RagSan & RagLak FF : Twists of Fate (Chapter 1)

Hey once again! I am here with first chapter of RagLak and RagSan FF : Twists of Fate. Before the chapter I want to announce that the final result of the voting is here and the final couples, the couples this story will be about are : Ragina-Sanskar and Ragini-Laksh. Enjoy!!


“Are you trying to say that you are not Ragini? Shekhar uncle’s daughter and Laksh’s wife?” Sanskar finally found his voice.

“Yes genius! I am not your uncle’s daughter or this Laksh dude’s wife and my name isn’t Ragini. Actually all the alphabets are same except the last one, it isn’t “i” it’s “a”. I am not Ragini. My name is Ragina, Ragina Baldev Vikram Raghuvanshi.”

Everybody looked at her with a non-interested look, they didn’t believe what Ragini/Ragina said. “What? I am saying the truth people!” Ragina said in a stern tone. She looked like a teacher scolding her student as she stood with her hands on either side of her waist.

“We are through with your lies Ragini. You have lied to us so much about so many thing that you have lost our truth now.” Said Annapurna.

“When did I lie to you? I don’t even know who you guys are!!” Ragina asked.

Swara walked close to her and pulled Ragina by her arm, “Stop with this nonsense Ragini! I had warned you to stop all this but you didn’t listen and continued to harm others in your obsession with Laksh..” Ragina raised a hand gesturing Swara to stop. She then pulled her arm from Swara’s hold and said, “Why are you people so touchy and feely types? Can’t you talk with touching and pulling me around and shouting right in my ear? I am not deaf like you!”

Swara frowned in confusion but Ragina continued, “And who is this Laksh dude? My husband?” she looked at Sanskar and smiled teasingly, “Oooo…are you Laksh? I don’t mind being your wife Mr. Handsome.” She said as she raked a fingernail on the side of his face in a seductive manner making Sanskar feel nervous, shy and afraid.

“Haye more Ram ji! See this girl has lost her mind! Stay away from my Sanskar you witch!” Sujata yelled as she pulled Sanskar away from Ragina. “Sanskar..? hhhmmm nice name hon.” She smiled and the turned around to face Swara again, “If he is not Laksh then who is?” she asked.

Swara didn’t answer because she was shocked numb due to Ragini/Ragina’s behaviour. No shock could change a person’s entire self right? It was if this isn’t the Ragini she grew up around and found a sister in. This girl was someone and something else entirely, “He is laksh.” Swara pointed out softly.

“WHAT!!!??” Ragina yelled facing Laksh, “This Mr. Defective who thinks I am obsessed with this thing that had whiskers and looks like a house fly that feeds on dirt and contaminate nice things!” she pointed at Laksh, “This is my husband? Dude! Now I am sure that this is a case of mistaken identity. No way in my conscious mind I would marry this horrendous creature!” Ragini yelled horrified and made sure that there was enough distance between her and Laksh.

“Aye chori! How dare you insult my son like that? And for your information you tricked him into marrying you and now that your truth is out so you are insulting my diamond like son.” Annapurna said caressing Laksh’s cheek.

“Bhhwwaaaahhhh…!!” Ragina laughed out loud, “He..like diamond?!” and she laughed some more, “You ma’am are like those delusional moms who think that their son is the most brilliant thing in the world. Truthfully speaking that is not true! And your son looks like…oh man! I am out of words now!” Ragina chuckled.

“Bhaisaab I think that Ragini has lost her mind. I know that what she did to us all is wrong but we can at least show some humanity and call a good doctor.” RP was intelligent enough to whisper that in DP’s ear. Had Ragina heard him then she would have killed him with bare hands.

DP just nodded in response and gestured him to continue with the plan. “See Ragini….”

“Ragina! It’s Ragina! Say it with me..Ragina, Ragina, RAGINA!” yelled Ragina in his face.

Now very angry DP ordered, “Sanskar! Laksh! Take this girl to a room and lock her there! We need to talk without her being present.” Laksh and Sanskar did as they were told. They hel Ragina from either side and dragged her to Laksh’s room and locked her up.

“Open the door!! Open the door damnit!!” Ragina yelled as she kicked the door hard.

After locking the door properly both the guys went downstairs where the others were waiting for them anxiously.

“Shekhar ji I think Ragini has gone mad so I have called a doctor to check her. This is the last thing that we are going to do for her. It’s just because of Swara’s good nature that we are doing this because no matter what Ragini is still Swara’s sister.” DP explained.

“I don’t care DP ji. I have only one daughter now and that is Swara. I don’t care what happens to…” before he could complete the sentence they all heard a loud bang from upstairs. Everybody made a mad dash towards Laksh’s room where Ragini was held captive and noticed that the door was broken completely, right from its hinges.

“How dare you?!” There stood Ragina panting hard. She had bunched up her saree and now the hem rested just below her knees. Her now forest green eyes were shining brightly and her ears were red due to anger, “How dare you lock me here like that?!”

Nobody spoke. They were too stunned to do that. How in this world had Ragini broke the door like that. A door that was so strong that it normally takes two men t break it like Ragina did it and that too so easily and so fast.

“Enough is enough is enough is enough is ENOUGH!! I am tolerating all this because you people don’t look criminal types and because I genuinely think that this is a case of mistaken identity. You guys are mistaking me for someone else. But you people keep toying with my patience level!” Ragini huffed and was about to continue but someone hit her from back on her head and she started feeling dizzy.

She turned around and saw Sanskar there holding something, “You..” she could say another word as she fainted right then and there. “Sanskar!” Sujata cried, “What have you done?”

“Relax Maa! This is something I learned in a self defence class as a kid. It won’t hurt much but it will surely knock her out. You just have to hit at the right spot.” Sanskar explained.

Then he picked up Ragina in his arms in bridal style and took her to another room, placed her on the bed and tied her to the bed using a rope. Soon the doctor came and did Ragina’s normal check up. He as well collected some blood samples and advised the Maheswaris and Gadodias to take care of Ragina.


When Ragina woke up she found herself tied to the bed. “Kids” she muttered and started untying herself using a technique she had leaned years ago in a self defence class. “Huh! That was easy,” she chuckled, “looks like the defence class really paid off.” She stretched her arms and legs and this was the moment when Swara came inside with a plate of food.

“How? How did you..?” Swara fumbled as she stared at now free Ragina.

“Well the rope was tied in an easy knot that I learned to untie in a defence class. But hey! Why am I telling you that?! You people are freaks, I wonder what would you do to me next.” She said and relaxed on the bed.

“I brought you food, have something.” Swara handed the plate to Ragina.

“Thanks.” Said Ragina. She was about to eat but stopped, “Have you mixed something in this? Look I assure you I won’t go away because like I have mentioned before that you people may be mistaking me with someone else so let’s just discuss like normal humans due.”

“I haven’t mixed anything in it. You can eat it.”

“Then you take a bite first.” Ragina told.

Swara sighed and eat a bite out of everything she had brought for Ragina, “See, there is nothing bad in there. You can eat.”

“Thank you! I was starving!” Ragina began to eat food but then she head Swara;

“Eat slowly Ragini! There is plenty of food and its not going anywhere!”

“I have told you all a million of times and this is the last time I am repeating myself!” Ragina was trying hard to not pull her hair, “I am not Ragini! My name is Ragina, R-A-G-I-N-A. Ragina Bladev Vikram Raghuvanshi. I am Baldev Vikram Raghuvanshi’s daughter and Vikram Dev Raghuvanshi’s granddaughter! Do you understand you freaking brainless creatures!!!” shouted Ragina using her max to max loud voice.

“So you are not Ragini?” Swara did the mistake of asking that.

Ragina covered her face with her hands and sighed in frustration and then the very next instant she broke into giggles which were not those happy ones. She was giggling in entirely mocking and humourless way.

“Are you people deaf? No that can’t be cause you actually hear me saying what I speak whatever!” she started talking to herself, “Oh! Are you people mentally unstable or slow or something? Like someone tell you something but it’s hard for you guys to process? Huh? Is that the case?” the smile on Ragina’s face dropped and an angry look took over, “I am a Raghuvanshi , you idiot and I never repeat myself like I am doing right now and I don’t like it. What you won’t like is me when all this will pass my tolerance level.”

“I don’t give a big f to who you people are or what you have gone through and all that blah blah big blah sheep of yours. Just let me go you can’t keep me here like a prisoner! Or we can simply talk and solve this like adults!” Ragina warned.

“No leave!” she ordered but as Swara turned to go Ragina called her back, “Oh wait a sec, take this..” she threw the curd on Swara’s face, “This is for troubling me, do not worry everybody will receive such treatment this is not just for you.” She smiled, “and yeah I don’t like plain curd so next time add some chopped onions and tomatoes and some spices in it. Got it girl?! No leave.” And then she went back to eating.

Swara felt extremely humiliated. She wiped the curd off her face using her dupatta and then ran outside of the room in tears.


“Shona…!! Bachha what happened?” Sharmishta ran towards her daughter, “Someone please get me a towel.” She requested.

“Maa yeh Ragini…” Swara cried making Sharmishta’s anger rise, “That girl! How dare she do this to you, hadn’t she troubled you enough that now she’s stooped low to these childish things! I’ll go and talk some sense into her..” Sharmishta marched to Ragini’s room leaving behind Swara who was getting her face wiped off by Annapurna and her dadi.

“Ragini! RAGINI!” she yelled as she entered the room. Ragina stared at her with a bored look, “What now?” she asked as she placed the morsel back on the plate.

“Aren’t you happy with what have you done?! Why do you want to hurt us more?” Sharmishta spat.

“Excuse me whosoever you are, you are here on free will and I am the one who is kept as a prisoner and talked to as if I have murdered someone!” Ragina spat back, “And are you people illiterate or something? My name is not Ragini, it is Ragina! It ends with an “a” and not an “i”. R for Rabbit, A for apple, G for gun, I for ice-cream, N for nose and A for axe. And I am that axe that will cut you into millions of pieces, make keema using those bits and pieces of you and then feed it to animals! Get out from this room else I will start with you first my dear lamb! LEAVE!” Ragina scared Sharmishta using a fork and locked the door as Sharmishta ran out.

“Stupid brainless, manner-less and sense-less kidnappers!”


Sharmishta was pale as a ghost when she reached downstairs and met everybody else, “What happened behen ji?” Annapurna asked worriedly. “When I called her by the name Ragini, she yelled at me and said that her name is Ragina and not Ragini. Then she threatened to chop me and make keema out of me and the feed it to animals.” She shuddered remembering how real that threat felt.

“This girl has really gone mad.” Sujata made a face, then folded her hands in prayer and silently prayed to god to save them from Ragina.


“Like I said they are brainless! I did so much to scare them away so they won’t disturb me but they keep coming back.” Ragina thought to herself as she walked towards the door of the room to open it as someone knocked.

“Oh toh Mr. Rat in disguise of a Hyena who’s wearing the costume of a pig and after doing makeup looks like a proboscis monkey is here. Welcome to my zone Mr. Dharti pe bojh!” she said politely.

Laksh came there after he heard what Ragina did to Swara and Sharmishta, it clearly indicated that Ragini has gone mad and forgot everything so he was there to make her remember what she did and who she was but he wasn’t aware that he was entering a very dangerous territory.


After 15 minutes

Everybody gathered outside Ragina’s room once again as they heard a loud crash. No one dared to enter the anger zone but were happy when Laksh came out of the room limping and covering the left side of his face.

“What’s wrong with her?!” Laksh yelled as he came out of the room.

Sanskar looked at Laksh curious about the reason as to why Laksh was covering up the left side of his face. “Lucky why are you..” he was about to voice his query but Laksh gave the answer to it before as he removed his hand from over his eye, “Ohhh!!” Sanskar blanched away as he stared at Laksh’s bruised eye.

“Who gave you a black eye?” asked Sanskar. Everybody rushed forward towards Laksh to inspect his eye.

“Who else? I was telling her about how she fell in “love” with me, got obsessed and the whole story but she sucker punched me! And called me I am gonna quote it, “You Mr. Deaf n Dumb! You think that I Ragina will fall for this thing that looks like all those hideous creatures that feed on the Delhi garbage mountain and contaminate normal people. Dare you come near me the next time and I will punch you somewhere else and you won’t be able to produce equally hideous looking junior blobs!” and after that she threw the landline at me.” Laksh shuddered in fear.

“What’s with her describing you with long titles every time you talk? And why does she make them so long?” Sanskar thought loudly.

Precap : > Someone attacks Ragina
> Doctor’s revelations
> Entry of Aadhiraj Singh Shekhawat

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