RagLak~Khafa Khafa Si Har Khushi (3~Chirag Dies)

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Sk: so much silence in the house, I feel some storm coming our way

Sh: well you’re thinking way too much mom

*************SPLIT *************

Ch: (teasingly) remember the fun we had yesterday night?

R: yes, I don’t want such a morning that whose night isn’t spent with you and I also don’t want a night whose morning doesn’t begins with you

Ch: wow, queen of romance

Suddenly their car went out of control and she gasped.

*************SPLIT *************

Sh: today, the direction of wind is with me, I write people’s fates by my own hands

*************SPLIT *************

Ch: Ragu what are you doing? Drive slowly

She was too shocked to respond.

Ch: Ragu brake the car

R: the brakes have failed Chirag

Before he could say something, their car dashed with a tree and stopped. His head banged hard on the front while Ragini was completely fine.

R: (shocked) Chirag?

She got out of the car to help him and just as she went the other side, the car blasted and went up in flames. Ragini got shocked and injured and fell and went rolling on the road . She got short on breathe and had tears in her eyes. She drew her hand forward.

R: (weak voice) Chirag

*************SPLIT *************

Sh: if I would’ve kept them alive and tortured them, it would’ve been more fun but oh please dear inner voice, we had done enough, now it was the time to end all this

He whistled

*************SPLIT *************

Tears fell from her eyes and she held her head as she was also injured just like him but less than him. She gathered strength and stood up and limped towards the car and again she fell and her head banged a little on the floor. She looked at the burning car cryingly.

R: no Ragini, you can’t let yourself become weak, I will have to save Chirag anyhow.

She dragged herself on the road as she was unable to walk and reached near the car and drew her hand up towards the door but she startled as her hand went into fire. She gathered courage once again and drew her hand up and opened the door. As she saw his state, she palmed her face.

R: awww! No, no, Chirag (she stood up and shook him not caring about the fire) Chirag please wake up Chirag please wake up, I won’t let anything happen to you

Khafa Khafa Si Harr Khushi
Mili Hai Harr Dafa
Zara Zara Si Baat Pe
Yeh Ruthi Har Dafa

Naa Janey Khwahishon Main Kyun
Malal Sa Rha
Manaya Zindagi Ko Humney
Yun To Harr Dafa

She shook him and caressed his fully wounded face.

R: Chirag please wake up, what did this happen?

She looked around for help. She saw a car passing by and stopped it.

R: help! Help!

The car stopped and the driver came out.

R: (pointing at Chirag) woh.. woh.. I beg u save him, please please save him

The driver went running to the car and both of them got him out and took him to the driver’s car and he laid him inside and she too sat inside taking his head in her lap and he drove off.

R: Chirag nothing will happen to you, keep breathing, keep breathing (to driver) please drive fast

She checks his breathe and it was getting low every second.

R: oh God no no no I m losing him, I will have to do something, what should I do? Yes I should give him CPR
Naa Janey Kaisa
Yeh Rasta Hai
Naa Jaaney Kaisa Karwan
Naa Hum Zuban Hai
Na Hum Nawa Hai
Naa Janey Kaisa Hai Makaan

Naa Janey Kaisa
Yeh Rasta Hai
Naa Jaaney Kaisa Karwan
Naa Hum Zuba Hai
Na Hum Nawa Hai
Naa Janey Kaisa Hai Makaan

She bent down but got a sharp pain in her back because she was also injured. They arrived at the hospital and driver kept pressing the horn again and again and some nurses came and got the stretcher and laid Chirag on it and Ragini too came out stumbling on every step. She paid the driver and went behind the nurses. She too helped them in taking them to the emergency ward. She watched as they put an oxygen mask on his nose and put a cannula in the back of his palm. She felt dizzy and fell on the floor. Some nurses came and lifted her putting her on stretcher and she was taken in operation theater. The wound on the back of her head, her burnt hands and feet were treated. Later she woke up as her wounds were small as compared to Chirag. She sat up holding her head.

R: oh God, Chirag.

Nurse came to her.

N: how are you feeling now?

R: I m fine but my husband Chirag, how’s he? I want to see him.

She said and disconnected the cannula from her palm and stood up.

N: but your condition is also bad

R: my condition might be bad but his condition is worse

She started walking outside.

N: stop, u may risk your life, you’re not okay, doctor has told me to keep you on bed rest

R: I don’t care about myself, all I care about is Chirag, please.

She continued walking towards the emergency ward but fell in between and her head banged with the bench. She stood up again and started running towards the emergency ward and went inside. She saw Chirag was longing for breathe, she cried and ran to him.

Dr: no no no we’re losing him, we will have to treat him by shock treatment, (he saw Ragini and said) please go out.

Nurse took her out.

Ragini stood outside the ward eyeing Chirag from the glass cryingly.

R: I won’t leave them who made your condition so worse that such a painful treatment is given to u, if I could, I would’ve taken this pain also on my head

Inside the ward:

Doctor took the electric shock machine in his hands and got them near Chirag’s chest.

Dr: charge it to 240

Nurses did so.

Dr: clear?

N: yes doctor

Doctor gave shocks to Chirag but he didn’t respond. Ragini closed her eyes feeling pain and sat on a bench outside.

Dr: guys charge it to 300.. clear?

N: yes doctor

Doctor again gave him shocks, he just rose up and laid back.

Dr: charge it to 340.. clear?

N: yes doctor

Doctor gave him shocks once again but till then they had already lost him. The computers beeped loudly without stopping.

Dr: disconnect all the devices attached to his body, go inform his wife we couldn’t save him.

A nurse came outside and Ragini stood up smilingly and came to her.

R: what happen? My Chirag, is he saved? Is he conscious and wants to meet me?

N: I m sorry we couldn’t save him.

R: what did you say?

N: we couldn’t save him.

R: (laughs sarcastically) huh hahaha, you killed him? You took away his life? You stole him from me? Wow, hahaha, wow! I won’t leave you all

She was shouting madly and doctor came out.

Dr: why have you turned this hospital into a fish market?

R: what’s the difference between your hospital and fish market when you all couldn’t do your work properly? Idiots!

Dr: we’re sorry for your loss

R: sorry? You’re saying sorry? Will he come back to life by your stupid sorry? Sorry my foot!

She stomped her feet and went inside and got tears seeing him dead before her eyes. She ran to him and held his hand cryingly.

R: Chirag I need you Chirag, don’t go leaving me alone, I won’t be able to live without you. I will make those evil husband and wife totally helpless, I will take your death’s revenge for sure.

Na Chaand Aya
Haathon Me Apne
Na Hi Savera Mila
Kyu Rohsni Ki
In Bastiyon Me
Itna Andhera Mila
Wo Khwaab Hai Ya
Zid Hai Hamari
Koi Samajh Na Sake
Apne Hi Haathon
Hara Hua Sa
Har Aadmi Hai Mila
Naa Janey Kaisa
Yeh Rasta Hai
Naa Jaaney Kaisa Karwan
Naa Hum Zuban Hai
Na Hum Nawa Hai
Naa Janey Kaisa Hai Makaan
Naa Janey Kaisa
Yeh Rasta Hai
Naa Jaaney Kaisa Karwan
Naa Hum Zuba Hai
Na Hum Nawa Hai
Naa Janey Kaisa Hai Makaan

She laid her head on his chest.

She cupped his face and kissed him for the last time. Later his last rites were done, she burnt the woods in which his body laid. She hugged her mother(Jaanki) cryingly. Her father Shekhar too joined the hug not being able to handle her sorrow.

R: I am a widow, he went leaving me, I won’t leave them both, I will go and kill them both right now.

She broke the hug and was about to go but Jaanki stopped her.

J: no, you won’t go anywhere, what if something happens to you? God might’ve some way, but you will have to wait for that

She hugged her.

Sh: yes beta Ragini, derr hogi lekin andher nahi hogi, shaant hoja

He too hugged her.

(Guys Namish (Chirag) will come back in this ff in some other role)

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