Raja Beta 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva strikes deal with Ramesh

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Raja Beta 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gomti telling Sumiti that they might be doing new conspiracy and tells that they couldn’t identify their own people, so couldn’t identify strangers. Sanju says I will call Police. Ramesh asks him not to call. Sanju says we will record purva’s statement. Purva comes to Dadi and hugs her. Vedant comes there and laughs. He kisses Dadi’s hand. Dadi asks whom to give best acting prize. Purva says to me and says I told heavy dialogues and worked hard to get that footage. Dadi laughs. Vedant says once they trust Purva and take her in their team then..we will break them. He says Babu ji’s eyes are very sharp and we have to do something. Purva says we have to do something big. Manjula comes to Dadi’s room. Purva and Vedant are shocked. Pankhudi looks at them from the window. Ramesh

says if we give Vedant to Police then our motive will not be fulfilled. Gomti thinks Ramesh wants all wealth which she don’t let happen. Sanju asks why Dadi will let Vedant go to jail. Ramesh laughs and says Mothers are fool and asks him to see his old mum. He thinks to take old will from Dadi and then Vedant is out for a night. Dadi asks Manjula to ask them why they came late. Pankhudi comes and says Nani Mausi shall not take stress. Purva says sorry. Manjula and Pankhudi leave. Vedant hugs Dadi and says I love you.

Gomti asks Purva not to think of stepping inside their house and tells that they know how she made them fight with each other. Purva says you have also sent me to jail, now scores are settled. She tells Manjula that bad thing has happened with her and goes. Later Vedant meets Purva and asks about her. Purva tells him about Gomti scolding her. Vedant kisses on her hand. Purva says if anyone sees. Vedant says it is our record that someone always sees us. She says she loves him so much and thinks she shall know him more. They get romantic.

Ramesh asks what did the maharani want? Purva says she wants his help. Ramesh says you have chosen the wrong mohra. Purva says she wants to deal and tells that she wants divorce from Vedant as she got the worst husband. Ramesh asks what is the deal? Purva says I will tell you privately. Gomti asks her to tell infront of everyone. Purva asks him to give statement in court against Vedant and tells that once she gets the fat alimony from him, she will give some of the share to him (Ramesh) and leave. Ramesh doesn’t believe her. Purva says you don’t have any option and says I know that you called Vedant to snatch his property and not for Dadi. She comes to vedant and asks him to sign on the divorce papers. Vedant shouts that he didn’t do Dadi’s accident. He takes the papers and reads the accusations. He asks what is all this false accusations. Purva says she wants simple normal life which is not possible with him. Vedant says I will not sign and tells that you can’t win the case. Ramesh says I will give the statement in court that this marriage was forcibly done. Vedant says wow Purva, now you will take Ramesh’s help. Purva says she will take divorce and also alimony from him, and will not let him go freely. She calls him fake Tripathi. Ramesh is happy and thanks God. Purva says she will have war with him.

Pankhudi thinks Vedant can’t do Dadi’s accident and Purva can’t divorce him. Gomti asks Ramesh if he is really helping Maharani. Ramesh laughs and says we will take Purva’s support and get all the wealth, then we will throw her out. He says Gudadi lal will be ruined. Vedant asks Purva not to leave the house. Purva says you will see my madness now and throws things on him. Ramesh asks what is all this? Purva says I am leaving the house. Ramesh says this house is yours until the divorce happens. Purva says I can’t stay with him in the same bedroom. Ramesh asks her to shift to Pankhudi’s room. Purva says pankhudi studies all night and I can’t sleep with lights on. Ramesh asks her to shift in Gomti’s room, and asks Sanju to shift her stuff there. vedant takes the vase and breaks angrily. Pankhudi thinks what is happening?

Precap: Purva and Vedant hug in the room. She says she is going to meet lawyer for divorce. Just then someone comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Am very happy that the drama and divorce will be a hoax to catch Ramesh and to teach him and his greedy relatives a lesson. Who could it be that entered the room??? Hope that no one sees both of them.

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