Ragsan ff by Aanchal [Part – 3]

Hii friends I’m back I’m very happy with your comments so I decided to update next part soon so here we go

A lady of age nearly 47 yrs called uttara and said get ready fast sanskar’s pa called me that we have to attend a party at Raheja so do inform your dad so I’m going to get ready and have to make aarav also ready. Uttara nodded at her and goes to inform her dad. Ap went to her room and see her naughty grandson is sleeping. Though he is only 4 months old but he is very naughty among his grandparents and his uttara bua but he is connected to his dad a lot although sanskar is super busy person but he knows his priorities towards his family and son.

After sometime Ap gets ready for party and see her grandson is watching her with curiosity so Ap takes him from his baby sitting trolly and said to him today we are going to a party so now I’ll make you ready and aarav smiles and nodded as he understood his grandma .
After that Maheshwari s leave for the party.

Ragini is ready and waiting for her brother. She is looking angel in her purple gown with a diamond pendant and diamond earing and bracelet. She wore purple colour matching heels to her dress and carry a golden silver clutch with her and then she hear car horn she knew her brother is their to pick her so she bid a bye to her mother and get in the car and see her brother ready in black colour suit matching his personality. They and Maheshwaris reach venue at the same time except sanskar and aakash greet ap and dp and say hello to uttara and carry aarav in his arms and aarav also chuckles as he know him and then he introduced ragini to Maheshwari as his babysis and ragini take their blessing and went to carry aarav and aarav chuckles and hold her finger in his tiny little hands which ap notices and think first time aarav gets mingled with someone in very short period of time and when ap goes to take aarav from ragini he starts crying then ragini says aunty I’ll take care of him now You will enjoy as I like aarav company too. Ap nodded and goes from there But uttara remains with ragini and start chatting with her as they become good friends.

Precap sanskar’s entry

Till then bye bye

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