Ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 49

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The story resumes……..

Kalpi hugs prem. Prem thinks to himself that I am so lucky, though raghav did not die, I got kalpi. I never thought i could fall in love with a simpleton like her. But then, that’s the reality of my life right now. I am so deeply in love with kalpi.

Kalpi thinks prem, you ruined my dreams, now wait amd watch what I do to you, I will ruin your dreams, tit for tat. They break their hug, and kalpi asks if all the documents are ready? Prem says yes, but I will seriously miss you….. u sure u want to go to the USA? I mean, I can send any other employee too. Its a foreign land, after all. You don’t know anybody there.

Kalpi says prem, I want to get this deal finalized myself. That is why I am going to the USA. She whispers to herself.. and I do know someone there, prem. Prem asks her if she said anything? Kalpi says no, I did not. Let’s go, I will get late for the flight. Prem takes her to the car.

In the USA, raghav appoints someone to go to India and finalize the deal. Sammy gets worried on hearing the name of the company, prem constructions. He thinks raghav does not even remember that the company is of the kapoor family, the family responsible for every problem in raghav’s life. He says to himself, thank god, we changed our company name….. otherwise the kapoors would have known raghav is here.

Raghav asks him if everything is ok? Sammy says yes. They go to the parking lot, and then go home. Maya cooks noodles, raghav says I have had better noodles somewhere…… I don’t remember. Sammy says come on raghav, try to remember. Please. Maya too says the same. Raghav strains and says….. it was a restaurant…. a girl with me… dance …. roses…… he gets a headache and cries in pain. Maya gives him some medicine. Raghav sleeps.

Samya talk to each other about raghav’s deteriorating condition. Sammy tells her about the deal with the kapoors. Maya is shocked. She asks him to stop this deal from happening, raghav’s life would be in danger. Sammy asks her to relax. He receives a call from someone n says yes? He drops the phone in shock. Maya asks him what happened? Sammy says kalpi. Kalpi is coming here.

Maya says what? Sammy says yes. My detective told me. She boarded the flight just now. Maya says is she coming to- Sammy says, she is representing prem constructions in the deal. She is prem’s fiancee. The screen freezes on Maya’s shocked face.

Precap: kalpi reaches the USA.

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  1. Hi I am new can anyone tell the brief about the priveous storyline

    1. Jeall

      Hi pragya. I basically wrote abt paki n kalpi being after Sammy n raghav respectively….. but Sammy had Maya….. after raghav’s confession, prem tried to kill him….. but raghav lost his memory and is now in the USA….. it wud be better if u read all my ffs…. won’t take much time I promise, and also I m sure u will enjoy it???

  2. Pragya

    Tanks a lot jeall….

  3. Pragya

    Sure ….i will read all ur episode s …..??

  4. I love your ff but u suddenly stop the ff I am really sad for that but I am happy now because u started ur ff pls don’t stoped ur ff pls. Pls update regular pls

  5. ek mutthi aasmaan season 2 I missssssssssss

  6. paki and kalpi raghwa. I misssssssss

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