ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 44

d story continues……..

raghav rushes after kalpi n ignores samya. they understand that he has come to know of their plan. maya worries. sammy says i dont care anymore coz v have finall united raghav n kalpi n made them ragna ( awwwww u r toooo gud ) maya cheers up.

kalpi gets into an auto. raghav comes behind her n pushes her in n gets into d auto too. d auto driver asks them where they wanna go? kalpi says singhania chawl. raghav says singhania mansion. d auto driver says wow! i have never seen 2 people wanting to go to 2 entirely diff. worlds…… 1 wanna go to chawl, anoder to mansion. raghav luks at kalpi n says whatever d worlds may be, destination is d same…….. d singhania mansion. ( 🙂 😛 luved this dialogue….. ) d auto driver says ok. kalpi opens her mouth but raghav shuts it wid his palm.

d kapoors say that this time they wont let ragna n samya succeed. paki says whatever u do, my sammy shud not be hurt in anyway ( get lost… he’s not ur sammy ). sahil assures her of it. paki leaves happily. prem smiles seeing her go n thinks u r sooo innocent paki…….. u dont know what is gonna happen wid raghav will happen to all of them…….. so sorry for dis fake promise. neetu asks him what he’s thinking ? he says dad plz leave me wid my mom for smtime. sahil obliges.

ragna reach d singhania mansion. they thank d auto driver n walk in together. d song main hoon deewana tera plays as kalpi falls on raghav n he holds her n they share an eyelock. d auto driver blows a horn n asks for payment ( LOL ). kalpi pays him n asks him to go. d auto driver mutters that he is not even interested to watch their luv story…… he has more imp. work to do….. ( luv this auto driver yaar )

neetu asks prem what he wanna say? prem says that mom dad n paki dont know abt my true plan… neetu says that means u r planning smthing else? prem says yes n tells her d actual plan ( what’s it ?? ). neetu worries n says what if u r caught? prem says that wont happen i have set my cards ri8 this time. neetu says ok n prays to god to help them succeed ( dont u dare take His name !!! it doesn’t feel gud on ur mouth ). prem kisses her on d cheek n says just wish me all d best. neetu kisses him back n says best of luck my son. prem leaves. neetu thinks this plan is v. dangerous…… but if they r successful, all their enemies will be finished for 1c n for all. she smiles.

raghav takes kalpi to his bedroom n says this is where i confessed my feelings,… n this is where u’ll do it too. kalpi is surprised n thinks how did he know? she says what will i do? raghav says confess ur feelings for me… tell me that u too luv me. kalpi says who told u so ( i told him damn it, just confess n leave )? raghav replies ur eyes ( haww he tuk away d credit frm me 🙁 😛 ). kalpi says but — raghav cups her face n says i know why u broke all my things , i know why u broke maya n my embrace………. u r so jealous of us. maya is only my frnd kalpi. u r d 1 i luv…. n will continue to luv all my life. kalpi gets happy ( a request…. now plz confess n leave….. go n let me know prem’s plan… u r taking tooo long 🙁 ).

  1. What a great couple!!!Ragna rocks

  2. Samya’s bonding is also amazing.

  3. This auto wala is mad,I mean who will not like to see Ragna’s romance!!!

  4. This mother-son duo is vicious.

  5. Hoping that Prem’s plan will fail and he gets exposed in front of Ragna.


    haha……… raghav is really romantic………. hate this kapoor family………..

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