RagLak~Khafa Khafa Si Har Khushi (7~Swara’s Miserable Past)

Flashback continues:

Sanskar came and the coffee cup fell from his hands. Before he could do anything, Shaurya took away Swara from there picking her on his shoulder. Ragini stood up gathering strength and both she and Sanskar ran behind Shaurya.

R: stop Shaurya, dare you touch her or else you will lose your life, I will tell about this act of yours to Sharmishtha aunty and Sakshi aunty

Sn: leave her Shaurya

He tried making him leave Swara but he kept going with Swara on his shoulder, he went out of the bungalow where there was a swimming pool, there were his friends as well. He smirked at them and Karan and Tarun reached towards Ragini and Sanskar. He held their necks and took them to the store room and pushed them inside and locked the door. They went outside and saw Shaurya was holding Swara’s hair while she struggled and jerked as he was unzipping her clothes from behind and pushed her away to Karan and Tarun and he got hold of her but she made them leave as they touched her. She walked backwards while they walked forward, Shaurya came out from the swimming pool behind Swara and held Swara’s ankle pulling her inside, she screamed. She gurgled and stood straight.

Sw: Shaurya no Shaurya don’t do anything

She said as he began to move towards her but he climbed out of the swimming pool leaving her inside. He took his phone and began to ring his ringtone scaring her. He knelt down in front of her as she stood in the swimming pool drenched from head to toe. He began to reach his hand towards her, she looked at his hand and then at him.

Sw: no Shaurya, sorry

Sh: now u will know the price of messing with Shaurya Goenka

He jumped in the pool and moved behind her pushing her to the front and tore her kameez from behind. She screamed as he tore it from her sleeves and then from front. He wrapped his arms around her waist and bit her neck harshly and pulled her out of the swimming pool. He picked her in his arms and took her to her room and threw her on the bed. She began to move back on the bed but he pounced upon her burying his face in his neck. She screamed loudly. His other friends went to Sanskar and Ragini and took them out showing them Swara’s molestation. They tried hard to make them leave but they were too strong. Shaurya stood from top of Swara who was very weak. Karan left Ragini and now Shaurya held her back while Karan went and he too molested her harshly and stood up from top of her. Tarun too molested her. Now Swara was bleeding miserably. Rishi went towards her but then turned to them.

Rsh: u all go, I don’t want to pleasure myself in front of u all but in loneliness

Shaurya and others laughed while Ragini and Sanskar got angry and they went out taking the duo. Rishi closed the door of the room and smirked.


Swara jumped out of the window as she got herself dressed and ran from there and on the way Sharmishtha saw her and ran to her holding her hand.

Shr: what happen shona?

Swara hugged her cryingly and told her everything.


Sharmishtha went to their house with Swara and saw them exiting from there. Shaurya greeted her and Sharmishtha slapped him.

Shr: how dare u touch my daughter

Sh: and what m I guilty for?

Sw: he’s lying

Shr: one minute shona, I will drag you four to court

Sh: what proof do you have?

Shr: proof will come to us by itself, it will have to come, for sure


They went inside the house and saw Sanskar and Ragini unconscious on the floor. They woke them up.

Sn: I m sorry aunty, I love your daughter but couldn’t save her today even when I was in front of her, I feel like a loser right now

Sw: no Sanskar it ain’t your fault, it’s their fault.

R: I m sorry Swara, I m ashamed that he is someone who I call as my brother in law

Sw: no Ragini, it’s not your fault, jo hua so hua, honi ko kon taal sakta hai, he made me dirty (she bursted in to fresh tears and they all hugged her together cryingly) I don’t want to live, leave me

She made them leave her and took a knife pointing it at her own neck.

They all shouted in unison: Swara!

Sw: no one will come closer to me, else I will kill myself

She said and started to go upstairs towards the roof and stood at the edge. They ran upstairs and Sanskar pulled her back and got her down from the edge and Sharmishtha hugged her.

Shr: I don’t have anyone else besides you in this world, will you go leaving your mother? I will slap you

Swara just kept crying.

Sw: ma m sorry

Sn: Swara don’t worry

R: yes we all are with you, ma, baba, aunty, me, Sanskar, Chirag, we all will help you, everything will be fine, we will go visit a doctor and that doctor is a physician, she will perform a medical examination on you which will create a solid proof, we will take help of other people too, nothing goes wrong with good people

Swara smiled through tears.


Next day, they went to doctor and got the examination report which clearly said that Swara was raped.

R: one proof got ready but now we will need the help of other people too

Sw: but who?

R: Ganguly sir, remember our college principal? He can also help, I will also arrange a lawyer for you, you don’t worry

Swara hugged her.

Sw: after such a long time I got someone as a sister


Lawyer was arranged, the court hearing began and everyone settled at their places, in one witness box stood Shaurya and in other witness box, Ganguly sir was called, he looked at Shaurya and then at Swara who looked at him hopefully.

To be continued.

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