Raja Beta 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant marries Purva to save her reputation

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The Episode starts with Purva searching Rahul and comes to his house, but his gate is locked. She asks the neighbors when did the baraat leave? Neighbors says the house is locked since morning. Purva cries and leaves on her scooty. Vedant follows her and shouts her name. Pankhudi calls Purva and tells Nani that she is not picking the call. Pankhudi thinks of Rahul and cries. Vedant shouts her name and drives faster. Ramesh pushes the waiter and asks him to go. He says there is enough tamasha and asks the guests to go, as there is no marriage here. She asks Nani if she enquired about the guy before fixing the marriage and blames her for ruining their reputation. Dadi scolds him. Sumithi says our name is ruined today because of them. Ramesh says the girl eloped and left her family to get insulted. He asks everyone to go to their rooms. Purva comes to the place and hears people talking that the groom died on the spot. Purva sees some other groom lying dead and cries calling him Rahul. Vedant comes to her and says he is not Rahul. He brings her home. Purva is in shock. Pankhudi tells Nani that Purva came with Vedant. Vedant looks on helpless. Dadi asks where is Rahul? Vedant says he couldn’t be found. Pankhudi hugs Purva and goes to bring water. Nani takes Purva to the room, Pankhudi, Vedant and Dadi run there.

Nani locks the room and gets angry. She sprinkles kerosene oil on Purva and herself. Vedant breaks the door. Nani throws match stick on her dupatta and is about to burn herself, when Vedant comes and throws the dupatta out. Dadi scolds Nani for her actions. Nani says how I will face the people. Vedant says I am a doctor and asks her to see her condition. Nani says who will marry Purva and says there is no value of such life. Vedant looks at Purva’s state and says I will marry Purva. He picks sindoor from the inhouse temple and fills her maang with sindoor. He says Purva is my dharm patni and my responsibility. You don’t need to worry. Pankhudi is shattered. Vedant holds her hand and takes her to mandap. Pandit ji is sleeping on the mandap. Dadi wakes him up to do the marriage. Vedant sets her maang tika. They take rounds as Pandit solemnized the wedding. Pankhudi cries and thinks of Vedant. She gets hurt and thinks I can’t tell Purva that I love Vedant. Vedant makes Purva wear mangalsutra. Nani and Dadi hug each other.

Vedant thinks of Ramesh’s words. Vedant and Purva touches Urmi’s feet. Urmi blesses him and says you have proved that you are Gangadhar Tripathi’s grand son. She calls him superman. Nani says Urmi is right and asks him to take care of Purva. She cries hugging Purva. Pankhudi asks Purva to take care. Early morning, Dadi asks Nani to stay in their house. Nani says I can’t stay in your house as it is Purva’s sasural now. She tells Purva that whatever God does is for betterment. Nani and Pankhudi leave. Vedant thinks of his promise made to Ramesh that he will never marry, and Purva thinks of Rahul’s words that he will bring his baraat and marry him. Ramesh comes and says he has sworn to ruined our respect. Everyone comes there. Bua asks why he hurried for marriage. Dadi says circumstances were such that he had to marry. Ramesh says he can’t bear them. Dadi says Purva is the bahu of the house. Ramesh says it was their planning to get married. Vedant tries to speak. Ramesh asks him not to step inside. Chachi asks Vedant why did he marry before his sister. Manjula asks Vedant why did he marry in a hurry. Dadi says I will take the decision as this is my husband’s marriage. Ramesh asks Sanju to lock the door and tells that if they come inside then he will commit suicide. Purva asks vedant if his duty is to save life.

Dadi feels helpless. Bua tells that Ramesh is angry. Dadi reminds him that her husband named the hospital and house on Vedant’s name. Ramesh says I will drag him to court if needed. He blames Vedant for distancing himself with the family. Dadi says our house reputation will be ruined. Vedant comes inside and says that will not happen. He tells that I am ready to accept all your sayings, but before that I want to talk to you alone. Purva calls Rahul still, but the number is unavailable. She recalls their sangeet ceremony and their words. She thinks Rahul broke his promise so soon.

Vedant and Ramesh go to room. He locks the door and asks what price he will take to let his wife Purva come inside the house. Ramesh says so you are learnt business. Vedant says I always do the deal with you, and says you never thought me as your son. I used to care for you and massage your hair and legs so that I can get permission to study MBBS as it was Dada ji’s dream. He asks what is the price to let Purva inside.

Purva asks Vedant to do last favor on him. Vedant asks what? Purva asks him to divorce her. Vedant is shocked. Dadi makes them do the post marriage rituals.

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  2. I’m confused have they got the episodes mucked up, I thought marriage already took place, or is this some sort of flash back?
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