RagSan SS~Rhythm Of HeartBeat -Chap3

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Hi guyz fizoo is back wid another chap of ss thanks alot for ur immemse love toward my ss and thanks to silent readers as well hope u like today and guyz do read hmw i m vru dissapointed with myself on last chappy chappy widout bak bak lets start……


“Noooooooooooooo” shreik ragini in her sleep while she was breathing heavily n tears are continously flowing from her eyes she hold her head which is spinning  to calm herself her past life flashes infront of her she clutch her hair tightly to stop her spinning head

“Nóooo noooo” she is continuously shouting

Scene shift

“Maaaaaaaa” said sanskar n wake up from his sleep he is panting n breathing heavily its the first time after his mother death he said something in his sleep

“Sanskar” asked shehkar worriedly patting his head 

Sanskar hug shehkar tightly

Shehkar caresses his hairs

“What happened sanskar” asked shehkar calmy

Sanskar stop panting n released himself from hug n takes a deep breathe

“Dont knw baba i saw maa needs me” said sanskar controlling his tears  as much as he can it is not easy for a 11 year old kid to overcome from his mother death but in sanskar case HIS mother was his first priority n She always thought him that one day she has to go n he had to live his life for her normally children of his age need years n months to bcm a happy-go child but he as being mama’s gud boy a day after his mother’s death starts living his life like its has no end but thats not means he did not cry he always cry but not in his mother lap he always cries in his mothers presence which he always feel cuz “People Dies But Not their Souls”

“Sanskar” said shehkar preventing himself from crying

“Ssssshhhhh” said sanskar praying infront of her mother potrait while tears are flowing from his closed eyes… Its for the first time he feels his heart heavy due to unknwon reason his heart says someone need him badly the same feeling which he got  whenever he gets angry on his mother n stay widout talking…. he always feels that  someone need him badly n his heart felt heavy……. That time  he knows how badly his mother needs him bcz he is the only reason she is living for n how he always takes all his mother sorrows n tears by his singel smile and stupid jokes he remember all those days and now he is not understanding who needs him now after his mothers death….. and as being father shehkar knows everything about him he knows how important his mother was for him but after seeing his son he realize how blessed he is to get a son like him who cant see his mother soul sad bcz of him he always give him both father mother due love n more then parents he is his best friend and as a best friend he knows from which situation his frnd is going throw

Shehkar goes n keep his hand on sanky shoulder while a tear drop from his eyes seeing his son helplessness

Scene shift

“Ssshhh relax bacha relax” said Ap relaxing ragini  who come hearing her screams

“I dont want to go… I .. I dnt” said ragini chocking n crying bitterly

“Sshh u r not going anywhere no one will take u any where dnt cry” said Ap hugging ragini n patting her head trying to calm her while tears are flowing from her eyes

After much trial she makes her calm

Ap make her lie on bed n about to get up when ragini tightly clutches her hand n starts weeping closing her eyes

Ap wipes her tears n smile a lill n sits beside her n takes ragini head n keep on her lap keep one hand on her hairs and one on her eyes

This time Ragini didnot react nor she takes away her head Ap always does this whenever she get those dreams but everytime Ragini keep herself away from Ap n sleeps but this time Ragini did not do this Her Heart badly wants someone who always b their n now she wants to sleep peacefully she knows that their no such place except from ur mother’s lap n now she sees Ap as her mother n the comfort n sooth which every mother lap has…

Scene shift

“R u hiding something” asked shehkar giving sanky a cup of coffee

“Noo” said sanskar looking up in the sky n twinkling stars n smiles now he feels her mother smile n his incomplete hearts feels completed

” r u sure sanky”asked shehkar feeling unsure cuz he knows he is hiding something afterall he is his pops

“Ofcourse popsy just thinking about new patient” said sanskar sipping a sip from his cup

“Patient not ur darling or handsome” asked shehkar amused cuz sanky never calls his patient his patients he always call them by diff names

“Voh voh” said sanskar thinking of some excuse

“Sanskar” said shehkar sternly

*  sanky sighs*

“Pops” said sanskar n keep his head on shehkar shoulder

“Sanskar whats the matter” asked shehkar keeping one hand on his face

“Dont knw pops this time my case is different and i dont knw wht to do n i m feeling different ” said sanskar closing his eyes

“Hmmm so the first time mr. Super cool. Don’t knw what to do” said shehkar tanuting

“Pops” said sanky making a pout

“Just do the same thing which u do with ur first patient” said shehkar n make sanskar lie on his bed

“Everything may be hard to do but not impossible and if u do anything with ur heart”

“Then everything can b possible” completed sanskar completing shehkar line with a smile even widout knowing the situation shehkar has all answers for his questions

Sanskar smiles n close his eyes


A new morning welcomes them with their beautiful smile coming with rays of bright sun  and beautiful chirps of birds singing “Gud Morning and wishing them a gud day” 

“Gud morning” said Shehkar entering with a tray of breakfast for sanky

“Gud morning” said sanskar coming out of washroom

“Thank God u r at home only otherwise i thought today u also gone for teaching everyone ur life pantheras ” said shehkar with fake smile

“Naaahi thought to teach my old pops life pantheras today” said sanky winking at shehkar

Shehkar smiles n shake his head in disbelief
N places the tray

“Pops R u going somewhere” asked sanky wearing his T-shirt

“And How do u knw” asked shehkr raising his brow

Sanky smirks

U r forgetting i m ur Son only i knw whenever u come with bf in my room that means u r going out” said sanky n tap his shoulder proudly

“Well The son of genius Father i m going out of country for 1 month due to some imp case so u r going to stay with sunny parents i talked with them n u will go directly their from hospital” said shehkar n keep the breakfast infront of him

Sanky makes a upset face

” what happened to u now” asked shehkar looking at his face

“First thing i m not going to stay at sunny home and secondly u r going for this much tym n u did not even tell me” said sanky n turns his face angrily

Shehkar smiles n make him turn

“Ohh so my frnd is angry wid me” asked shehkar

Sanky nods childishly

“How will i live widout u for 1 month” asked sanky while he is in a verge of cry because shehkar never leave him alone more then a week and without shehkar its very difficult to live for sanky afterall he is his everything

“Sanskar” said shehkar sternly while his heart pained looking at his son who is his life he also dont wanna go but for him its work comes first n he is bound by that

“Kya pops u r going for 1 month how will i live widout teasing u ” said sanky pouting n shehkar slightly chukkles n hit his head

“Useless” said shehkar n side hugs him

“Blad head” said sanskar in shehkar ears n giggles

Shehkar frowns

“Awwwwww my cute pops” said sanskar n pull his cheeks

Shehkar glares him while sanky looks down
Shehkar is about to say when san intrupts

“Boys are not cute they are handsome” said sanskar mimicing like shehkar

Shehkar twist his ears

” dont forget i m ur father” said shehkar twisting his ear

“Ahh mere pitaji ap mere pyari pitaji hai leave ur adya kari beta pitashri its paining” said sanskar n shehkar leaves his ear

“Mere adya kari bety concentrate on ur new case instead of ur pyare pitashri ” said shehkar eating his bf

Something snapped in sanskar mind n he smiles widely

“Pops i m thinking can i stay with Arjun till u return” asked sanskar eating his bf

“Whats problem do u have  in living with sunny” asked shehkar

“Uffu pops everytime i stay with sunny so whats problem in living with arjun this time” asked sanskar

” i knw if i say no to u then also u will stay so its better to say Yes” says shehkar

Sanskar smiles widely n kisses shehkar cheeks

“U r the best popsy love u” said sanskar excited n eat his bf like a bhukkar

Shehkar smiles n both eats their breakfast n after that both do household work n shehkar goes to get ready

“Arjun house is next to jane man orphanage it will b easy for me to cure maasi daughter” thinks sanskar n smiles 

After some tym shehkar comes with his luggage n hugs sanskar

“Take care of urself n dont trouble anyone in Arjun home n call me daily i will try to come as soon as possible” said shehkar n kisses sanskar for head

“Dont worry pops i m big enough to take care of myself u take care of urself as u r an oldie now and take  ur medicine on time n dont miss me” said sanskar n kisses shehkar cheeks

Shehkar slightly smiles with moistty eyes n again hugs sanskar tightly amd goes bidding him bye

Scene shift

At Orphanage

Ragini is shown sitting on bed seeing her wounded hand kneely… She slightly pulls her sleeves up n sees so many traces and wounds she goes on deep thoughts


A 8 year girl is shown crying n hitting a man with her little hands

” i dont want to go baba please” said the girl crying n hitting the man shoulder

The mam ignores n release the smoke on girls face

Girl coughs n cries then she goes to a lady who is massaging the man legs

“Maa say to baba i dont wanna go” said the little girl hugging her mother but the lady ignores n the girl kept crying

The girl sees the man is about to take the glass she goes n snatch it n throws it on floor angrily

” i will not go” shouts the girl angrily

Man n women looks on first the man jerked the women n stands up…. He goes towards girl n angrily looks at her

He sees the cigerate in his hand n then the girl angrily

“U dont want to go na” asked the man

“Noooo” shouts the girl

The man takes the girl n hand n keep the cigerate on her skin while she starts screaming n crying

“Baba… Babaa.. Ba.. ” the girl chockingly says

The man removes the ciggerate n pushes the girl n angrily goes from their

The lill girl sobs seeing her burned wound n cries bitterly

Flashback ends

Ragini wipes her tears n look at the burned marks which is still is on her skin

Knock knock!!!

Her thoughts were disturbed by the knock of door she wipes her face n opens the door n sees Ap standing with a tray she gives Ap blank look n sits on bed

Ap places her bf infront of her n caresses her hairs

“Eat this and take ur medicines” said Ap n starts arranging her room

Ragini look at Ap while she was arranging the bed n Ap phone starts ringing after seeing a caller id a smile crept on Ap face n she rushes outside while ragini looks on

Outside ragini room

Ap picks up the call

“Hello” said Ap

” Jane man “said sanskar from other side

” i m coming n be ready to see ur daughter smiling”said sanskar from other side n disconnect a call while happy tears form on Ap eyes n she wipes it n sees ragini from a door she saw her eating her bf silently weeping

“Now these tears has no place in ur life ragini my son is coming n i knw he will not let u to fall a singel tear also” thinks Ap n goes from there


“Sanjeevni Hospital” Sanskar parked his bike n about to wear his coat when someone blindfolded him from back

“What… ” he said but intrupted by some voice

“Ssshhhhhhhhhh” said the voice n hold his hand

“Surpriseeeeeeeeeeee” shouted everyone as soon as they headed toward hospital entrance…. He removed his blind fold n is surprise to see the whole hospital decorated with ballons n ribbons He look at his right n sees ishana smiling at him

A kid comes n drag him with her

“Congratulations For Completing 3 years” Is written on a big board holding by childrena a huge wide smile come into his lips 

“Congo mr. Phsyco for completing 3 years” said ishana n give him a warm hug……. Its been 3 years He become the part of everyones life in Hospital…. The same hospital where His mother starts Her jorney He never thought that in a short span of time Everyone bcm so addicted to Him Bcz of his happy-go nature Everything changed The Hospital “Sanjeevni” where everyone known as cold-hearted doctores to stubborns Patients But now Time has changed He changed The cold-Hearted Doctors To Friendly Doctors And stubborns Patients To Naughty + Happy-Go patients just Like Him All elders teenagers Kids Everyone has the color of Him…. He is bcm a entangle Part of Everyones Life He Has soo many grannys Grand Paa Sisters brothers  friends and many more relation everyone gave him Love like a special Person Just the Mother of Love he is still longing but that place is also filled by Kids laughters, Elders teasing and Grannys support Everyone Has special Part in His Life He is soo Blessed to get sooo many Loving Members Of his Sweet si Family 

“Lets cut the cake” said One of his handsome grand paa bring him out of thoughts

“Yes Cut the cake n distribute Only in childrens n staff” said one of his granny teasing his grand paa

Sanskar smiled

“Y only children’s we r also here na” said one more grand paa while all grand paa agreed

“Bcz we all very well knw y do u all are in hurry U all are diabetic So there is no Cake for u all” said his granny just then the fight starts between his s*xy grannys and handsome Grand paa

“STOOPPPPP” said sanskar stopping the war

All look at him in prin drop silence

Sanskar chuckled

“Everyone will eat this cake”said sanskar

All grand paa cheers while grannys pout

” cuz u all are forgetting that i m also diabetic so obvio the cake will b sugar free n everyone can eat it “said sanskar hugging her grannys who smiled n blessed him

” now cut the cake atleast”said a kid pouting

All laughed n sanskar goes n pick the kid up n goes towards the trolley in which A big White Cake is Placed in the centre of rose petals He took the hand of the kid in his n both hold the knife n blow the candels n cut the cake

“BOooom” colorful papers spread on him n everyones claps through their heart n make everyone eat the cake with his hands

Music plays n everyone starts dancing on “Budho sa man” while sanky takes a peice of cake n goes outside the childrens ward to Granny’s Ward n sees a same lady sitting lifelessly he smiled n goes towards her n sit on the stole near her n placed a peice infront of her mouth smiling

“Have it” said sanky smiling

The lady looks at him n then the cake piece n looks away

Sanky stands n comes infront of her face n again placed the cake infront of her smiling the lady agains looks away sanky keep trying to make her eat but the Lady always give him blank reaction

“Please senurita at least u can take a one bite” said sanky again keeping the cake infront of her but this time the lady got angry n throws the cake from his hands

Sanky looks at the lady shocked n lady folds her hands infront of sanky indicating Him to go…. Sanky looks on but manages to smile n goes after sweeping the floor
The lady looks on with tears

Scene shift

Sanskar goes to his cabin n sits on his chair he looks at his mother photo n smiles

“Never loose hope” her mother words ringed on his ears n he smiled

“Noo sanky u cant loose hope u promise mom na that u will make everyone happy right soo keep trying i m sure one day she will smile to but right now u idiot u have to go to janeman place to meet that girl hope i can make her happy to say all the best to ur son mom” said sanky kissing his mother picture n leaving the cabin with bags

Scene shift

At Evening

“Kolkata Orphanage Home” 

Ragini is shown standing at her room window seeing children playing

“Childhood normally in childhood kids plays studies n makes friends n enjoyed alot cuz Childhood means is being a child and this is right of every child to live his life in his style but in my case it is snatched from me n the one who snatched it was non other then my own parents who r my life i can die for them also but” her mind crushed her thoughts giving her heart immense pain which is shedding through her tears she sit with a thudd on floor n starts crying

Scene shift

Sanskar parks his bike infront of orphanage
“Finally” he sighs n put off his bags on his shoulder n stepped inside * A heavy wind flow touching his face n his heart starts beating fast,  He feels restless* he starts walking

Scene shift

Ragini is crying bitterly by laying back on wall at a corner suddenly she starts feeling restless n her cry starts supressing  n she gets up like she is finding something precious n tears are still flowing

Scene shift

Sanskar walks inside n sees childrens playing a huge smile come on his face n he goes towards them

Scene shift

Ragini is about to open the door of the room when she heard roar laughter of kids she steps backward n sees towards window n sees children laughing n someone whose back was seeing doing something she tried to saw the face but the person was called out

Scene shift

Sanskar was playing with childrens but he was called out by a boy

“R u sanskar” asked the person

“Yes” replies sanky with smile

“Give me ur bags n mam is on round u can meet her” said the boy n takes all his belongings n show him the direction he compiles n walk

“Why do i feel someone very precious is near to me” thinks sanskar n walks

Scene shift

“Why do i feel my family is near me” thinks ragini while again tears flow from her eyes

Scene shift

Sanskar goes to Ap cabin n finds no one he goes n starts searching for her in every room

“Where is Maasi i mean ur mam” asked sanskar stooping a peon

“She will b in that room” said peon pointing towards a room

Scene shift

Ragini is standing near the window with her back facing towards door… She is just staring the children’s n is lost on her own thought

“Jane man” said a voice opening the door of the room

Ragini become after hearing the voice

“Excuse me do u knw where is mam” asked the voice

Ragini keep froze on her place she feel scared hearing a man voice

“Excuse me i m asking something do u knw” asked the voice again

The person frowns n is revealed as sanskar

“R u listening” asked sanskar lill bit loudly while taking his steps forward towards ragini

Ragini hear his steps tightly clutch her dupatta

“Oo hello i m asking r u deaf or dumb who cant speak or listen” said sanskar now getting irritated

“Excuseeeee meee miss” now he almost said in low shout

Ragini closed her eyes tight when she feels someone coming near to her

“OO Goshhhhh Cant u speak” said sanskar irritatedly holding ragini by her shoulders tightly n making her turn to face him

Screen freeze on Ragsan Face sanskar holding ragini n ragini eyes closed

Precap: Thuddddddd!!!!!!!! 

Note:Guyz i have to tell u all that this story will b based on some realities so plz support

Phewwww done with SS finally thanks to jazz n halima for ideas…… Sorry guyzz due to practicals n completion of jrnl i dont got tym to write i just got mon n today day free thats y i wrote n from tmrw again i m bz sooo sorrrry for that i will try my best to give “Story Starts wid Game” on sat n guyzz can i make story starts wid game as Os plz tell me and do comments n votes n do tell n yupp do read my sister FF ” Destination of Ragsan n swalak by muskaan”….. Thnks for ur support….. Love u all keeo smiling stay blessed

Fizo ❤

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