Raja Beta 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant getting trapped by all sides, his relations are at stake

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The Episode starts with Purva telling Vedant that Rahul returned and will take the baby away from them. She says he will ruin my life again. Vedant says if he returned then I will explain to him that the baby is mine. He says I have his cousin’s no. and calls Satish, enquires about Rahul. He talks to him and ends the call. He tells Purva that Rahul haven’t come to Prayagraj and asks Purva not to tell that the baby is not his. Purva says it is not like that. Vedant asks her not to call the baby as Rahul’s baby and says nothing will happen to our baby, nobody can snatch it. Purva hugs him. Sanju comes back and tells Ramesh and Pankhudi that Vedant had sent goons to kill Rahul. Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant had broken di and Rahul’s marriage and that means he loves Purva before their marriage. She thinks if he is right. Purva says what we will tell to family when the baby gets delivered in the 9 month. Vedant says I will tell everyone that you have a premature delivery in the 8th month. Purva says you will lie for me. Vedant says he has to and everyone will believe as he is her doctor. Purva says how can you love me so much in such a short time. Vedant says I got late, if I had met you before then would have not let you waste your time loving someone else. Purva hugs him.

Ramesh says Gudadi lal made Rahul go. sanju says yes and says that means they know each other before marriage. Pankhudi says this can’t happen and says may be he saw her before and loved at first sight. Sanju says when Dadi gave him responsibility, he might have thought to marry her. Ramesh says that’s why he got him kidnapped. Pankhudi says Vedant took advantage of the situation and married Di. Ramesh says I thought him good. Rahul says when I first met him, I was impressed and says those who looks simple, are very bad. Sanju says lets go and expose him. Pankhudi stops them and says we don’t have to attack the tiger, but kill him. She says we shall not give him a chance to attack us back. Sanju says she is right and tells that they shall attack him when the time is right.

Vedant tells Purva that baby’s craving will be there and kitchen shall be open. Purva asks if this joke session is needed. He says baby shall know that he is coming to the happy family. Purva says baby knows about you. Vedant says both of your happiness is my life motive. Purva says you are our lives’ motive. He checks time and gives her iron capsules. Purva takes it. She thanks him and says thanks for being what you are, I can’t even imagine my life without you.

Vedant checks a patient in the hospital. Pankhudi comes there and says good morning to him. Vedant checks the patient and says her liver is enlarged. He asks her to get the liver test done. Pankhudi says everything is normal. Vedant says I checked her pulse now, liver is not normal. Sanju asks Manjula about the food. Manjula says she made kathal sabzi (Jackfruit dish). Ramesh asks what else you made? Manjula says she didn’t make anything else. She says she will make something else. Dadi asks them to have food. Ramesh refuses and says we don’t eat. Manjula says I will make. Purva says I will make Paneer dish. Sumiti asks her not to work hard. Purva says I can work during pregnancy. Ramesh asks her to eat food and says we will have outside. Manjula taunts Purva and asks her to eat everything. Dadi makes her sit and says I will make you eat with my hand. Purva is sad.

Pankhudi tells Sanju that Vedant catch the liver infection with pulse checking. She asks if someone else know. Sanju says Dadi used to told that only Dada ji knew about it and he taught Vedant. Pankhudi says that means if he is trapped then nobody can save him. Vedant calls Purva and asks about her medicine and food. Purva says she will call him later and ends the call. Vedant calls Dadi and asks about Purva. Dadi tells about Ramesh and Sanju making issue of the jackfruit dish. Vedant says I will come home early. Pankhudi asks if you are right. Vedant says babu ji made Purva cry.

Pankhudi shows the reports. She asks how did you know about the liver checking the pulse. She asks if all the diseases can be diagnosed with it. Vedant says may be, but I don’t know about it. Pankhudi says I will be with Purva until you treat the patient. She goes.

She comes home with Sanju and tells Ramesh that he shall be nice with Purva and Dadi. She says she got an idea? Sanju says why didn’t you tell me? She says if there can be such situation that Vedant checks only report and don’t check pulse. Ramesh says he checks pulse first. Pankhudi says there will be a problem with Purva and it will ruin Vedant. They see Manjula coming and laugh, diverting the topic. Pankhudi goes to meet Purva. Dadi asks Purva to drink soup. Purva refuses. Dadi asks why are you refusing to drink today. Pankhudi comes there and says di will drink with my hand, says jija ji sent me. Purva gets happy. Dadi asks them to talk and goes. Pankhudi says jija ji told about Ramesh. Purva says she is surprised to hear Jija ji from her mouth. Pankhudi says she has moved on and asks her to forget. Purva says if past comes in present and says she saw Rahul today.

Precap: Pankhudi asks Sanju to bring nadi parikshan book (pulse reading) from Vedant’s room. He steals the book. Purva comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now we are hearing that Vedant ran Rahul out of Prayagraj in order to get married to Purva. Hmmm…so many differing scenarios here with Dadi and Nani being named as the culprits too.
    Wow, now Pankhudi is going to take advantage of Purva to get at Vedant. We need our girls Dadi and Nani to run interference to save Vedant and Purva from being trapped by Pankhudi, Ramesh and the rest of the family.

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