RagSan & RagLak FF : Twists of Fate (Teaser)

Hello again! Here’s a teaser of my RagLak & RagSan FF : Twists of Fate. The links to all my stories are on the posts page in my profile.


“I have told you all a million of times and this is the last time I am repeating myself!” Ragina was trying hard to not pull her hair, “I am not Ragini! My name is Ragina, R-A-G-I-N-A. Ragina Bladev Vikram Raghuvanshi. I am Baldev Vikram Raghuvanshi’s daughter and Vikram Dev Raghuvanshi’s granddaughter! Do you understand you freaking brainless creatures!!!” shouted Ragina using her max to max loud voice.

“So you are not Ragini?” Swara did the mistake of asking that.

Ragina covered her face with her hands and sighed in frustration and then the very next instant she broke into giggles which were not those happy ones. She was giggling in entirely mocking and humourless way.

“Are you people deaf? No that can’t be cause you actually hear me saying what I speak whatever!” she started talking to herself, “Oh! Are you people mentally unstable or slow or something? Like someone tell you something but it’s hard for you guys to process? Huh? Is that the case?” the smile on Ragina’s face dropped and an angry look took over, “I am a Raghuvanshi , you idiot and I never repeat myself like I am doing right now and I don’t like it. What you won’t like is me when all this will pass my tolerance level.”

“I don’t give a big f to who you people are or what you have gone through and all that blah blah big blah sheep of yours. Just let me go you can’t keep me here like a prisoner!” Ragina warned.


“What’s wrong with her?!” Laksh yelled as he came out of the room where they were keeping Ragina/Ragini as they waited for the doctor to come. They thought that due to her crimes being disclosed she might have suffered a shock and lost her mind.

Sanskar looked at Laksh curious about the reason as to why Laksh was covering up the left side of his face. “Lucky why are you..” he was about to voice his query but Laksh gave the answer to it before as he removed his hand from over his eye, “Ohhh!!” Sanskar blanched away as he stared at Laksh’s bruised eye.

“Who gave you a black eye?” asked Sanskar. Everybody rushed forward towards Laksh to inspect his eye.

“Who else? I was telling her about how she fell in “love” with me, got obsessed and the whole story but she sucker punched me! And called me I am gonna quote it, “You Mr. Deaf n Dumb! You think that I Ragina will fall for this thing that looks like all those hideous creatures that feed on the Delhi garbage mountain and contaminate normal people. Dare you come near me the next time and I will punch you somewhere else and you won’t be able to produce equally hideous looking junior blobs!” and after that she threw the landline at me.” Laksh shuddered in fear.

“What’s with her describing you with long titles every time you talk? And why does she make them so long?” Sanskar thought loudly.


Okay so the actual reason behind giving you this teaser was to tell you this;

In this story there will be two characters that Tejaswi is gonna play. Ragini and Ragina are two different people, one of them is gonna paired with sanskar and the other with Laksh. So I wanna ask what pairs would you like?

Ragini-Sanskar & Ragina-Laksh


Ragina-Sanskar & Ragini-Laksh

Please mention your choice in the comments.

Thanks 😀

  1. ragini-sanskar &ragina-laksh

  2. RAGINI-LAKSHYA AND SANSKAR-RAGINA will be best choice because lakshya n ragini are already married n we cant make joke of it by ragini deeply loving lakshya then divorce n marry or fall in love with his brother who is also one of those who used her only for his profit n then decline to help her. N raginA can make lakshya n all family members realised their mistakes towards ragini by ignoring her feelings n ragina is very bold who can answer sanky too.all the best n update soon

  3. Sreevijayan

    OMG…dt was an awesome teaser…nd i bursted out laughing reading it..cnt wait..i want raglak nd ragina sanky

  4. Kitkat

    it should be raginis n laksh n ragina n sanskar…..

  5. A.xx

    Fab and Ragini Sanskaar and Lakshya and Ragina
    nice fresh concept.xx

  6. Ragini sanskar

  7. Ragina – sanskar pleaseee

  8. Raglak n ragina sanskar pls as already raglak r married so.

  9. Ragini sanskar and Ragini laksh

  10. Nice raginisanskar

  11. Ragini sanskar and ragina laksh

  12. ragina-laksh&ragini-sanskar

  13. TeitokUn1718

    Ragini-Laksh and Ragina-Sanskar…

  14. its very nice…..I want ragini and laksh pair please…..

  15. Ragini-sanskar

  16. Sindhura

    Ragina and sannskar
    Ragini and laksh

  17. Shrilatha

    Awesome I love ragini Sanskar and ragina laksh..and by the way I actually wanted ragini to say these things to Laksh when he did that drama of dying

  18. Raglak n ragina n sanky pls as raglak r already married.

  19. Ragini – sanskar. Ragini -laksh

    1. Ragina -laksh *

  20. Akshata

    awesome , ragina is a hard nut to crack. i want raglak and ragina sanskar.

  21. Riaa

    Hey, I absolutely admire your thoughts. It’s extremely thoughtful of you to have such a great concept with suspense unravelling at every fold. ?
    I would rather prefer – RagLak and Ragina-Sanskar. But please go ahead with the majority opinion. Hope to see the next update very soon. ?

  22. Plzzz plzzz ragini and sanskar pair is better than laksh and ragini

  23. ragini lakshya plzz next part soon don’t be late plzz guys write more raglak ragsan FF there are very less now days in comparison to swasan its a request to all raglak/ ragsan ff writer plzz write bcoz now days so less plzz writee be active we are missing raglak/ ragsan so much the only way we have is ff plzz writer write more ff if u complete raglak/ragsan ff write new one or some writer stop in the middle plzz be regular and be active raglak / ragsanff writer every less ff in fb and in T U and inwattpad as all are not active as ee need u guys its heart broken ppk gonna off air

  24. Ragini Laksh and ragina sanky

  25. Jiyani

    I want Ragini with Laksh

  26. Ragini laksh pair is better than ragini sanskar pair plz plz, ragini laksh plz

  27. This is truly a riot! Loving Ragina already ??

    I guess Ragini-Lakshya and Ragina-Sanskaar will be the best pairs. Ragina has a thing for Sanskaar while Ragini is purely in love with Lakshya. So my vote goes to them.

  28. Ragina sanskar and ragini laksh

  29. I want ragini laksh and ragina n sanskar. Please don’t separate my raglak

  30. Asw

    Nice raglak and sanskar ragina

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