RagSan- My Love Is My Life…(Chapter 4)

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Chapter 4 :- Having Some Fun!!

Ragini’s POV:
“ I came here running away from my boyfriend…..” I said sarcastically as I reached up to her.
She stopped for a while and turned after a minute of thought, “ Even I came for the same reason…….” A hidden drop of tear seemed to move in her eyes.
Then she laughed and said , “ You are my type , Even I love creating such suspense environments….”
I too laughed while I looked at her eyes , Her eyes seemed to say a different story from the one’s her mouth spoke.
We soon found a classroom with the board first year , “ Lets ask the teacher…” She said as we saw a teacher inside.
“ You go…” I said backing off.
She laughed as she looked at my face , “ Afraid of teachers?” I nodded. She continued laughing while the teacher inside saw us and came out angrily.
“ You are very funny Ragini…” Tani said as I looked at the teacher tensed and then at her.
“ Seriously??” The teacher said as she came.
“ Yaa…” Tani said as she had closed her eyes while laughing.
I stepped on her foot trying to indicate her while she opened her eyes screaming a ‘ahh’ and looking at me.
As she opened her eyes , she looked at teacher and then turned her eyes shocked to me making a puppy face.
She raised her eyebrows while I gave her a ‘I don’t Know’ look.
“ What are you both doing here??” The teacher asked looking at us.
“ Actually Ma’am we don’t know where to go, we are new here , so we were just talking…..” I said answering.
“ First year??” The teaches asked us both.

Tani’s POV:
“ First Year..??” The teachers asked us both.
“ Yes Ma’am , I am sorry , I had a reason for laughing , please forgive me…” I said answering ma’am.
“ Better , New life , new collage , new place , everyone enjoys but yup don’t forget to give importance to your studies in all this…” Ma’am replied to me while I nodded smiling.
“ By the way , show me your admission papers , your class must be written there…” The teacher said while we both bit our tongue. We gave our respective papers while the teacher had a look at them.
“ Oh , So I got you both in my class….. I guess I am gonna go mad…” The teacher said as she looked at out papers.
“ No Ma’am , we won’t give you a chance to go mad….” Ragini said with a pretty cute smile while the teacher passed her a ‘lets see’ Nod.
We both entered the class along with Ma’am.

Aaryan’s POV:
“ Aradhya….why are you so worried yaar , its only fresher’s party dude.. I am missing my lecture…” I said as we both were sitting in her room while she was selecting a dress for the party.
“ I know…I know…You , just shut up haan Aaryan , I don’t care what it is but I just want to look the best in fresher’s party , Just understand it , I want to look best…..” She said as she picked up a dress and stood in front of the mirror.
“ Aaru……you don’t have a boyfriend so for whom you want to look best?” I asked angrily.
She turned to me angrily and looked at me , “ I don’t need to look best for someone haan , I want to look best for Myself…” She said as she kept her finger at my chin making me feel like basanti facing Gabbar.
“ Hahaha……” I heard some laughs from behind.
“ Seriously , you both are mad….Aaradhya , you brought him here for this , you could have brought me…” Twinkle said as she entered.
“ And Aaryan you….entering girl’s hostel , Let me just tell it to warden…..you are gone then…” She walked out while I ran up to her.

“Oh hello , don’t date haan Twinkle…..I’ll kill you….” I said while she again started laughing hitting my head.
She nodded laughing while she saw something and entered inside.
“ Aaradhya , this is best dress , why don’t you wear it??” Twinkle said as she picked it up.
Well , though the room actually belonged to Twinkle but the one who lived in it most of the times was Aardhya and so Twinkle herself didn’t knew what all was filled in her cupboard.
“ You liked it……I know its bhaiyaa’s choice…he gifted me….” Aaradhya smiled while saying it while Twinkle’s smile vanished.
She threw the dress and stood up from the bed , “ You are keeping his gifts in my cupboard , what If I would have ever wore it by mistake….” Twinkle said angrily.
Aaradhya laughed and held Twinkle’s shoulder and made her sit and then screamed in her ear , “ Ii won’t have let you wear it…”
“ Aaradhya , You…….maddy…” Twinkle ran behind Aaradhya out of the room.
I looked at them going and then laughed , “ They’ll never improve….”

Sanskar’s POV:
“ Rey , you are not gonna wear that atleast for fresher’s please dude…” I said as I saw what he picked up , dude I hated his fashion sense.
“ Whats wrong with it yaar?” He asked making faces.
“ What’s right with it yaar??” I too replied making faces.
“ Sanskar….” He said looking at me.
“ Rey…” I said following him.
Then he laughed and so did I , “ Remember , how much we used to tease each other…” He said still laughing.
“ Yup and then laugh like this , yaar all this election problem has taken over our fun…” I said as I hugged him tightly.
“ Don’t worry but it has given us more fun to enjoy..” Rey said as he hugged me more tightly.
“ Today we’ll break records dude…” Aaryan said entering from behind while he joined our hug making it a trio hug.
“ Started…” I asked as I looked at Aaryan.
“ Yaa , they must be running in corridor and by the time would have getting scolded by teachers” Aaryan said laughing while I and Rey joined him.

Twinkle’s POV:
As I was running behind Aaradhya Madam collided with Miss Rosey , what can I expect from her.
“ What are you doing girl??” Miss Rosey started her usual interrogation while Aaradhya picked up her books and gave it to Ma’am.
Aaradhya turned and looked at me , “Ma’am , Twinkle dii is scaring me…..” She made a puppy face while Miss Rosey looked at me through her glasses , I am not gonna leave you Aaradhya.
I heard some laughs from other side and looked towards the side , Mr. Puppy was looking at us laughing. Ma’am came towards me angrily with Aaradhya comforting her while I walked behind , Aaradhya sticked her tongue out at me raising her mischievous eyebrows.
“ Ma’am actually I had a doubt…” I heard someone say from behind Rosey Ma’am.
Ma’am turned leaving Aaradhya while I saw the one who was standing behind Ma’am.
Who can be the one???

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