Raglak – Yeh Vaada Raha (Prologue)


“A girl is standing in the balcony looking at a pic and crying….

“Why did you break your promise….She shouts at a pic and throws it away sobbing….You promised me then why did you break your promise…. I always said that I will never take her place in your life then why didn’t you believe me…Whyyyy?????I always promised that I will only consider you as my friendAnd I never broke my promise but you??she cries….I never loved you but you were always my special friend….I Hate you now!!!!She shouts…

“That one moment changed our life….I never thought that we will be separated…I always used to say to you to stay with me as a friend but now I feel I was wrong….I know I don’t deserve to be forgiven…But I would still say”Iam sorry…I never broke my promise….I was always truthful to you…I never broke your trust….”I hope you would understand me someday….”A boy says with a sad face”…

“I hope you come in my brother’s life soon”I always wish for his happiness and his happiness is with you….He never lied to you…I know that….But I also know that you two never loved each other but than what ttype of relationship you people had I m
never understood…”A boy thinks looking atat the boy who was crying…”I will help you in getting your happiness… Your Best friend back Bhai”YEH VAADA RAHA”He says with a determined face….

“I will never let you be together again as after many difficulties i got my love backback….But I don’t know why he still thinks about you…I promise I will make him mine and he will forget you….”A girl smirks…

Thanks for reading and I hope you like this story its on Raglak and somewhat Ragsan as well….Hope to see your comments…

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  1. Jazzy

    Churaillllllll amazinggg prologue yaar

    1. Shanaya123

      Thanks Aatma

  2. Jayanti

    nice prologue dear….ragsan and raglak both…really looking forward for it

  3. Fairy

    Superb superb superb uodate shan baby??? mindblownggg!!!!! It”ll be a treat for ragsan n raglak fans….waitng eagerly to see ragsan frndship part n raglak love story???…I think d frst grl is ragini n d 1st boy is sanky…N d other one is laksh…Laksh wl now unite his brother wid ragini?? n in dis process he”ll fall in love wid rags …such an interestng plot sweety?keep rockng n stay blessed.post nxt part soon..loadzzz of love..umaah?

    1. Shanaya123

      Thank you Fari

  4. tëìtō kUn


  5. Fantastic

  6. Interesting prologue and I’m also eagerly waiting for first episode. Thanks for Raglak story

  7. Very interesting

  8. Awesome

  9. Mintu

    Awesome dear..!!

  10. Shrilatha

    I am so excited ..it’s awesome shanaya…I am curious to know who is the other girl

  11. Asra

    interesting prologue dear….loved it…omg raglak and ragsan…eagerly waiting for you..tkcr dear…

  12. Interesting prologue

  13. Dharani


  14. Bela

    Hey man! Awesome prologue. Update soon, okay?


  15. Asw

    Interesting keep going

  16. AMkideewani

    Superb Shine jaana, I love it, but ypu know that I love RagSan more than RagLak❤

    1. Shanaya123

      Thanks Sam….Yup I know but hope that you will like this one as well….

      1. AMkideewani

        I don’t mind RagLak that much?


  18. Superb

  19. Awesome nd can’t wait 4 Raglak love story

  20. nice start dear

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