Ragsan- RISTHA (intro)

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Guys its my first ff..so if any mistake is there plz forgive me

Arjun: bhai doll will be fine na?
Harman nodes yes
Doc: harman your sis is ok now.she is out of danger but her one leg as become paralysed…she can’t walk nw without support.
All are in shock
Manik: (cring) its my mistake for saving me only she did this..bhai i cant leave….ragu why did u save me….
Laksh: plz manu plz dnt blame urself..plz stop cring..if doll saw that u are crying she will be unhappy.
Harman:manu its nt ur falt…its her fait.y god u r always testing her..(tears)

Bfr 10 yr, on ragini’s 8th birthday bhalla house was fully decorated.ragu was sleeping peacefully in bed.suddenly bhoom bhoom
Ishima:happy birthday my princess…i love you(kisses her forhead)
Raman:doll happy birthday(kisses her)
Ragu: thanku chacha nd ishima..i love u two…u both are my dadu nd ma..(kissing both)
Phn rings
Ragu:bhai jaan’s
All shouting together: happy birthday swt heart….we are all one the way..so doll get ready fastly….
Ragu smiles :thanku jaan’s…cu

Ishima:doll nw we have to get ready .come lets go

At hall guests will come by 8.nw its 7…ishima nd chachu were inviting all inside…i wore a beautiful red fork wic ishima gave me…
(Rag pov) thanku god .u gave me ishima and loving chachu…i hadnt seen my parents.mama died by giving me birth…ishima tlk care of me nd manik bhai…my 4 bhaijaan’s are studing abroad…aah am happy tdy all will come here…am so exicted thanku god for giving me my parants(pov end)
Aaaa i heard chacha’s scream and some gun shots..i run downstair….ishima was shouting baby plz dn’t come here..a man was beating her hardly…i was at a state of shock.Someone pulled me it was ramukaka…he pulled me nd took me under stairs …i could see ma ishima..she lukd at me and smiled…they hit her hardly to tell where they hide me…but my mama didn’t so they hit her head with a rod ishima smiled at me..nd closed her eye..

fb ends
@hspt icu(present)
Ragu screams:ishima plz dnt leave me…
Nurse:plz dn’t stress ragini..
Nurse calls her bhaijaan’z inside.
Harman:doll how are you nw?
Ragu: baba am ok..but wot happen to me?manu u r ok na?
Manu started crying..

Ragu:y r u crying bhai am ok…aah had that attach occured again after accident..
Arjun:no doll.no attack as occured.but..
Ragu:wot happnd dada
Harman: doll bcoz of accident ur one leg become paralatic.(tears started flowing from his eyes)
Rag in shock…i can’t walk.y alwayz me…am a burden for u all..baba leave me in any orphanage.plz
Laksh:doll jst shut up u r apple of ur eyes..nd u can’t walk means…u r nt a burden
Harman:promise me u wont tell all thouse things again..we all love u.nd we will make u walk..

Doc arrived
Doc:rag ;do physiotharaphy..i wl make u recover nd u could walk with crutches
Harm: doc i wl take her to physiotharaphist.
Doc: doc harman u call soumya..she could help u…
Doc leavs
Arju:doll now u plz smile averythng wl be fyn…nw u need to me strong ok
Rag nodes(smile)

Guys plz support me nd comment ur views…telk me how us it..
By dhanz..

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    Awesome…continue… tc?

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    Amazing wonder what her mystery is xx

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    Nice start.

  4. Nice concept …pls update the next part soon

  5. Wonderful

  6. Asw

    Nice keep going

  7. its awesome something very new hope ragini get well next part soon plzz be regular don’t left in middle plzz

    1. Dhanz

      Aah thanku yaar…i wl continue

  8. Dhanz

    Thanks guyz for ur support…i promise u all that i won’t dissapoint u.

  9. Keerthu

    Awesome dr………….

  10. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it…

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