Raja Beta 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi throws Vedant out of house

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The Episode starts with Vedant telling that he has to abort his own baby as he was HIV positive. Dadi slaps him. Vedant says I know you hate me, I hate myself for snatching my right from baby to come in this world. He apologizes going against Dada ji’s siddhant. He tells that when a doctor has to choose then he choose a mother and says if he didn’t abort the baby then the infection might harm Purva. Purva says you didn’t tell me before doing the operation. Sanju says it seems you always wanted to kill the baby and moved all hurdles between Purva and you. Vedant tells him that Pankhudi gave him the report and asks her to call Pankhudi. Sanju asks him not to drag Pankhudi in this matter and says you would have made the fake report to abort Rahul’s baby. Vedant asks them to trust him.

Narendra says you have stoop so low and scolds him. Ramesh says everyone used to call you Raja Beta and asks if this is what he done. Rahul asks Purva to come with him and makes her stand up, but she faints. Vedant holds her. Pankhudi comes inside who is watching everything and rejoicing from outside. Ramesh signs Rahul. Rahul says I will take her with everyone’s wish and will make you go to the jail as you killed baby without mother’s wish. Vedant asks Pankhudi to tell everyone. Sanju asks him not to drag her and accept his mistake now itself. Vedant asks Dadi to trust him. Dadi asks did you abort the baby. He nods no. Dadi asks did you ask baby’s mother. Vedant says no. She asks did you talk to Purva’s family. He nods no.

Dadi shows him the door and asks him to leave. She says tonight you will not stay in Sanjeevani Sadan, or Jeevan Rekha. Vedant says please. Dadi asks about Purva. Pankhudi says she needs to stress. Dadi asks Sanju to take her to her room and asks Pankhudi to take her to Nani’s house tomorrow. Vedant holds Pankhudi’s hand. She leaves his hand and says di. Vedant asks Manjula to believe him, but she goes. Gomti says bhaiyya is right, you can’t be Tripathi blood. Ramesh asks him to leave and come tomorrow.

Vedant is sad and leaving the house. He comes out to his car, but doesn’t sit in it. He comes to his bike and goes. Pankhudi tells Dadi that Sanju told whatever happened here and says Di shall rest. Sanju asks if Rahul brings police warrant then what will happen. Pankhudi asks him not to take tension. Sanju says Dada ji’s name will be ruined in a day. Dadi asks Sanju to go out. Pankhudi smiles. Sanju and Pankhudi leave. Dadi sits and thinks why did you do this, didn’t you think about your Dada ji once. Purva is still unconscious.

Later Sanju comes to Vedant and Purva’s room and asks Pankhudi to come. He asks what you want to do in this room. Pankhudi says if we get married then..Ramesh comes there and says if Amma comes to take Purva’s stuff. Sanju says when we have handled Vedant and it is easy to handle Dadi. She asks them to make her head doctor and then Jeevan Rekha will be walking ATM. They smile. Ramesh smells flowers and stops the sneeze.

Vedant is riding on the bike and recalls his moments with Purva. Tanhayi song plays…He comes to the hospital and looks at Jeevan Rekha board from outside. Song plays…Tanhayi. He sits on side of road and cries. He says I am sorry Purva, you trusted me, but I gave you big betrayal of life. He thinks I should have done all the tests myself. I had promised that I will not let anything happen to the baby, but I did abortion with my hand. He cries apologizing to her and pleading for forgiveness.

Precap: Purva tells Vedant that she is going to her Nani’s house and asks him not to come there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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