Raja Beta 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva spots Rahul on road, a big truth to be revealed

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The Episode starts with Vedant asking Purva for a kiss on his cheek. She nods no and goes. He looks on. Sanju tells Ramesh that it is good that they have shifted their meeting here else would have exposed us in Nani’s house. Pankhudi says Vedant is mad for Purva’s love and can do anything for her. She says we shall remember this. Ramesh says you are right. Sanju says Bhaiyya used to stay in hospital for 3 days continuously, but now he visit house 2-3 times daily. Rahul says I would have married her and not that Gudadi lal. Pankhudi says then why didn’t you marry her and says they got close due to her pregnancy. Rahul asks if Purva is pregnant and says this means she has accepted Vedant fully. Pankhudi thinks I will tell you at the right time that the baby is yours. Rahul says why you didn’t tell me. Pankhudi says this all has happened because of you and asks him to suffer now. Rahul says I didn’t elope, but was made to go. Everyone stand up shockingly.

Vedant comes to Manjula. Manjula asks what happened, do you have any work. Vedant asks do you want t o say something. She says what do you want to say. He shows his handkerchief and says don’t know how it is stained. Manjula says keep it for washing. Vedant says it is clean, I didn’t use it, but I don’t know how it is stained. Manjula says how can this happen without this reason. Vedant says just like you got angry and says there must be some reason. He folds his hand and asks her to tell if they did something wrong. Manjula asks him to go and says I have much work. Vedant goes from her room. Manjula cries.

Pankhudi asks why didn’t you reach a day before. Ramesh asks who threatened you. Rahul says some goons threatened me and said that if I marry Purva that I will be killed. He says he was forced to leave prayagraj. Ramesh asks if she had other boyfriend? Rahul says Purva was not that type of girl. They ask if he has any enemy. Rahul says no. Sanju says if Nani sent goons to threaten him and then made Vedant marry her. Rahul asks how this marriage happened? Pankhudi tells him that Nani blackmailed Vedant and Purva to marry. They conclude that Nani must have done this. Nani talks to Dadi and asks I told you about Purva. She says what we did what we think right. Ramesh overhears them. Dadi asks when are you coming back and says her godh bharayi is in November. Ramesh comes inside and apologizes for manjula’s behavior. He asks with whom you was talking to? He says if Purva had married Rahul then? Dadi tells a doha. Ramesh suspects Dadi and Nani’s hand to threaten Rahul.

Purva tells Vedant that she wants 10000 Rs. He says 10000 rs for giving a towel. She says she needs for shopping. Vedant says I will come with you. Purva says she will go alone and says I wouldn’t have asked money from you if I had money. She gets emotional and recalls giving to the doctor for abortion. Vedant asks her. Purva tells the same thing. He says its ok and asks her to go in car. Purva says she is not unwell, but pregnant. Vedant says auto is not safe for baby and asks her to go in car. Purva says ok.

Ramesh says he doubts on Nani and Dadi. Sanju tells Ramesh that he is imagining the scene when Nani and Dadi went to goons’ place with money bag in her hand. Ramesh laughs. Sanju says if Dadi would have been a goon then I wouldn’t have studied and raised my family business. Ramesh laughs. Rahul says if it is a joke and says he was on bed for two months and says if they see me again then will not leave me. Pankhudi says she don’t think that they will do this. Sanju asks do you know the goons. Rahul says they are like goons and one of them used to swear on ganga maiyya repeatedly. Sanju calls his friend to enquire.

Purva comes out from shopping mall and calls driver asking him to bring the car. She sees a baby who makes faces to tease her. Purva also teases him. Rahul is going from there. Purva sees him and gets shocked. She thinks how he is here? Purva sits in the car. Sanju brings Rahul to the place and says that goon stays here. He asks him to go and says I will come behind you. Rahul goes inside and says you must not have identified me. Goon says I told you not to come to Prayagraj again. Sanju comes and says we came to ask the name of the person who made him beaten. He makes him talk to Ramesh. Goon talks to Ramesh and agrees to answer them. Sanju asks who asked you to beat Rahul and threaten him. Purva comes back home and tells Vedant that Rahul will snatch their baby.

Precap: Vedant calls someone and enquires about Rahul. He then tells Purva that Rahul is not in Prayagraj and asks her not to tell the baby is of Rahul and says this baby is ours.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now joke of all jokes Dadi and Nani sent goons to trash Rahul and run him out of Prayagraj. Talk about Ramesh, Pankhudi, Rahul and Sanju clutching at straws to blame two old ladies. Well if they did such:- I love them brcause they would have seen through Rahul. Now Nani is returning and will see them teaming up to support Vedant and Purva. Talk about drama now starting.

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