RagSan–cute love story (2nd shot)

Sanskar’s pov continues,

“What is this new feeling. A feeling to see the early morning sun. Everyday, sun is just a star which gives light to earth for me. But, that day it’s refreshing new and beautiful. After seeing her, everything seems to be beautiful to me. And, Shekar uncle gave a positive tone, that means I’m going to marry her…! Wow, that feeling is dipping me in sugarcane juice. It has been 14hours I saw her. I want to see her again…what to do..??”

I was thinking like that someone knocked the door. Well, it may be some milk boy or news paper boy. I opened the door yawning, shocked at once. She is standing there in a majestic smile. I’m mesmerized with that. I didn’t remember how much time we both stared at each other, Shekar uncle came.

Shekar: sanskar, marriage date will be in one week. Is it ok for you?

Me: no problem uncle.
Why i will have problem..? In fact, i will get to see my angel closely everyday..i thought in mind.

Shekar: Ragini wants to do shopping with you…

Me: ok..i will get ready.

She and uncle sat inside. I came within few minutes. Uncle dropped us at a shopping mall. I always did shopping all alone and that always a casual shopping. Now, I’m with a girl. Whom I’m loving..we didn’t even talk properly still…a kinda weird feeling is crawling in heart, I don’t know how is she feeling..she is just bending her head. She is twisting the chunni edge in nervousness.

This time i opened my mouth,

“So, what are we going to buy now??”

She gently spoke, “it’s your’s shopping totally today.”

She started seeing shewani for me. I think she likes blue color much. She has been picking up those shades only. Even I like blue…
I was sitting beside her. I couldn’t see her. That’s why i have started seeing the mirror, so that i can see her.

She picked a sherwani and turned to me. She too looked into the mirror as i was seeing. I think, she understood what i was doing. She bent her head and blushed. Maybe you call that…. unknowingly a smile came on my face. I saw the dress she was holding.

That’s fine. It’s looking great…. I said. We started walking out of mall. Hmm, i was feeling like complete man while I was walking beside her.

Shall we eat something…??

I was not hungry, but just wanted to spend time with her. She just nodded her head. We sat in a cafeteria.

A music is playing…she is enjoying that music…her long fingers are patting her cheeks… so she likes music a lot..I thought.
I brought two burgers.

Me: do you love music..??

She: who don’t love music…

Yes, she is right. But, I’m the one who never ever praised any music.

Me: so, do you like blue color..??

She: no..you like blue color right.

Me amazed: how do you know??

She smiling: once, you said in an interview, you like the blue color..bcz sky is blue where stars and planets rest…

I was amazing..why a girl is loving me this much? What is there in me? I wanted to ask several questions..but, even I’m thinking from my side. Why am I loving this girl this much? What is there in her that attracted me? I kept looking at her..she felt shy i think. Her cheeks turned red. She is rubbing her hands. I moved away my sight, then she became normal.

Later, we gone to our respective places. I thanked grahambell several times bcz, that night me and she talked in the phone for hours. She said about her hobbies and interests..i said about mine…and i never listened to what she said, i just heard her voice. Her voice has become my breath.

The seven days passed as seven seconds..our marriage date has come. I invited my staff members and co-scientists. I met her family.. shekar unkcle, sumi aunty..they are very nice. Dadi maa and dadaji..they are very kind. And her sister devil swara, she is too crazy.

Her family has become my family. They didn’t treat me as a stranger, they treated me as if I’m their own son. I liked their love, bcz i never got this love from anyone or anywhere. I understood what is the greatness in family. This was all, just because of her. I wanted to thank her several times..but it’s very small i know.

I never liked any fairy tales or love stories..but our marriage happened just like that. It was done as dream..where the fairies showered the blissful love… maybe i felt like that… when she is beside me, this whole world is a dream land for me. And this new feeling, how was it started..?? May be all that stupid cupid’s deed is this. I placed sindoor in her forehead, tied managal sutra in her neck…I could see plenty of happiness in her eyes. Whole world’s happiness has rushed into her eyes. And her victorious smile…that saying that she won me. Winning me is that big achievement..?? No, winning her is a great achievement. And I’m the winner.

Whole garden is in that room..I was waiting for her. Stars are shining like anything. I heard anklets sound followed by ladies laughs. I heard the door closing sound. Then i turned to her. Neil armstrong has wasted his time. Moon is on earth itself, then why did he go that far?? But, I’m happy. He has gone there and I found my real moon.

Even i have become a poet, just because of her. I took her face in hands. She is closing her eyes.

Me: I’m the winner. Bcz, i won you.

She: no. I’m the winner. Bcz, i won you.

Me: why do you love me this much?

She: even i have the same question..

Me: some scientific theories only don’t have any clarity..

She: then how can i give clarity in this? But, i can live forever just looking into your eyes. Your smile makes me survive always…

Tears didn’t stop in my eyes. Upto my knowledge, those are first tears in my life. I took her near and gently hugged her. She laid her head on my chest forgetting whole world.

Next morning..i woke up and saw. My moon is not beside me. I stepped out from room in search of her.

She is upstairs..she was praying to sun. I never knew that..sun is just star for me. But he is god for everyone. She turned back and looked at me. She smiled and tried to put on veil. I helped her. Her lips are shivering…her neck is so thin. I didn’t think anything, i just kissed her neck. She turned completely red and she ran off.

Later, me and She came to our place. She has changed my home completely. But, Ragini didn’t touch my experiments room. Every night before sleep, we both spend near telescope. I show her stars and tell about them. And she always gets fascinated looking at them. And, i like her feelings. She will be busy in looking at stars and i will be busy looking at her.

I think, stars are growing jealous. Bcz, I always used to spend my time with those stars. Now, my Ragini has come.

She slowly kept her head on my lap. Now, she is a small baby.

Ragini: Sanskar…sing any song…

That’s a big deal for me. Singing songs…haha..i have never sung one till now.

Me: my moon, why don’t you ask something else.. i can bring that moon for you. But not the song.

She: sing naa Sanskarrrrrrrr….. she asked me childishly holding my chin.

Hmm…I don’t know any songs. Randomly i picked all formulae and sang them as i like. She was looking at me wittily. I was rubbing her head. She raised to me and kissed my cheek.

She: my indian idol..she said and hugged me. I kissed her forehead.

This was daily routine of our nights.

And morning, always i busily get ready to office. She prepares lunch for me. I run to my institute. But, before that, I never forget a kiss on her cheek. She says always, that’s a big gift for her daily.

And in office, I completely forget her. I’m a complete scientist then. And we will be having new challenges and new missions. We also related to defense field. So, the rules are very strict. I can’t talk to her till evening. And she too understands it. What i need more than that.

Evening when I return home, she opens the door. She always have that majestic smile on her face. She welcomes me with a great kiss and hug. That retreat makes me forget all work tensions. Then she gives a cup of coffee with cookies she made. We sit together in balcony looking at the sunset and enjoy that coffee. Our hands are always entangled then. After finishing coffee she keeps her head on my shoulder..in the way of relaxing. We stay like that, till sun completely sets.

She: i find great rest on ur shoulder. I feel completed in ur embrace…

She says always and that words make me world’s number one hero. It’s great to have a heroine who makes her hero the best.

Then she slowly gets up and goes into kitchen to prepare dinner. I help her and we talk a lot then. That’s the time when we talk with shekar uncle and all in phone.
Then we have dinner. How..? She feeds me every night. I’m a child now.

Me: enough ragini…I can’t eat more…

She: oh my pyara bacha..just one piece…

She goes on feed me like that. And, my colleagues were complaining I’m becoming fat. I never resisted her to feed me, bcz, i have never got that chance.

And that time I thank shekar papa a lot for giving his daughter to me even though I’m orphan.

I’m totally fortunate…after that dinner…the telescope scene follows… this is what our daily routine…and I never expected, our love is going to invite a new member in this house…

To be continued…….

Hayyaa…! How was the part guys..? Thanq so much for previous comments… now this slow music is going to speed a bit in tomorrow’s shot…. and may be tomorrow’s will be final shot…. keeps reading friends…thank u all……

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