Raja Beta 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant finds the real Culprit Ramesh

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The Episode starts with Inspector locking Purva in the lock up after the reports coming against her. She thinks of Vedant’s words. Lady constable comes and asks her to come out. She sees Vedant coming there and thinks I knew that he will come and male everything fine. Inspector says I gave just 2 mins for the meeting. Purva says I thought you came to take me from here. Vedant asks her not to worry. Purva says Dadi tells that Vedant haina and asks him to take her from there, says she is broken from inside. Vedant assures her that he will take her home. Purva sits down shattered. Vedant says you will return home with me, time will take, but it will be done. Purva stands up and tells him that she got the strength from him to fight with the problems, says she always saw trust in his eyes, but she saw defeat in his eyes. He tells that he will go to court and fight for her. Purva asks if you win also then People’s view will not change and asks if she can ever start her business again. Vedant asks her to be hopeful. Purva asks him to let her be there and says 2 mins are over. Vedant says I married you to stay with you all life and asks if she sees defeat in his eyes and says you will see victory in my eyes. He keeps her hand on his chest and swears on Dada ji that he will take her to their house.

Nani cries and says she will die if anything happens to Purva. Pankhudi and Dadi console her. Vedant comes home. Pankhudi gives him water. He tells that he will not have food or drink water until he proves her innocent. Gomti talks that they have ruined their lanka. Sanju appreciates their plan and says Purva will not come out of jail. Ramesh tells that now she will not do any work after coming from jail. Manjula hears their conspiracy and says Purva is our bahu. Ramesh scolds her and says you will see my death face if tells anyone. Vedant thinks of Purva’s words and thinks what is happening. He thinks he has promised that he will handled everything, but don’t know from where to start. He breaks the things in his room. He imagines Dada ji asking to search what happened in the past. He recalls the happenings and tells that past and future is connected, and tells that why Babu ji did this and asks who has done work for him. Dadi is in her room. Vedant comes there and tells that even he can’t sleep until he brings Purva home. He tells that he has a plan. Sumiti and Narendra’s daughter get upset with her parents for not informing Vedant about the truth. Gomti comes to kitchen asking tea. Sumiti’s daughter scolds her. Gomti tries to give her 100 Rs, but Sumiti asks her to keep it as it will be useful in jail. Gomti says Ramesh will not let anyone know. Narendra says he is sure Vedant will find the truth. Gomti imagines Vedant bringing Purva and getting Gomti arrested. Gomti gets shocked and shouts.

Ramesh comes there and asks someone to give tea for his sister. He says he won’t let anything happen to her. Everyone come to the dining table. Dadi asks Vedant about Purva. Vedant tells that she will be back in sometime and tells about the Police checking the finger prints in the forensic test and tells that three marks are found. One is of Purva, Dadi says other is mine. Vedant says third finger print is of the culprit. Gomti stands up shockingly. Ramesh makes her sit. Vedant and Dadi realize Gomti is the culprit. He tells that Police will take everyone’s finger prints. Ramesh says he won’t let anyone finger prints be given. Sumiti tells that she saw Gomti changing the labels. Gomti says she did it on Ramesh’s orders. Ramesh asks if she is mad to accuse him. Vedant says Police will come and do the enquiry. Ramesh tells him that he will not be saved from his terror and challenges him.

Gomti tells Ramesh that Vedant will get her arrested now. Dadi asks Vedant to get Gomti arrested and asks him to prove Purva’s innocence.

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