ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 46

last epi for today :

( n then u’ll get d next on 31st……. so wish me all d best in d cmnts section coz if d eco paper doesn’t go well i m not writing anything……. )

ragmy r in d washroom. sammy sits on an upside down dustbin while raghav sits on d wash basin. raghav asks him to think of smthing really special. sammy says that’s what i m doing ( on d dustbin? ). raghav asks by sitting on d dustbin ( haww cheater !!! )? sammy instantly stands up n says oh no didn’t notice it. then he gets an idea n says u cud write a luv letter n keep it in her dustbin ( this guy doesn’t let anything get out of his brain so easily ). raghav says oh really? then when she’ll throw away d oder waste will u be kind enuf to stand there n search for d letter n give it back to her? sammy says oh i was just kidding.

raghav says i have an idea. sammy gets excited n says what? tell me? raghav says i’ll write down i luv u in an e-mail n send it to her. sammy says but u can’t write anything in an e-mail…. u ‘ve to type it ( seems like now he has turned into a completely crazy zombie ). raghav facepalms himself.

maya calls them frm outside. they cum out n tell her that they’ve made absolutely no progress. maya says i knew it. sammy says then why did u send us? maya says to pot*y ( hope u understud….. n m really sorry if u didn’t like it, but just cudn’t think of a better reply 😛 ). ragmy luk at her in utter disgust. maya laughs n says i hv a plan. she tells raghav to kneel down in front of every1 at d resort n propose to her. raghav says no there will be so many people there. samya hold him by his collar n drag him upstairs to d pool.

they sit down together near a portrait of gandhiji. maya is in d middle. raghav cups his ears, maya her mouth n sammy his eyes ( gandhiji’s 3 monkeys— dont listen bad, dont speak bad, n dont see bad……… sorry if d order got wrong… dont remember it anyway 😛 ). they think together. sammy gets up n says why dont u write a msg on her work desk? maya says no that wud be permanent, she mi8 get angry. raghav agrees. sammy says ok n leaves. he comes back wid d toilet cleaner ( see, i told u no? he’s obsessed wid d toilet ) n says write wid this, it won’t be pmt. i promise i’ll clean it ( dont tell me he wanna clean d toilet cleaner !!! ). raghav whispers to maya obvio, coz that’s what he’s been doing since his birth ( LOL ). maya laughs. she asks sammy to leave it coz he doesn’t no how to propose….. she recalls proposing to him herself.

finally raghav gets an idea n tells them. they like it ( thank god !!!! ) n give each other a high 5. raghav waits for d ni8 to arrive soon. samya laugh seeing his desperation.

precap : raghav’s car falls down d cliff.

( a spl. msg for ww n dia : guys i no there r already too many ffs on swadarsh but m really sorry coz i want to write 1 too…. so just read it n give ur cmnts when i start it, actually i even posted 1 but it got deleted by mistake so i’ll do it again afterwards……. hope u guys wont disappoint me 😛 🙂 )

  1. All the best fr your exams sweety!!

    1. ty soooo much godbi 😛

  2. am eargly waitin guys…..pls update it…..am crazy abt EMA……..cant wait anymore……such a interesting story…..pls add still more romantics….so tat it ll b more intetesting……

  3. Best of luck for your exams di.☺

  4. I laughed a lot when Sammy suggested some funny ideas to raghav for proposing Kalpi.

  5. Hahaha……. Sammy is cleaning toilet cleaner since birth.

  6. What will Sammy do when he will propose Maya???
    I am sure he will purchase an entire public toilet and in front of its entrance he will write I love you Maya even more than toilet and toilet cleaner.I want to be with you forever and on your sayings I will not attend even nature’s call.

  7. Eagerly waiting for 31st March’s episode.

  8. This Prem is really a vicious villain.I hate him a lot.

  9. Paki is as dumb as donkey.

  10. Hyy smriti…hw r u….sorry i dodnt cmnt on ur ff but i read it….it ws nyc…..

    Sweety plz tell me the name of yr dehleez ff

    nd this epi was funny like hell

    well never watched ema regularly nd never ever watched it after kalpi grew up…

    1. Hi Dia,I am fine.So,what are you doing nowadays,just chilling out or have started class 12 studies?
      You know I have started my class 12 studies and tomorrow is a test in our coaching too.

    2. M just chilling….its like a rest from a torturing year

    3. Hahaha….you are absolutely right,Class 11 was really torturing.Last year syllabus made me crazy.It is only now when I got accustomed with soooo much of syllabus.

  11. be back soon ya…..waiting the episode……al the best fr exms

  12. All the best for ur xam…. Waiting for the next epi


    1st b for most all the best di………. epi was ncy……….. precap quite tensed…….. about swadarsh ff actually i planned to quite the dehleez page bcoz i feel like i m burdening myself so much………… i will just read the update only……………. only to complete ranaji’s ff n stop there everything……….. bcoz i m reading all ema ffs, skr facts, ffs, n then my own 2 ffs to be posted everyday n then commenting in all…….. so just stopped dehleez commenting……… sorry di………..

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