Raja Beta 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi provokes Vedant against Purva

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The Episode starts with Ramesh scolding Manjula and asks why she didn’t add sugar. Manjula says Purva went to hospital, but Vedant didn’t know about her. Ramesh calls Pankhudi and ask her to make her talk to Manjula. Pankhudi says she is getting the test done and will come home with her. Purva asks Pankhudi when reports will come. Pankhudi asks her to drink juice and asks her to rethink again, says she might regret later. Purva says she couldn’t figure out as her monthly cycle was irregular, she regrets to let Rahul come near her. She says if I had known then I would have left form here and then we wouldn’t have felt bad. She says she might pretend to strong and practical, but she is a human. She says the person I loved betrayed me and the man whom I got married to without my wish has given so much happiness that I forgot all my pain. She says she can’t lose Vedant and can’t imagine her life without him. She says if this baby is born then everyone will laugh on her Vedant and their marriage will break. Pankhudi thinks you will have to clear way for me. She asks what she will tell Vedant if she gets abortion. Purva says she will tell that it was a miscarriage.

Vedant thinks why Purva is not understanding about the innocent life. Manjula calls him. Vedant says he is on the way. He ends the call and says Purva kept me in dark and Pankhudi lied to me. I need an answer. He comes home and asks purva when she returned? Purva says I have decided to do as you say and says I don’t want to lose you and says I love you. Vedant says thank god…you agreed, we will make everything fine and says I love you too. He hugs her. it is Pankhudi’s dream. She thinks she won’t let Di agree to Vedant, she has to finish up the work immediately. They come home and see Vedant. Purva thinks what to tell him. Pankhudi thinks he has seen her with Purva. Manjula comes there and asks if everything is fine. Purva says everything will be fine. Manjula asks them to come inside. She asks them to freshen up and have food. She tells Ramesh that they came altogether. Ramesh takes Vedant to room and asks if his wife is pregnant and reminds of his promise. Vedant says whatever is written in destiny happens. Ramesh asks if this is truth? Vedant says I will tell when the report comes.

Later at the dining table, Dadi asks what is found in the test. Vedant says tests are done and awaiting for reports. Dadi asks them to tell them. Purva gets vomiting sensation and says I am done. Dadi asks her to have food. Manjula says I made light food for you. Sumiti messages Gomti that Vedant and Purva are not looking at each other. Dadi asks them to have food.

Sanju shows the ointment for Dadi with the mogra smell and massages her feet. Dadi asks what is the matter? Sanju asks do you think of me as useless as others. Dadi says they think him as a small kid. Sanju says Pankhudi doesn’t care about him and refused to teach him. Dadi says I will talk to Pankhudi and will ask her to support you. Sanju hugs Dadi. Manjula brings milk and anjeer and asks Vedant to give to Purva. Vedant takes the tray from her hand. Manjula asks if everything is fine. Vedant says you are thinking much. He says he will make everything right. Manjula says she is hopeful. Pankhudi comes to Vedant and says she wants to talk to him. She says Di came suddenly and she was so stressed. Vedant asks did you agree? Pankhudi says if I had told you what she said that you would have got hurt. Vedant asks what she said. Pankhudi says she came as a patient and offered so much money. Vedant asks if she wants to buy a doctor’s ethics. Pankhudi says she wasted all day in tests so that they get a chance to stop her. Vedant says reports shall not be leaked to any third person and says I am trusting you. Pankhudi thinks you will trust only me and I have decided to separate you and Di.

Precap: Vedant tells Purva that she was closer to someone before him and wouldn’t have told him if she wasn’t pregnant. Purva cries and collapsed on floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. DannyComments

    Oh wait! I forgot! There are people who still think a girl must be a virgin until she’s married!. Yeah…now I get why Verdant is on the fence. He’s unhappy she is not a virgin and also pregnant and also cannot bring himself to kill the fetus..now I get it! Stupid writers!!! Be making me think rubbish! Ofcourse she wouldn’t have told you she was intimate Vedant! It was her business you dolt! You keep forgetting that you both married under weird circumstances…she had a life before you! How is it okay for guys to have fun before marriage but always bad if a lady does the same?? Stupid crazy writers!?

  2. DannyComments

    Verdant better not sl*t-shame Purva! He will not be forgiven if that happens.

    1. Pankhudi has thrown the spanner in the works to spoil their ( Vedant and Purva) marriage in hopes of getting Vedant.for herself. Hope that Vedant don’t hurt Purva because of her mistakes because she don’t want the child to cause problems for them.

  3. What next

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