Ragsan ff by Aanchal [Part – 2]

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So now start my ff part 2
So Ragini car crashes with someone car and a man come out from the car and by seeing him ragini jaws dropped as there stand the India’s moSt successfull and young business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari she admires him but her thoughts were broken by the voice of man and see that sanskar was shouting at her and saying what the hell you clashed your car with mine you girls have time to stare at boys and trap them into their trap but I have lot of things to do rather than staring girls like you and say under his breath cheap girl which was audible to ragini. By listening this she looses her control and shouted at him what do you mean by girls like me and cheap girls listen Mr you are insulting me and here all know that this is your mistake you are driving your car at wrong side and instead of saying sorry you are blaming me. You know what you are rude rich businessman and proud of your money but listen keep your proudness and ego in your pocket and don’t show it off to the girls like meeee she stressed out that word and left from there without paying any heed to sanskar and sanskar stood here with his mouth open as no one dared to speak to him like that. But soon he compose himself and left in his car to his office .
At ragini’s workplace
What did he think of himself how can he insult me. When this accidenthappen by seeing him I admire him as aakash bhai himself is CEO of company Gadodia Enterprises and they have dealt many times with sanskar company Maheshwari Enterprises and bhai said that he is really a good man who has work so hard and sincerely to make his company Asia’s no. 1 company. From then an unknown respectfor him in my heart. But today he behaved so rudely so now I hate him.

Suddenly ragini phone starts ringing and she saw caller ID bhai so she immediately picked up the call and say hello bhai why you call me at this time means at my working hours Is everything fine then aakash from other side say yes princess everything is fine I just want you to remember that today is a business party so you have to attend it with me. So please come back home early from your hospital and get ready in purple gown which I gifted you on new year. Is it ok princess do you have any problem then ragini no bhai I don’t have any problem. Aakash said ok then done be ready I’ll pick you from home at 7 pm so until then bye and take care and cuts the call


At sanskar office

Who was that girl how she answered back and insults me till now no one dared to speak to me like this and I just hope I’ll never meet her again. After sometime his PA knocked his door and by getting his permission to enter in his office and say sir tonight there is an invitation from one of your dealer Mr Raheja tonight he held a party to celebrate his deal . Sanskar say ok inform my family and say them to reach the venue I’ll came here directly and tell me the venue his PA says sir at Raheja’s mansion.

So done with this part in next I’ll introduce sanskar’s 4 month baby who play a significant role in ragsan relationship

So till then bye bye and love you all my dear readers

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