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Ragini’s little smile vanish after listening Sanskar 😭…Ishita was shocked 😱 meanwhile Kritika smiles ☺..

ISHITA:Ye kya mazak he!!😳 you put sindoor on her & wants his sister too!!Kritika will not go with you ! Only my Ragini ,who is your wife will come with you ❤..(she gives an angry look to Sanskar)

Sanskar was “like seriously”😱

SANSKAR: Aunty you know I love Kritika ! I promise that Ragini will stay happy in my house but I will stay happy with Kritika! Oh god 😱 why you can’t understand it !

Ragini wipes her tears & gets up

 RAGINI: Kya mazak banake raka he shadi ka! Sanskar ji ab aap mere pati he aur me apki patni! Kritika tu nahi ayegi humare sath warna I will do something wrong with me 😥..

Kritika was shocked meanwhile Sanskar was confused ..Ragini hugs Ishita and wears her bengles and all 😍..she was about to slip but Sanskar holds her and say “be careful Ragini” they had a very small eye lock 👀 Kritika fumes in anger 😡…Sanskar leaves her but Ragini’s feet gets hurt by a bangle’s pice …

RAGINI: Ouch ! Ab hum apne sasural kaise jayenge? Plz Sanskar ji utaliye jiye hume….

Sanskar was shocked but he holds her in his arms do to Ishita who was really happy ☺…

RAGINI P.O.V :”Mazak banake rakdiya shadi ka! But I will force you to give my wife’s right …sorry Kritika but he is my husband now”..

She happily looks at him meanwhile Sanskar winks at Kritika who understand his sign and winks him back 👀…

Sanskar walks out with Ragini in his arms 😍😍…

SANSKAR: Patni ji oh I mean Ragini plz mere di ke samne normal behave karna …don’t tell her about Kritika  because she didn’t know about my relation 😳 ….tumari vaja se me bhi sanskari ke jase bolraha hu 😱

RAGINI: Wow you are afraid from your sister 😌 don’t worry tum mere rang me dalijaoge jaldi hi 😍

He looks at her with shocking face and avoid any eye contact 😱…he makes her sit in the car ..they don’t say even one word in the journey 😳…They arrive & Sanskar helps her 😳..meanwhile Ragini holds his hand titly 😍

KARAN :Sir ye zaroori file sign kardi jiye (Sanskar’s secretary )

Sanskar gets afraid after listen him & leaves Ragini’s hand who falls in Karan’s arms …he holds her titly meanwhile Sanskar was feeling strange , he doesn’t not why ….but then Kritika pulls him close to her …

Kritika: Baby , I escape from my house ab me baharwali aur Ragini gharwali hai?

Sanskar  was busy eyeing Ragini who was in Karan’s arms (2 min passed but he doesn’t leave her)

SANSKAR: Why he doesn’t leave her? I mean Kritika comes with me 👀

RAGINI: Hmm thank you …

She gets up and Karan was surprise seeing her in bridal attire …

RAGINI: Thank you once again ! Oh myself Ragini Maheshwsri ❤ Sanskar ji ki daram patni …

ANIKA: Kya?(Sanskar’ s elder sister)..







How Ragsan love story will start ? Plz support me because many more to come ❤️


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