ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 48

Hi tellyupdates ! Hi everyone! This is sweety writing in the name of Jeall, bcz the name sweety had already been registered?. Anyone who remembers my ff? Am gonna continue it….. let’s see if I can get any cmnts.? Do cmnt if u are reading this. It will be a great encouragement for me.

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Recap……. raghav loses his memory in an accident . Sammy takes him to the USA. Kalpi is left behind.


After a leap of three months, raghav is shown gymming with Sammy. they are in the USA. Raghav asks Sammy about the business deal. Sammy says we need to send our representative to India for making the deal final. Raghav says okie….. I will go with you. Sammy says no! Raghav looks at him questioningly. Sammy calms down and says I mean that we do not need to go to India, it’s not that big a deal. I will send some employee. He walks away. Raghav thinks why Sammy reacts that way whenever he asks him about what had happened in India three months ago.

Sammy goes to the washroom and cries. Maya calls him form outside. He washes his face …. Maya asks him to open the door. Sammy lets her in. Maya asks him till when will you hide the truth from raghav. One day he will know the reality. Sammy says let that day come…. I can’t tell him anything. do you think he will ever be able to forgive me if his memory comes back and he remembers kalpi? Will he ever consider me as a friend again, when he knows that I was the one who……. he stays silent on seeing raghav walking towards them. Maya wipes her tears and talks to raghav.

There in India, kalpi is cooking food. Vithal asks why did kamla not come home till now? Pakiya says she went to buy some crockery. Vithal says okie. He asks kalpi to call up her aai if she doesn’t return
soon. Kalpi says no baba, I have sm important work, I am going myself. Pakiya says where are u going? Vithal scolds him n says u do your work, let her do hers. Pakiya makes a face. Kalpi laughs.

She walks out of the slum…… takes an auto and reaches a cliff. It was the same cliff where the incident had happened three months ago, and had changed her life forever. She walks towards the cliff and says one day, I will avenge raghav’s accident…… u started the game, be ready now, bcz I will end it. But I have sm.more important work to do before that.

Raghav gets a call. He asks the manager if he could extract any valuable information? The manager says, yes sir. Raghav listens. (it is muted) raghav drops the phone in shock. He says, I cannot believe it…. how can Sammy do it? Nah, he is my bestie, there is some confusion. He calls up the manager again and asks him to recheck.

Kalpi sees someone following her. She turns back but no one is there. When she turns again, she sees prem in the mirror. She smiles at prem. Prem comes there and hugs her. Kalpi seems happy.

Precap: kalpi plans.

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  1. Very long gaaaaappppp…. anyway nice story…

    1. Jeall

      Hi eru, thanks…… actually I had my boards and entrances, and then my clg started…… I didn’t get the time for this….M but I promise there will be atleast two posts per week……
      Btw I write an ff on dehleez also, heartbreak, if u can, please read that as well…..m it’s a real life story of sm1?

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