Ragsan- RISTHA part 2

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Ragu calls harman-baba; aju-dada;lucky nd manik-bhai, sometymz manik as manu

After two month tharaphy now i could walk alone with ma crutch..thank god bhaijaan’z all r happy..
Rag pov:god nw i could walk.thanks.i had to study hard and fulfil ma dreams.need to help my bhaijaanz .for baba i shld find a lady..who would control his anger nd loves my bhais..she shld be careing nd understandable…always stands beside him..mm my next mission wl be tat…i had my schooling in bst schl.they had given me spl care bcoz of attacks…am joing cls..so exicted god.new frndz, place.but wl anyone make me frnd am a crutchy now..ahh always need somones hlp..dont know god hw wl be my clg lyf..am a unlucky girl..anyways i wl be strong nd wl face averythng for my bhaijaanz

A girl was sleepng near a boy..sunrays falls on there face..but they are sleepng without bothering that..
Harman: get up doll nd arjun kaminaa..huff aju u r 30 but still behaving lyk lkg..don’t u want to go to office.am fed up with all.am nt the lady of our house..hm
Aju: bhai y am feelng that u r indirectly pointing that i need to get mrrd.so u guyz find a gud wifee for me..
Harman: aju stut up…i have my duties to do..my lyf is u all nd i dont need anyone othr than this
Ragu: baba but i need a muma na.so u hav to get mrrd
Aju: ys i wl find a girl for u bhai
Harm:noi…doll am ur mama nd baba..y r u nt happy with me.weather am nt careing u properly(sadly)

Ragu:no baba i dont mean that.sry na(with tears)
Aju: ok nw enough..doll now u get ready…ur first day in clg na.
Ragu nodes nd got up with crutch..harm help her…
Harman gives her dress to wear…ragu went to get ready.
At hall;
All are there nd waiting for ragu.laksh..manu ànd ramukaka made breakfast.
Manu: ragu..idiot whr r u??am soo hungry.huff how much tym this girlz take for gettng ready.
Lucky:hai..stup up idiot.

Ragu arrived with a smile..she sit nd harman made her ate breakfast..
Manu:baba u wont feed me.
Harm:come nd he feeds manu

Ragu was ready to leave to clg..she goes to see her devi ma nd had prayers..
Aju:u r all set na?
Ragu: ys dada(smile)
Lucky:come i wl drop u there..
Harman:wait doll.he told her to sit down nd made her wear brace in her paralatic leg
Ragu:baba brace for..
Harman(smiled) now u have to wear this to clg always..no need of crutch then..aah i knew its nt easy to walk nd pain will be there.but i dont want any of ur frnds to tease u nd take ur advantage
Luky: good job bhai..now no one will knew that she can walk..so thats gud..
Ragu but baba i dont want this.i dont want to hide my weakness.am happy with wot i am.if no one want to be frnd with me on that reason.its ok.but i dnt want to cheat anyone

Manu:ragu plz its nt cheating.clg lyf is nt too smooth ya..so u need to hide this.plz for us
Aju:plz doll
Harman: u have to do this..doll listen na.otherws i cant be tension free.
Ragu:ok i wl wear this nd wont tell anyone ok happy??
All nodes
Lucky drops ragu in clg.

Precap:ragu’s first day in clg

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