RagSan SS~Rhythm Of Heart Beat -Chap 8 -Plan

RagSan SS~Rhythm of Heartbeats


Ragini lies on her bed with a smile on her lips for the first time her heart is feeling light and peaceful, the tears which she flows every night before sleeping is vanished somewhere, she is thinking about ansh and sanskar the day she spends with them and how they played games and mostly how ansh and sanskar teases each other. But she is confused, confused with the fact why his tears matter her why it gives pain to her?,why she feels she is going through the same pain as his???, soon the smile on her face turned into fear…… A unknown fear which is dancing in her heart. Ragini closes her eyes taking a deep breath,she get up from bed and goes towards window. She looks up in the sky while her eyes shine in the moonlight. Ragini saw towards garden and then left her room.

Sanskar and Ap is shown sitting on a bench in garden with sanskar head on Ap shoulder and he is continously blabbering about ansh and ragini.

“You know it’s like a dream for the first time i saw her calm n comfortable around me”,says sanskar with shine in his eyes, Ap caresses his hairs smilingly.

“You are happy?”,asked Ap while sanskar smiles widely.

“Very very happy”,says sanskar while Ap kisses his forehead.

“I just hope she change herself soon”,says Ap.

“She will janeman she will”,sanskar keeps his hand on hers and smiles.

“I have to know about her past before taking any next step”,sanskar thinks in his mind.

“I’ll just come checking on her once”,says sanskar getting up. Ap nods while sanskar walks away from there.

Ragini looks at the door of children’s room for a minute. She thinks to see ansh once before sleeping. She sighs opening the door and looking at children sleeping. She slowly walks inside the door.

On other side, sanskar who is walking through the area saw someone entering children’s room.

“Who could be there this time everyone must be slept by now”, murmurs sanskar to himself.

“What if it is thief or any kidnapper”,sanskar utters being horrified. He hurriedly takes a shawl kept on chair and moves towards the children’s room.

Ragini saw everyone sleeping peacefully,she smiles seeing all the kids and moves towards everyone to find ansh.

Sanskar who sees someone in dark tighten his grip on shawl and slowly slowly takes step towards the person.

Ragini who saw ansh sleeping moves towards him slowly, she is about to touch his face when someone keeps hand on her face covering with shawl picking her up and taking away.

Ragini hits the person continously and tries to shout but all in vain.

Sanskar drags the person out of children’s room and leaves her.

Ragini pushes sanskar and removes shawl from her face and about to shout when sanskar drags her closer to him closing her mouth with his palm and holding her from waist. Both RagSan widen their eyes seeing each other.

Sanskar leaves ragini while ragini looks at him with fear filled eyes.

Sanskar bites his cheeks caressing his neck in regret.

“Vo vo i i m… sorry i i thought you are kidnapper”,sanskar says not able to meet her eyes.

Ragini looks at him nervously and moves her eyeball.

“I m sorry ragini”,says sanskar looking down.

Ragini closes her eyes controlling her thumping heart and then looks up to meet his eyes with hers.

“I m sorry”,sanskar again spokes looking directly into her eyes.

“It’s okay”,ragini mumbles looking into his orbs and then looking down. If there will be someone else then sanskar then ragini would have been starts panicking and shouting by now but seeing sanskar she calms a bit. Now she has no problem facing him other than some hesitations. She again looks at sanskar who is feeling nervous and guilty for doing this.

Sanskar looks at her when he heard her mumble,a faint smiles appears on his lips hearing her. He was happy that she did not panick due to his this mistake otherwise he thought she will shout for sure but to his surprise nothing happen and she forgive him. He smiles widely.

He clears his throat,”what are you doing here at this time”,he asked hoping for an answer.

“Ji wo i came to check on ansh”,replies ragini looking down.

Sanskar smiles hearing her reply,she talks she talks with him yohooo he was smiling like an idiot he thought she will talk only when ansh is around but hearing her he flutters with joy that she also starts talking with him.

Ragini is about to go when sanskar stops her.

“Ragini”,he calls out making her heartbeats fast.

“Jii”,she turns facing him.

“Ummmm”,he felt nervous.

“Will you come for a walk with me “,he asked not looking at her. He don’t know why he ask her but he don’t want her to go now and want to spend some time with her.

Ragini looks up at him, she is confused whether to say yes or no. She opens her mouth to speak but lack of words. Sanskar saw her and sighs.

“Dont felt nervous we are friends right, you can speak whatever you want”,says sanskar taking a step towards her.

Ragini gives him a nervous smile while blinking her eyes.

Sanskar moves back while ragini walks forward.

“Chalay”,she asked looking at him. His eyes shine nodding instantly.

He walks forward while she follows him.

Ap who is sitting on bench saw sanskar coming towards her with a grin on her face. Ap smiles and looks at his side finding ragini also coming. Sanskar winks at Ap who smiles widely seeing ragini.

Sanskar stops infront of Ap while Ragini who is following sanskar like an obedient child looking down hits his shoulder. She stumbles moving back.

Sanskar turns and looks at her while she mumbles a quick “sorry” looking down.

Sanskar shakes his head and then looks at Ap.

“You both talk I’ll come later”,says Ap while Ragini looks up at her.

Ap starts walking when ragini comes infront of her blinking her eyes innocently.

“You also come na”,she asked in low tone looking at Ap kneely.

Ap looks at her with moisty eyes while sanskar smiles looking at them.

“Will you both keep standing or walk to”,says sanskar looking at Ap and ragini who nods.

Ragini and Ap walks forward while Sanskar follows them.

Trio kept silent as they don’t know what to talk. Ragini is confused she don’t know why she wants to be with sanskar and Ap. She is feeling comfortable maybe she wants to remove her past with her present. She is confused what to talk because from the day she come they only saw her crying or either shouting. Ap looks at sanskar and sign him to speak while sanskar lick his lips thinking where to start.

“Ummm wo janeman from how many years you are running this orphanage”,asked sanky and curses himself from asking this stupid question.

Ragini looks at Ap who smiles,”10 years”.

“Wohoo and Ragini you”,he asked starting the convo.

Ragini bites her lower lips not gazing at him feeling hesitate to tell and restless to remember the day when she was brought here.

“6 months”, says Ap keeping a hand on ragini shoulder with a smile.

Sanskar looks both of them with a smile, Ap can seses ragini emotions very well. He was happy that her janeman is getting what she wants. He just want ragini to get mingle with Ap soon and share everything making her light out.

“Ohh btw janeman did you ever celebrate any function or orphanage birthday”,asked sanskar changing the topic.

“No i never did”,says Ap.

“Why”,asked ragini instantly before sanskar could.

Ap and sanskar looks at each other and smiles at her.

“Vo i have no one to help me organising anything so i never did”, replies Ap caressing ragini face.

“But now you have kyun ragini”,asked sanskar looking at ragini who looks at him confused.

“Aray buddhu don’t look at me like this you don’t understand”,sanskar asked while ragini nods no innocently.

He shakes his head.

“Pagal now we both are here na then why fear now we both will organise it together what say”,asked sanskar blinking his eyes at her twice.

A smile appears on her lips and she looks at Ap.

“Yes”,replies ragini.

Sanskar smiles and he holds Ap from her shoulder.

“Now tommorw we are celebrating 10 anniversary of this orphanage”,says sanskar holding Ap from her shoulder.

“But beta”,says Ap but interrupted by sanskar.

“No but and vuts we both are planning and that’s final”,says sanskar while Ap smiles.

“So ragini”,sanskar turns at her.

“Ji”,she looks at him.

“So do you have any plan”,he asked while ragini nods no.

“Aray let it be na bacho”,says Ap looking at ragsan.

“It’s okay”,ragini says with a smile.

Ap smiles at her. Ragini felt comfortable around both Ap and sanskar.

Ap was feeling happy. She thanks God for full filling her all wishes. She is happy to see the new ragini who atleast know to smile. Only she knows how it pained her seeing ragini in liveless state. Now she is back on track. She can talk and also smile like normal. Just few more days then she will change completely. Sanskar is happy to see ragini comfortable around. He cant express how lucky he was feeling being around her. He wants to twirl himself but he controls. Her smile made both Ap and sanskar day.

“You both continue your planning i am going”,says Ap and kiss both RagSan forhead before leaving. Ragini looks at her disappearing and smiles. She felt she got her mother back but her smiles fade remembering something and she looks away not wanting to tearing up infront of him. Sanskar observed her and felt her emotions.

“Ragini”,he calls out donno why he was feeling nervous and his heart beat beats fast.

Ragini closes her eyes hearing him. She don’t know whenever he calls her name she felt current ran through her spines and her heartbeat starts beating fast. Both RagSan heartbeat of beating in Rhythm.

“I have a plan”,says sanskar while ragini turns facing him. Both of their eyes meet sharing a small eyelock but soon it breaks when the heavy wind blow her hairs falling on her face. She tucks it behind her ear breaking the eyelock while Sanskar was lost in her angelic face. Ragini who felt his intense gaze on her felt nervous.

“What plan”,she speaks in low voice making him out from his world. Sanskar rubs his hand against eo feeling embarrassed.

“Vo…vo”,he lacks of words. Ragini observed him. He takes a deep brethe and tells something which is mute.

Ragini smiles hearing.

“So we will divide our work okay”,says sanskar and she slightly nods.

“Okay now you and sleep we will talk about this tomorrow and yeah don’t tell to ansh also it’s a surprise”,says sanskar while ragini give a small smile nodding her head.

“Good night”,sanskar mumbles.

“Good night”,ragini mumbles slowly and walks away.

Sanskar smiles at her leaving figure.

“Dont know when she will raise up her volume a little bit”,he shakes his head leaving.

Ragini sits on her bed smiling. She is away from her nightmares today. Her mind is filled with tommorw thoughts. She smiles widely imagining all the kids smiling.

“Good night”,ragini says looking at the moon and lies on her bed closing her eyes. After many years she wishes moon a good night. In her childhood she always wishes Moon( Chandu ji) a good night. Child inside her was coming back in her life.

Sanskar knocks on Ap rooms door and peeps inside to saw her reading book.

Sanskar shakes his head and goes inside sitting infront of her with crossed arms.

Ap closes her book and looks at him.

“What happened”,asked Ap looking at her.

” i want to know what happened that day”,sanskar asked looking at Ap.

Ap looks at him confused.

“How did ragini come here”,he asked while Ap face colour changes and she closes her eyes remembring.

Sanskar observed her expression.

To b continued……

Precap- Surprise

Any idea how Ap gets Ragini?

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