RagSan- My Love Is My Life…(Chapter 6)

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Chapter 6:- Somewhere Love…Somewhere Hatred…
Aaradhya’s POV:
Now I realized what you meant Twinkle , Your type….
Wait a second , Bhai , why is coming and that bucket in his hand , fish…….” Ragini…………….” Splash…….Bhai threw the water towards us but we didn’t got wet.
I looked at her as she saved us.
It was Taani.
“ Taani…” Ragini almost screamed as she ran towards her, Taani was completely wet and in front of her stood Bhai with the bucket of in his hand and a shocked look on his face.
Yuvraj’s POV:
I was about to throw water on that Desi , why this girl came in between , Fish. I moved back slowly seeing the girl sneeze continuously and as I turned , I hit Him, damn…It was Rey who looked towards me as if scanning my face , his face reading , Oh God , he at once knew I have did something wrong.
I walked pass him and then speed up towards my bike , with my past experience I had realized that Desi wasn’t a thing to be trifled with…

RaginI’s POV:
“ I’ll Not leave him…” I angrily reassured to Taani as I looked at her almost shivering because that maddy had brought in cold water , damn I would have stopped him…only if I knew it before.
“ That Yuvraj doesn’t forget his revenge…” Said Twinkle angrily as she held Taani.
“ Hey are you fine?” An unfamiliar but warm voice asked Taani handing her a towel.
I looked towards the one to do that , it was a boy.

Taani’s POV:
As I raised my head to look towards the one handing me the towel , I saw a boy , he tried to smile a bit , his smile was a kind of warmness in this cold.
I took the towel and was saying something , “ Thank…..” When I sneezed again , a small lived yet amazing laugh escaped his lips.
I looked at him , I kept looking at him , he suddenly looked at me and bit his tongue , “ Sorry…” He said while I nodded.
I smiled while I am ‘ok’ now.
“ Bhai na is one step ahead in everything , you used half bucket , he used full bucket , you used normal water , he used cold water….Bhai…” Aaradhya said while Ragini looked at her.
“ Actually , he needs to face what he did , I won’t leave him…” Ragini said angrily while I held her hand.
“ Ok , I’ll drop you to your place , where do you live?” The same boy asked me while I looked at him , “ Hostel…” I replied.
“ Even I’ll come…” Ragini said as I walked along with the boy.

Aaradhya’s POV:
I was shocked by the happenings of the day , what all in a day , the first day of the collage is always unique , another uniqueness filled day.
“ Rey?” Asked Aaryan popping in front of me from nowhere .
I looked at him confused for a while as I was still in my thinking , he waved his hand in front of my eyes.
“ Aaradhya..Rey?” He asked again while now Sanskar too joined.
“ With a Fresher … Ms. Ragini tried to stop Twinkle-Yuvraj but you know na these both are mad , she and her friend both had to face….” I said with a not so happy look while they both eyed me widening their eyes.
“ Rey, Ragini pe Laatoo ?(Rey’s gone flat on Ragini)?” Asked Aaryan keeping a hand on his mouth , I so expected this from him .
I hit my hand on his head and squinted my eyes , this guy’s gone mad.
“ You think that about Rey?” I asked angrily while he looked at me and then laughed.
“ Jokes apart Yaar…I wanna meet this Ragini…” Came the despo Sanskar’s voice.
“ Meet her later yaar , why are you getting mad , I think you are getting flat on her , Oh God , where am I caught , My brother and best friend fight daily , my other two best friends are mad and I just did friendship with a boldest Newbie I could get across…God…” I walked off.

Rey’s POV:
I felt sad for the girl and so I offered a towel to her , she raised her face and I kind of felt like my heartbeat had a stop or should I say , it started beating even faster , She took the towel with a thanks but couldn’t complete , I couldn’t help but laugh , then she looked at me and my laughter fainted and a ‘Sorry’ itself seemed to tumble down my mouth.
I offered to help her go to her home to change but she told me she lived in the hostel , I was more that happy to accompany her.
Now we were walking to her room while she seemed fine now.
“ By the way , your name…Senior?” She asked as I smiled.
“ Rey…” I replied with a smile.
“ Taani and she’s Ragini…” She told me and smiled.
“ Taani , beautiful name..” I first time complimented a name in my life but this name was seriously amazing…beautiful.

Twinkle’s POV:
This Yuvraj’s mad , he literally approached me to ask me will I come to the party or not , I’ll go for sure , what does he think , what , That I wouldn’t come because of him and then HE created all that in the corridor , mad , mad , mad, mad…
After 5 minutes:
Stop it Twinkle , you are thinking about that Maddy since past 5 minutes , You are maddy , maddy , maddy , maddy…
I’ll go shopping or else I’ll for sure go mad…I walked out of the room.
Ragini’s POV:
“ Thanks, I suppose we have our class Taani so should we go?” I asked Taani as she came out after changing her clothes , Rey was still standing there , he nodded.
He passed a serene smile to Taani and left the place ,she kept looking at him going while I held her arm and dragged her, “ Whatever…” I said almost dragging her.

Writer’s POV:
The lectures of the day were all over till 1:00 , the day was fine for the group now , Ragini-Taani’s day passed attending their lectures and so went down with Rey-Sanskar-Aaradhya-Aaryan. Twinkle was out for shopping and was actually storming every show for the best outfit she could wear for the Fresher’s , she did got one and was up for her home along with it , Yuvraj was sitting in his house , a lots of thoughts passed his mind but he for sure knew that he would go to Fresher’s , afterall he isn’t afraid of some Desi-Newbie.

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