ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 34

raghav goes back n knocks again. he hears sm voice inside n thinks that it seems like there r more than 1 person here…. but how is it possible? d washroom is meant for 1 only.

inside kalpi tries to hit d intern but he overcomes her n says just shut up. dont u dare utter a single word or i will —

d door breaks open. raghav stands outside n is outraged seeing d happenings inside. he comes there n says to d intern what ? what will u do ? tell me, why did u fall silent seeing me? u were threatening kalpana a while ago, why dont u complete d threat now? d intern breaks his hold on kalpi. kalpi stands aside.

seeing her tears, raghav gets really angry n catches hold of d fleeing intern. he bashes him up ….. beats him black n blue ( ekdum literal wala ) n says dont u dare repeat this mistake ever again, not just wid kalpana but wid any other girl, or u wont live to see d next dawn. d intern says sorry to kalpi. he says not to call d police, or his career will be ruined. raghav screams n what about kalpana’s life? what if i hadnt come in at d last moment? do u have any idea of what wud have happened to her? he calls up d police.

kalpi takes d mobile from his hand n says no sir, no need for this. she asks d intern to leave n never repeat this mistake again. raghav luks at her in disgust, while maya too arrives there n signals d intern to leave, which he readily does.

raghav shouts at her not to act like mother india all d time. how can she forgive so easily sm1 who tried to ruin her respect n honour? kalpi says its ok sir u can scold me as much as u want to but d truth is that by lodging a police complaint, u wud have only publicized this further. its no use sir, i m sure he has learnt a lesson, he wont do that ever again. she cries.

raghav is about to shout at her but seeing her crying his expressions soften n he subconsciously extends his arm towards her. kalpi hugs him in return n raghav is surprised. he comforts her n they stand there like that for a long time. maya clicks a pic of d two together n smiles n says step 2 completed.

kalpi suddenly realises what she is doing n pulls away but her pendant gets stuck in raghav’s shirt. an eyelock follows.

raghav wipes her tears n frees d pendant n hands it over to her. kalpi is surprised n thinks wow hitler has a heart too…..

raghav turns back n is about to leave. kalpi hold his hand n asks him to turn back, she has to ask him smthing. raghav says okk n says now ask what u wanted to? kalpi says i was wondering … raghav says what were u wondering? kalpi says i was wondering as to how many faces u have? raghav is surprised n says i m not ravan i have just 1 face. kalpi says no that is not what i meant.

she says actually i meant that u have too many sides to urself….. 1 is d hitler one, who keeps on scolding every employee of his ; while another is d kind, caring, compassionate one, who can do anything for his friends, who as far as i know, r just 2 in no. sammy sir n maya maam. i wonder why u saved me, why u even gave me that job in ur office even when we both know u hate low class people like me, why did u —-

raghav says enough kalpana. i know i hurt u by insulting kamala ma today, but trust me i never meant it that way. i never wanted to hurt ur feelings kalpana, i never can n i never will. kalpi is surprised n says but then what was all that in d office today? raghav says its just that i m really impulsive …… i cant control my anger when it comes to my friends. n u know maya is one of my best friends.

kalpi says fine, agreed. but why did u nearly beat that intern to his death? he did not harm either of sammy sir or maya maam…. then why did u do that? raghav shout bcz he was hurting u damn it. kalpi shouts back so what sir? do i even matter to u? i m just a simple daughter of a domestic – help – cum – menial – job – worker , so how does it even make a difference to u? how —–

raghav holds her shoulders in fury n says of course u matter to me kalpana, in fact u matter d most in my life. kalpi shouts back ( too much of shouting u guyzzz ) how sir? why sir? raghav gets infuriated n screams bcz i love u damn it i love u ms. kalpana vitthala jadhav, i love u very very much…..

kalpi is shocked. maya smiles n says to herself step 3 completed, mission accomplished. raghav finally confessed his feelings…. i m a genius !!!

( guyz i m really sorry if dese 2 episodes hurt u a bit, especially d washroom part. i know it is disturbing, but anyways i have a piece of advice for u …… i m sure we all read n watch d news every day, so such instances of abuse r really widespread. i just want to say that if god forbid smthing like this happens wid any1 around u, plz do make a police complaint….. dont sit quiet, bcz this was just a piece of fiction so it felt ok when kalpi forgave him dont do this in real life )

( anyways, seems like maya is a goodie !!!!!! )


  1. Oh!!Maya acts like a matchmaker.That means Maya is not a vamp.Thank god.But the one who was burning ragna pic is a ravan,right.


    Oh wow……….. Maya………… sorry maya for scolding u……… sure di……… but not all times we can file a complaint. it varies according to situations………… but i will always remember ur words……….

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