RagSan–cute love story (1st shot)

A 6 years boy comes running near a girl calling, maa…..
She is facing towards a mountain…her hair is waving in the air…she is setting her hair… she is wearing a red color anarkali….

She turns back with his call….she stretches her hands and lifts that boy up…. he keeps laughing…she turns around holding him….

Then a small three years girl is running with her little legs in little steps…she is in pink frock.. that baby is smiling and running towards That girl….

Then a man is coming behind that baby smiling…. that girl looks at the baby and gestures to come…come…..

Then the man takes the baby into his hands. That boy and girl smile looking at each other…their deep eye lock is speaking many feelings in their heart…. but it is only language of love….

That man side hugs the girl……

His pov starts…..

“Thanks Ragini, thanks for coming into my life. This much beauty was happened in my life, just because of you. You have completed my name..Sanskar. You gave me love, you gave you two adorable kids, you gave me everything…..”

Sanskar is holding the baby girl…the six year boy is walking down…Ragini kept her head on Sanskar shoulder…their hands are entangled…. they keep walking….

Sanskar’s pov continues….

“It was happened seven years back. I was 24 years old and she is just 21. I’m a brilliant student from childhood. I’m orphan..but I was always busy with my books to think that I’m alone. I was school first always, state first in all board exams. But, i never know happiness in that because there are no one for me to share. By 24 years i have become the junior scientist in ISRO. I was always busy with my job, researches and seminars. Never ever in college or office no girl looked at me. May be I didn’t notice. I never had any best friends to atleast talk about such things. Because i never found anything important in my life except those books. I dedicated my researches for astronomy…. i want to see something beyond this world…..

Who will think about a boy like me who doesn’t care this world? But…. there is one person. Which amazed me…which created new feelings in me….. which turned me completely……

After a great work that day, one middle aged man met me. He introduced himself as Shekar.

Shekar: I have a daughter Ragini…and…..she loves you.

Me laughing: can a girl love me? I’m sorry if I’m rude, but when did she see me??

Shekar: she has started loving you since 9years.

I was dumb shocked.

Shekar: she has seen you first time in T.V. your photos and videos were shown that you are state first rank boy in 10th class board exams. She was 8th standard then. She started collecting your photos and videos. We thought it’s just infatuation. And in intermediate also she has done the same thing. She has joined in the same college of yours and she felt depressed when you left the college. And for our amazement she kept collecting your news and all about you. She one day stubbornly said she will marry just you…!!!

I was amazed: that’s very childish sir. How can she love me simply looking at me?

Shekar: yes i know. She didn’t listen to us when we said. Can you explain her the same thing. Because she can listen only to you now.

Me: me..?? But…

Shekar: plz do this favor to us. We are seeing matches to her. We want to do her marriage soon..

Me: ok..i will explain her.

She was waiting on terrace of office. I don’t know, a unknown feeling started in heart. I never spoke with girls before. I’m going to talk with her. That too something very new to me. I got sweat in my palms. My heart started beating fast. I reached the terrace. She is turning other side. She has a black long hair and it’s waving in air. I can remember ocean waves looking at them. She is wearing a red color chudidar…and her chunni is flying gently due to that wind. Her hands are setting her hair sometimes. Her bangles sounds are making a sweet melody which can melt heart. I didn’t remember her name.

But I cleaned my throat to make her aware that i have come. She turned. I saw her big black eyes first. Those eyes are telling many things to me. She is happy or loved or surprised…anything…. her eyebrows are rainbow.

Her nose is sharp as a knife. Her lips are …I didn’t understand with what should i compare. Totally her face is a moon… and moon is only the beautiful thing i know. Bcz, I’m always in discoveries about moon and stars.

Struck…. I’m dumb struck. I never was like this before. Why I’m getting goose bumps. Why my heart has stopped for a second. Why my eyes have become wide… many un answerable questions…just as many scientific theories.

Girl or a boy is just a human being for me. I never even thought that we can love a girl. But, this girl made my mind blank. I forgot all formulae, and i started thinking about that unknown theory love…

She is looking at me silently…I’m looking at her… silence…only silence….. i even forgot on what work i came.

Then she opened her mouth.

“I’m Ragini gadodiya. Daughter of Shekar…i have studied….”
She is telling something. But i remembered only Ragini…wow, that word is resonating in my mind and heart. I’m listening her voice but not her words. That voice is just like the nectar… I have scolded myself why I missed her all these days. I kept looking at her tiny thin pink lips.

She stopped telling. I think she asked me some question. And she is waiting for my answer.

I didn’t say anything as I didn’t listen. Soon, she has tears in eyes. Those tears are melting my heart. Oh my newton, (newton is my god) those tears are breaking my heart. Those are giving me uncontrollable pain.

She started walking away wiping those tears. She passed me. Her aroma spread in my heart completely . I closed my eyes and held her wrist. That was all happened unknowingly.

What..?? Is it me, who has touched an unknown girl like this?? She was stopped. I don’t know, she was amazed, worried, or afraid when i touch her. She didn’t see me. I saw her. She was bending her head. Those tears are still falling from her eyes and running on her cheeks.

I remembered girls and boys telling each other I love you. Maybe that’s what i have to say?? Wrong or right… I said it. My first words to her…. I…..love……you…….

She raised her eyes and looked at me. Oh my newton, I wanted to jump into those eyes and bury myself there. Those eyes are deep than universe. Those have many unknown secrets.

Just then, Shekar uncle came. He looked both of us like that surprised. I know, he didn’t like holding her hand like that. Soon, i left her hand.

Shekar: don’t leave it sanskar. Don’t leave it. I want a son-in-law who loves my girl a lot. I can see it in your eyes…

O my newton, does eyes speak this much..??

Ragini hugged her dad in happiness. I just kept looking at her smiling……

To be continued…..

Hai friends…. i just started this story and it went like that. And this will be short… in two or one epi more. Hope u all liked it…
The whole story flows like this as slow music….

  1. Superb story…ragsan scenes are nice…waiting for next part soon..

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    It’s just simply superb
    U made me speechless

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  3. Wow….. U r amazing. ..
    I felt a sweet melody playing in my heart while reading this shot…
    Yes you are right it’s like a slow music, a slow beautiful melody with soo much loveee

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      Thank you so much abi…I’m happy that u enjoyed it…

  4. Omg! My heart is racing while reading sanky feeling, loved it

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  5. Awesome wow outstanding….loved it waiting for next part

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    Keep going yaar sanskar is really cute

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  9. omg awesome i have no word to say
    i love all your ff
    can you plz give lists of all your previous ff plz

    1. Astra

      Thank you dear…. i have wrote ffs like… my family, lovely friendship, marriage dreams, who am i to you, love made together, and few other Os. Presently I’m writing samragni ff.

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    it’s super duper amazing… I loved it so much… awww ragsan are cute

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    Woooww… i felt as if it happend with me.. love at 1st sight.. heartbeat raising…? can any1 love at 1st sight..? evn thn i loved it.. waiting 4 next update..

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