RagLak~Khafa Khafa Si Har Khushi (6~Ghosts?!)

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Laksh and Ragini locked their room as if it was vacant from a long time.

R: what will happen by this?

L: Only Sakshi aunty saw us and not Shaurya, if we show as if we never came back, maybe Shaurya will confess the truth and we will get to know if Sakshi aunty is trustworthy or not, so let’s go out from some window and we have to go for shopping as well.

They went out from the window and just then Shaurya passed by their room.

Sh: mom told me they’re back but the door is closed, why?

He went from there to Sakshi.

Sh: mom, if Swara and Danny really came back, so then where are they?

Sk: they might be in their room

Sh: lie, the room is locked

Sk: beta why will I lie to you?

Sh: I know, then why is their door locked?

He took her from there and showed her their locked room.

Sk: how is it possible? They came here, hugged me, took my blessings, I saw them by my own eyes, I m sure I m not so old that my eyesight has grown weak or I have started to hallucinate

Sh: you need help

He said tapping his finger on his own temple.

Sk: (shocked) Shaurya?

Sh: mumma please just come

Sk: you really think I have gone mad?

Sh: no mumma, it’s your habit to see them daily that’s why it happened, come mumma, you need to rest.

He took her to her room and poured water in a glass for her and gave it to her. She drank it

Sk: eww

Sh: what now?

Sk: so bitter

Sh: I will bring it from my room

He went and brought from his room and gave it to her but his water was also bitter.

Sk: this one is also bitter, eww

He too drunk it. They both went to kitchen and took sugar in their mouth but got irritated as there was salt in sugar’s container.


Ragini and Laksh roamed around the mall looking for clothes.

R: you’re dead for the world

L: you also

R: yeah anyways whatever, we should take some disguise Laksh

L: did the picture come in newspaper?

R: ek thappar doongi tumhe main ultay haath ki kaan ke neeche, aray agar unho ne aas pas k logo se poocha to masla hojayega

L: yeah right

R: Chalo na dekh kya rahay ho?

L: han chalo

They purchased lots of clothes and then Ragini hid herself by wearing burqa and niqaab and Laksh wore blonde wig. They reached Goenka Mansion and opened the door quietly. They looked inside to see if Sakshi or Shaurya was around. They stepped back as they saw Shaurya passing by and hid themselves.

L: listen Ragini, let’s get back to our original attire and play Bhoot Bhoot

R: what? You want to play? Like seriously?

L: you forgot we need to make them mad, for that we will have to do this with them

R: oh ok

She took off the burqa and he too took off his blonde wig and kept it in one of the shopping bags. They again peeped inside and saw Shaurya passing by again. They opened the door with a creaking sound and Shaurya turned and they hid themselves again. Shaurya came towards the door and looked out but found no one and closed the door. Ragini and Laksh stood up from their hideout and again creaked open the door and again hid themselves. Shaurya got irritated and again closed the door and just then the door opened again, he closed it again and Ragini and Laksh opened it so fast that Shaurya fell on the floor. Laksh and Ragini went to him and sat beside him. Shaurya’s eyes popped out of his sockets.

Ragini whispered: you are our murderer

Laksh whispered: you killed us, you burnt us to ashes, you ruined us.

He said and Shaurya closed his eyes thinking he’s imagining things, Ragini and Laksh hid outside and when Shaurya opened his eyes, he was shocked that they weren’t there anymore and went unconscious.

L: let him be here only, let’s go to aunty


They went upstairs and peeped in Sakshi’s room, she was sleeping.

Ragini whispered: you darken this room and scare her in such a way that she thinks that it was Shaurya who did this.

Laksh went inside and switched off the light and tiptoed towards her and slowly took the pillow from the other side and kept it on her face suffocating her.

L: mom, I m a ghost

Sk: Shaurya!

L: ha ha ha!

Sakshi closed her eyes as she fainted and he moved away the pillow and went outside. They wrote Murderer on Sakshi’s and Shaurya’s mirror and went from there.

L: Ragini, what if we get caught? If he gets to know that you’re alive so then he may kill you

Sw: mujhe meri jaan ki parwah nahi hai, main bas chahti hoon ke Swara or Chirag ko insaaf mil jaye, Chirag ki aatma ko shanti milay, abhi ye to bas shuruvaat hai, main aisay haar nahi maan sakti

L: I wish everyone would’ve been like you

R: Kya tumko Shagun ki kami mehsoos hoti hai?

L: nahi, bas aise hi

R: tumne mujhse dosti ki to mujhe laga ke tumne mujhe sach much apna dost mana hai

L: dost mana hai such much mein hi mana hai, tum mujhe sadak se utha kar yahan le kar ke ayi, aisay hi to hotay hain sachay dost, or mujhe uski kami mehsoos nahi hoti, jahan izzat na ho wahan nahi rehna chahiye

R: sadak se utha kar nahi laayi, kisi ko madat ki zarurat ho to uski madat karna achhi baat hai, tumne meri jaan bachai or maine badlay mein tumhari madat ki, ab uske badlay tum meri madat kar rahay ho, or main tumko jitni amount doon us se tum financially stable rahogay

L: very intelligent, aagay kya karnay ka socha hai, Swara wali poori baat nahi batai hai abhi Tak tumne mujhe

Ragini got teary eyed recalling something and closed her eyes.

Flashback continues:
As Swara and Sanskar went to the roof, they were followed by Shaurya silently. The duo sat on the roof and Shaurya eyed them angrily. They were chatting and holding hands and hugging each other.

Sn: tumhare Ghar mein kitna sannata hai, tumhari mom poora time ghar se bahar hoti hai, raat ko aati hai, bore nahi hoti kya tum?

Sw: boriyat door karnay walay tum ho na

They smiled.

Sw: pata nahi aaj aisa kiun lag raha hai jaise kuchh galat honay wala hai

Sn: aray koi nahi, kuchh nahi hoga, tum to strong ho na baby, hum 4 years se affair mein hai, humaray relation ko official kab banaogi dear Swara?

Sw: bohat jaldi

Sn: pata hai mere parents bhi poora time ghar se bahar hotay hain, how cool na, isi bahane hum poora time saath hotay hain

Sw: han, romance ka romance, fun ka fun, tujhe pata hai us Shaurya ne Kya Kiya?

Sn: Kya Kiya?

Swara told him everything.

Sw: Maine to laga di usay ek, sala pata nahi Kya samajhta hai khud ko, ameer baap ka bigra beta

Shaurya in his mind: huh, main ameer baap ka bigra beta or tu humare maali (gardener) ki beti

Their gardener was Sharmishtha, Swara’s mother and her only family.

Sn: achha Kia

He kissed her cheek.

Sn: chhat pe cheekhi ho kabhi?

Sw: what? But why?

Sn: aray Chalo na cheekhtay hain

He stood up and she too stood up with him. They climbed the top of the roof and stood there holding hands. Sanskar kept his hands on both side of his lips.

He screamed: Sanskaaaaaaar! Cheekh na tu bhi cheekh

Swara giggled: are you out of your mind?

Sn: aray cheekh na

Sw: Sanskaaaaaaar! Hahahahaha

Sn: pagli, apna naam bol, main koi mara nahi hoon

She giggled once again.

Sw: Swaraaaaaaaaaa!

They both laughed.

Shaurya in his mind: han han hasslo, ye tumhari aakhri hassi hai, or abhi to khushi se cheekh rahi ho, baad mein dard mein cheekho gi, bara  shauk hai na uski baahon mein rehne ka tujhe Sanskar? Ab dekhna uske saath Kya hota hai, kuchh aisa hoga ke uska jism jagah jagah se tootega or un tukron ko sametne wala koi nahi hoga.

Sanskar began to leave from there.

Sn: main coffee lata hoon

Sw: aray nahi na baitho na baatein kartay hain

She said holding his hand stopping him from going.

Sn: main aata hoon na, tum yahin rehna

He went away. Shaurya smirked and approached Swara who stood with her back towards him, he looked at the scissors in his hand and then at her clothes. He held her dupatta and snatched it from her, she got shocked and turned back to face him, she gasped seeing him and tried to take her dupatta but before that, he tore it into pieces. On the other side, Ragini came there as she had a very good friendship with Swara, she saw Shaurya trying to take her downstairs while she struggled. She widened her eyes and saw her dupatta on the floor in pieces. She fisted her palms and ran upstairs, Shaurya banged her head on the wall making it bleed. Ragini palmed her mouth and phoned Sharmishtha but soon her phone was snatched from her hands by Shaurya himself, he stood behind her with Swara, his arm around Swara’s neck strangling her.

Sh: tum Swara ko bachana chahti ho na? Nahi bacha paogi, kiun ke us se pehle, tum khud ko bhi nahi bacha paogi

He pushed her on the wall, she fell on the floor with her eyes open. Sanskar came and the coffee cup fell from his hands. Before he could do anything, Shaurya took away Swara from there picking her on his shoulder.

To be continued.


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