Raja Beta 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sanju gets angry on Mayank

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Raja Beta 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purva missing Vedant and thinks why anyone can’t like him. She says when I was upset with you, I knew that you are a good man. She hugs his shirt. Her inner self tells her that why she is happy when Vedant is not here. Purva asks what is wrong in it? Her inner self asks her to enquire about him first. Purva says he is treating someone. His inner self says you are fighting with others for his rights becoming Rani beti, and asks her to see where is he? Purva says only I am the one in his life and hugs his shirt.

Pankhudi tells mayank that they can’t have coffee today. Mayank says he has to come tomorrow for donating blood and says coffee is due. Pankhudi says don’t know where I will be. Mayank says I will search you. Pankhudi smiles and goes.

Gomti gets a dream

and talks to Vedant asking him to bring her ointment. She imagines Narendra shouting looking at her face. Gomti wakes up and feels guilty for Bittu’s death. She thinks if this is his karma.

Purva calls Vedant and thinks why the call never connects. She misses him and talks to his pic. She thinks why you don’t miss me, and didn’t call me even once. Mayank calls Purva and tells that Pankhudi is sweet. Purva hopes Pankhudi likes him. Mayank tells that he is going to donate blood. Manjula tells Gomti that the rashes on her face is getting less. Narendra comes and tells that it is getting less. Gomti tells Manjula that she wants to apply aloevera on her face. Sanju talks to Vedant’s chair and says I am not like you, and tells that he is not boring like him. He says why everyone asks me to become like you. Pankhudi thinks what is he doing in Vedant’s cabin. She asks him. Sanju says I came for work. Pankhudi says she came to get the file. Sanju says I know you came to meet me yesterday. Announcement is made for calling Pankhudi. Sanju says I will give you Stethoscope. Pankhudi takes it and goes. Sanju thinks to make her wear mangalsutra.

Pankhudi asks Dr. Mayank about the lady. Mayank tells that he saw the lady slipped and brought her. Pankhudi takes her to ICU. Radhika asks Purva if she told anyone about prateik. Radhika says I will not tell as everyone will think wrong. Radhika asks shall I tell him that he is my boyfriend and tells that she feels good talking to her. Purva says you are like Pankhudi to me and we shall spend more time. Pankhudi comes out and tells Mayank that the lady gave birth to baby girl. She praises him. Mayank asks will you come to have coffee with me. Pankhudi says you remind of someone and tells that he is very kind like you. Mayank thinks destiny might be uniting us and thinks to call Purva.

Purva’s phone battery gets off suddenly. She thinks why did he call. Pankhudi have noodles in the hospital canteen. Mayank tells her that he is enjoying seeing her. Purva puts his phone on charging and calls him. He rejects her calls and tries to message her. Pankhudi asks why did he take her to coffee if he is busy in phone. He keeps the phone down. Pankhudi talks to him and tells that he reminds her of her boss vedant who is humble and helps everyone. He tells that he knows palm reading and sees her palm. Sanju sees them and start beating Mayank. Pankhudi tries to stop Sanju. Purva comes there and see them fighting. She asks Sanju to leave Mayank. Sanju hits Mayank with his dead. Mayank sees blood on his mouth and hits Sanju. Sanju pushes him on the pillar. Mayank gets injury on his head. Sanju picks fire extinguisher cylinder and is about to hit Mayank, when Vedant comes there and stops Sanju. Pankhudi and Purva smile seeing him. Vedant asks Sanju to stop it. Purva makes Mayank sit. Vedant tells Sanju that it is his mistake. He asks someone to bring first aid box. He looks at Purva and smiles. Purva also smiles. She says sorry to Mayank. Purva says you came to meet Pankhudi on my saying and this thing happened with you. pankhudi hears her. Mayank says it is not your mistake.

Precap: Pankhudi tells Purva that she will become Tripathi family bahu. Sanju hears her and smiles. Vedant also hears her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. vijayalakshmi

    Tnq god vedant cm wre he went from 1 week
    and now plz show romance of purva and vedant

    1. Leisa s morris

      How can we expect to see romance between dem when pankhudi keeps finding ways to come between dem. Sisters are supposed to b there for each other not trying to break up d other’s marriage. Pankhudi should just accept d fact dat vedant is her sisters husband and leave it at dat instead of all these plots to tear dem apart.

      1. vijayalakshmi

        From 1 week no conversation between them and all audience will expect romance becoz they r husband and wife they have to step ahead to their relation so that pankudi get to know that they are one together

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