 months old papers and tells that she can’t leave Vedant. Pankhudi says real Vedant is the one who took you to OT by betrayal and killed your baby. She says Vedant made Rahul eloped from mandap and then got married to you. Purva asks her to stop it and says its enough. She cries. Pankhudi smiles and goes out of her room.

Precap: Pankhudi comes to Purva’s room and finds Vedant sitting there. He asks her to tell about baby amniosis report. Pankhudi says in the hall. Vedant asks her. Purva comes there and asks Pankhudi to tell.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When is this Pankhudi going to be exposed. She was the same in Kaala Tika as well.

  2. Pankhudi and her partners in crime need to be exposed. Very happy that Vedant heard Rahul conversation with Purva. I am very happy that Dadi wants him to fight fot his rights and.the truth

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