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Merry Christmas guys ?thank you so much for supporting me ❤️

I will !!!!!!

RAGINI P.O.V:”Hmm to ye hai Sanskar ji ki sister he ab ayega maza  ❤”

RAGINI: Yes , Sanskar marry me because we love each other so we decided to give a name to our relation ?

Anika was so happy ??

ANIKA:Finally iss stupid ne shadi karli wobi ek sanskari ladki se ? I love you ❤ ab mera bhai sudrega…

She runs to Ragini & hugs her tilty ..Ragini was so happy ?

SANSKAR: Kritika tum ya se jao because my sis is here …I will meet you in the club after 3 hours..

Kritika smiles & gives him a kiss on his cheek & runs ..

ANIKA:One second , I have something for you ..

She leaves & Karan follows her..Sanskar was walking but he was about to slip but Ragini holds him ?? and mistakenly their lips touches with each other ??..both were emberessed ❤..they had a cute eyelock ? Sanskar holds Ragini titly , he doesn’t  know why & Ragini takes anvantage & go close to his lips ?, very close …leaving Sanskar speechless …

RAGINI: Your Di accept our relation so it’s better that you also accept it ?..(Sanskar was ????)

Anika see their closeness & coughs?.

RagSan leave each other & Sanskar gets nervous seeing his sister?..

ANIKA:Sanky , I am very angry with you ? why you didn’t tell me that tu is ladki se pyaar karta hai ?Shadi karli aur mujhe bataya bhi nahi ?! But stupid I like your choice ❤ my cute bhabhi ? …

Sanskar was without words ? Anika comes to Ragini and make her wear “kandani bangles” ❤..she cares Sanskar’s face ?

ANIKA:Isse kabhi bhi rulana math ? I want a new Sanskar in you ah ?…

She say leaving Sanskar speachless ? ..He holds Ragini angrily meanwhile she feels pain ?

SANSKAR: What the hell Ragini? tumari himmat kaise hui Di ko ye kehne ki I love you ? I can’t love you because you are so boring and sanskari type ….I love Kritika who is modern & bold not like your “ji ji ” you are my wife but I can’t love you , you get it ?..

He leaves Ragini & goes from there…Ragini was so sad after listening him ?? but she wipes her tears ?.

RAGINI: Mr.Maheshwari get ready to give me all my rights ? & now you will see a new Ragini ❤ I will prove you that our marriage ? is more strong than Kritika’s love ❤

Sanskar was jogging ? & remembering all things …his life now was a mess because he loves Kritika but married her sister ? then he see Kritika and goes to her 

SANSKAR: Baby what are you doing in the park ? and why this sad face ?(he cares her face)

KRITIKA:I am missing you so much ? and I was little angry that you married Ragini ? but I am happy that you love only me ❤ so after some time we will meet in the club & spend a night togheter & alone ?❤ (she winks & goes)

Sanskar smiles ? but his smile vanish when he see Ragini who was walking with a line of boys ? she was in western clothes and Sanskar was open mouth ❤ he was angry that other guys look at Ragini ?..he goes to her….

SANSKAR: What the hell is this ah ? Aise clothes kyu pehne he tumne??

RAGINI: Are you blind? I am waking in the nature to relexing myself & I will wear whatever I want ?

Sanskar gets angry and push her on the tree & ??

Sanskar holds Ragini very titly meanwhile Ragini was happy seeing his jealousy ??…

SANSKAR: I think you are blind that you not see how many guys were behind you when you was walking ?…

RAGINI: Ohhh jealousy ? tum to kehrehe the ki I am really boring girl , sanskari etc..but see how many boys are behind me ?..manlo ki now you are possessive about me ❤

They share a cute eyelock ? 

But Sanskar turns and take a long breath ?…

SANSKAR: Listen ,I am not possessive about you okk ?…

RAGINI: Ok , hey listen (she calls a boy)?…

BOY:Hi sweetheart ..?

Sanskar gets angry ? and turns & holds Ragini’s hand ☺ meanwhile a smile comes on her face …

SANSKAR: How dare you call her “sweetheart” she is my wife got it ❤…

He takes Ragini with him holding her hand ❤??..

M:Don’t think that I am possessive wo tum Kritika ki sister ho isiliye ?..

Ragini just looks at him ?

Do you like jealous Sanskar ??? Sorry guys if my Hindi is not good because I don’t live in India ☹️ So kindly ignore it & I hope you enjoyed this part ?


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