RagSan-My Love Is My Life…(Chapter 7)

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Chapter 7:
Writer’s POV:
Here came the night that most of them had been waiting for since break of day except for a few exceptions off course. Sitting in hostel room in front of the dressing Table, Aradhya looked at herself in the mirror while simultaneously looking at Twinkle sitting on the bed behind her.
Aradhya’s POV:
“Yaar Twinkle , what are looking into those packets from last 10 minutes, I know you have to wear your jeans-top only but still get ready, see I am almost ready…”I said looking towards Twinkle while combing my hair, she got up from the bed , her eyes still fixed on those two small packets in her hands, I literally had my eyes widened, was she coming to fight with me or what?

She kept a hand on my shoulder as she stood next to me, I turned…startled , though I already knew she was coming, this girl is scary.
“Yaar Aradhya, which of these earrings will suit on me??” Twinkle asked as I looked towards the packets in her hands, I can truly say that I wasn’t shocked, it is an understatement man.
“Earrings…you??” I looked at her while she squinted her eyes at me.
“Why, you can wear this suit gifted to you by that puppy but I can’t wear earrings??”
“Ok, these black one’s are better …with your jeans..”I said trying to avoid the conversation, Bhai included in our conversation is equal to World War.
“Ok, I am gonna wear these silver one’s then…”Twinkle ran inside the washroom smiling, What, Was I fooled.

“Dumbo…”I angrily remarked as I again started combing my hair.
Taani’s POV:
“Please yaar Ragini , even I am not interested but I am going na, why can’t you come??”I asked sitting on the bed in Ragini’s room next to her who was lying down with a pillow on her face.
“No Yaar, I am in no mood, I hate parties, we didn’t used to do any parties in Patna, also I have to work for the elections , I am new here , I don’t know anything and I have to fight my seniors, I need to work hard…”She replied from still under the pillow .
“But…” Before I could complete , Ragini stood up and sat on the bed crossing her legs and keeping the same pillow in her lap.
“Ok, I’ll come in the party if I manage to complete my Agenda in writing along with half an hour sleep…I am very sleepy yaar…”She said as she yawned.

“Ok…”I got up with a sad face.
“Arey, Oho…”She said as she looked at me with a widened smile, I looked at her confused.
“You are looking awesome yaar, I loved your gown…” Ragini said completing while I couldn’t help but lower my eyelashes, Yes, I was blushing.
“Ok, enjoy and I think you’ll kill a few today, I think I am surely gonna join in for you now, sleep plan cancelled…”Ragini smiled while my smile widened.
“Thank you , Thank you , Thank you so much…I Love you…”I said as I bend down on the bed hugging her and then left, almost jumping.
Rey’s POV:
I stood at the entrance of the college Auditorium where the fresher’s was supposed to take place, Sanskar was standing next to me.
“ Will Ragini come here??” I looked at him as he said this.
“Dude, 1 more time you say her name, I’ll believe you are in love…”I said holding his shoulders while he jerked my hands off glaring at me.
“What?I just want to meet my competitor…Crazy you and your love philosophies…” He said looking inside the room.
“Excuse me, can you please get aside…” I heard a sweet mesmerizing voice from behind, seemed like I heard it before. I turned only to find…Taani. I looked at her from top to bottom, she wore a blue gown , the top part hugging her body completely while the lower portion descended in plaits down till her legs, She was looking beautiful in the dress, I kept staring at her for some time. Only after Sanskar and she together waved their hands in front of my eyes did I realize how badly lost I was standing at the entrance.

“Rey…”She spoke my name in her sweet voice.
“Yaa…Ta…Taa…Taani…”I completed her name stammering while she made a sound laugh at it. Her golden earrings moved at her movement creating a tingling sound in my ears, mesmerizing me further, I don’t know what’s happening to me, I kept looking at her again.
“Rey, close your mouth now, You have completed her name and I think a fly is looking at you from quite some time, you never know, it may enter your mouth…”Sanskar whispered in my ears as I closed my mouth. I glared at him as I got aside.
“I know, you can see the flies and their expressions quite clearly, your future love…”I said angrily in his ears as Taani started moving.
“Taa…Taa…Taa…Taani…”I said again stammering trying hard to stop her while she turned , her earrings making the same sound again, Oh God, Do I need to explain what happened to me after that?
I looked at her while she looked at me questionably. I at once knew what I had to do.
“Raa..Ragini, Where’s she??”I asked speaking to Taani but looking towards Sanskar, Ek Teer Se Do Neshane.
Taani sighed , “She’s not coming, Busy in her elections Agenda…” As soon as Taani said Da of Agenda I heard a shout.
“What??” I looked towards the source, Mr. Maheshwari.
“Can’t you be slow Sanskar?” I questioned as Sanskar looked towards me.
“Ray, I am not attending this party, I am the slowest here…even I need to prepare my agenda…This girls is just so fast…” He ran back.

“Wha…””Wha..”Taani and I together started only to stop in middle.
“Is your friend also taking part in elections??” Taani questioned me while I just nodded. I was wondering if now it was elections of Sanskar vs Yuvraj or Sanskar vs Ragini, That girl did some magic on Sanskar, I didn’t find anything special in her, Taani was the special one dude.
“Oh, atleast tell him to let me complete yaar Senior, Huh…Ragini is going to come after preparing the agenda…You are such a sweet man, how you made such weird friends?” Taani questioned while I had no answer, I was myself still figuring out this answer, I was again lost, Taani left in the mean time, she was surely irritated with us.

Aradhya’s POV:
“Tumhe Pata hai tum kitne Pagal ho Aryan??” I questioned glaring at Aryan who was holding a half filled glass of Appy in his hands acting as if he is drinking liquor.
“Tu mere sath mat khad Aradhya, Mujhe toh Lagta uss ladki ne Mujhe Tujh Jaise Behenji ke Sath Khade hue Dekhkar Hi Dance Ke Liye Maana Kar Diya…” Aryan said faking tears while I widened my eyes.

“Oh Hello, Usne Tujhe Dekhkar hi Tujhe Reject Kiya, Tujh Jaise Padhako Ko Pasant Bhi Kaun Karega, woh toh mein his sweet banke Tere sath Kadti Hoon…”I angrily said as I snatched the Appy from his hands gulping it down my own throat angrily.
Aryan looked towards me as he gulped hard, though nothing was present his mouth, he moved his eyes here and there and then suddenly said something.

“Twinkle Kaha Hain, Sanskar Bhi Nahi Dikh Raha…”Aryan said now crying with a weird expression as I looked around trying to look at some other place, not at this Nautanki atleast…I got Rey standing near the entrance, lost, this guy and his philosophies, I walked towards him while I collided with a girl on the way, note the word ‘girl’ and as I looked towards the one, I am falling down unconscious , Its Twinkle.
“Aru…Aru…Aradhya, Bhaiyaa’s Girl…”Twinkle held me up before falling calling my name to keep me conscious.

“I am not some Bhaiyaa’s girl and from when did you become girl??” I questioned getting free from her hold and standing up staring at the pink gown she was wearing, she hated Pink yaar.
“Shut Up…How am I looking??” She expected me to reply.
“Ask Bhaiyaa only, I think you got dressed up for him only…”I said as I walked past her, she stood there with her mouth wide open as I walked towards Rey, I couldn’t help but laugh though I knew it was true.
Sanskar POV:
‘Is this Ragini mad, like seriously, elections are next week, can’t she start tomorrow, Even I am forced to work because of her’ I was thinking as I was walking to my room in the boys hostel, I was never afraid of Yuvraj, Ragini seems to be danger.
I entered my room as I opened the cupboard, expecting to find the half filled paper on which I along with Twinkle and Aryan had started preparing the Agenda, It wasn’t there, I was confused, I searched around in hope of finding it lying somewhere at some remote corner of the cupboard but I couldn’t.

“Fish…Twinkle took it to the girls hostel…” I said to myself as soon as I realized this, I hit my head.
“I need to enter the girls hostel, I want to complete the Agenda today for sure…but girls hostels without Aradhya or Twinkle…”I was still speaking to myself. I thought for a few minutes as I reached the conclusion that I would go to the girls hostel, I went their many times before, only difference being that I went there with Aradhya or Twinkle, Why mind today if alone…Waise bhi no girl would be there, all in Fresher’s. I started walking to the hostel, I knew the watchman would be snoring by now.

Aryan’s POV:
Twinkle waved her eyes in front of me while I looked at her blank, “Yaar, explain this Aradhya, she is being too much…”She told me while I widened my eyes.
“Lagta hai Asar ho Gaya…”I thought to myself while Twinkle looked towards me confused, “What Asar ho Gaya??”She asked looking at me with her eyebrows raised.
“Nothing, Nothing Twinkle…”I lowered my eyelashes filling a glass with ‘Appy’ as Twinkle looked at me angrily.

“Yuvraj, where is he??”I widened my eyes now holding the glass in my hands.
“How would I know? Now why do you want him…”I angrily questioned while Twinkle literally glared at me angrily.
“Aryan, even you are being too much today…By the way, you compliment every girl na…Ajj Tumne Mujhe Dekha Bhi Nahi, Thats so wrong…”Twinkle snatched this glass from my hands and gulped it down her throat, angrily.
These both girls are so alike yet so different.

Sanskar’s POV:
“Hello Uncle, I am going inside…Ok…”I said to the sleeping watchman with a wide smile, this was our favourite game, disturbing the sleeping watchman but today, I can’t do more than this, I need to just run inside and get the Paper.
I walked inside briskly and to towards the 3rd floor where Twinkle’s room was , As I climbed the stairs, I could feel the dim yellow light placed in the corridor flicker, I didn’t pay head.

Ragini’s POV:

Making an Agenda is hell difficult task when you have no one by your side but what can I do, Taani has no interest in elections and I have no other friends in college.
“Whenever you need my help, just call me, anytime, anywhere…”I remembered what Raghav Ji told me, this was the best time to call him, no one in this whole building and he can be the best one to help me out.

I picked up my phone as I opened the contact list, “Ragini, Please, never contact me, He is wrong for you, so wrong that I can’t tell you, Please…”My mother’s words rang in my ears as I scrolled down to his name, I didn’t reply to Mumma at that time, I just nodded, I was breaking that promise, I wish I had some way through which I can get Mumma to accept RaghavJi, just one way. I dialled the number and put on the phone on my ears hearing the ringing sound.
“Hello…Ragini…”I smiled.

“Raghav Ji…”I couldn’t complete, his voice had the power to make me smile like a maddy and go blank.
“Ragini, Ragini…I am not able to hear you…where are you…”Raghav Ji said from the other side.
“Raghav Ji, I am in hostel…I’ll just go out in the balcony…”I ran outside while speaking the lines.

“What happened Ragini?”I heard Raghav Ji say from the other side.
“RaghavJi, Thankfully you are able to hear me now, actually the lights went off here…”I said as I stood holding the railings of the Balcony, I had already reached here when the lights went off, the hostel room was very dark , I couldn’t see a thing but only hear his voice, my Raghav Ji’s voice.

Sanskar’s POV:
Oh God, I am in the middle of girls hostel and here the lights went off, thats why that light was flickering, I atleast can’t climb the stairs now, Girls hostel looks like a graveyard when all lights go off, it’s at the back of college in a lone place , not a single ray of light surrounds it, I climbed the stairs reaching the second floor as soon as I can to atleast get plain floor under my legs, I wasn’t planning to go to the third floor until the light comes , I can’t find the third floor stairs anyways , I searched for my phone in my pocket, it wasn’t there, No torch as well now…I feel like I am gonna hit some ghost now.
Still, I started walking in the forward directions with the railings, I had to reach somewhere atleast.
“Ahhh…” I heard a short lived scream as I my body touched something.

Writer’s POV:
As Sanskar hit Ragini unknowingly while walking, Ragini was pushed forward imbalanced, her phone dropped on the floor, the light rays from the phone illuminated the place as much as they could as Sanskar saw Ragini almost falling down imbalanced, he held her in the nick of time.
Ragini closed her eyes as she realized she was about to fall, she opened then realizing she didn’t. The now almost flickering light of her phone went off as she saw only his eyes, Sanskar happened to get a faint look of her whole face…They kept staring at each other as the light from the phone as well went Off leaving them staring.
Teri kaali ankhiyon se jind meri jaage
Dhadkan se tej daudu, sapno se aagey
Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun

Sajda tera sajda,
Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda
Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon
Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun
Sajda tera sajda,

(karun mein tera sajda)
Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda
(karun mein tera sajda)

The light came back as the bulbs in the pass way started illuminating giving Ragini and Sanskar a full view of each other , only to be lost in each other.
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