Raglak she is my wife [shot 9 and 10]

Hi everyone. I have read many comments asking me to give a good punishment for Laksh. So I decided to give a shot on the pain under gone by Laksh. As I said I have combined 2 shots. I hope u guys will enjoy. So here is the next shot.

Shot 9…
Ragabhi were having a painful eye lock. Abhi removed his eyes and controlled his emotions. He then started to talk.
Abhi: Hello madam. (Ragini was hell shocked) Thank u so much for teaching Mishka. She loves u a lot. U r really a very good kind hearted teacher. My Mishu will always talk about u.
Like this he kept on blabbering something like a parent talking to a teacher. But all the while he didn’t see her eyes. He knows if he see her eyes now then he will broke down completely. Mishka was holding Abhi’s hand and smiling looking at Abhi. Ragini was not in this world. Her mind was completely blank. She couldn’t even open her mouth. She could not digest the reality so easily. Her eyes were tearing continuously. Abhi could feel her pain. His heart was aching to make Ragini suffer. But he had no way to go.
Suddenly everyone’s gaze turns towards the main door. There stood a couple who were also shocked to see Abhi there. Yes it is Swasan. Ragini now came to the reality and opened her mouth.
Ragini shouted: LAKSH!
Swara was lost in the shock and Sanskar was having happy tears in his eyes. Abhi’s heart was filled with pleasure because he had heard his name after many days that too from Ragini’s mouth. Swara heard Ragini’s shout and looked towards her.
Ragini went near Abhi and hugged him tightly. Mishka left Abhi’s hand in shock. Abhi was longing for this hug, her love, her care, her kiss, her fragrance, her presence for many days. After a long period of time he could smell her fragrance and her whole body was over him and there was no gap between them. He could feel his little champ inside her hugging him along with his mom. Even though he was so much happy he could not enjoy it or show it outside. He could not give back the same pleasure which Ragini gave now. He wanted to give her more than this but he was kept under arrest for a child. He came to reality when Mishka spoke.
Mishka: PAPA! Ragu teacher he is my papa. Leave him.
Abhi’s eyes were filling with tears that he could not even hug his wife. But he wiped it off before anyone could notice. Abhi then killed his emotions and held Ragini’s hand and broke the hug.
Abhi: What r u doing madam? Why r u behaving like this?
Ragini with eyes full of tears: Laksh, what r u speaking? I am ur Ragini, Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Why r u behaving like a stranger?
Abhi felt happy hearing her full name and those words ‘ur Ragini’ makes him happier. His heart tells ‘yes she is my Ragini, only my Ragini’. But still,
Abhi: Yes. U r a stranger for me (his heart says no u r my life). U r just a teacher for my child (his heart says no u r my wife and mother of my child). U don’t have any rights on me (his heart says no I am only urs). And first of all I don’t even hear this name ‘Laksh’ (his heart says no I am Laksh, Ragini’s Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari). So please don’t create any scene and get from here (his heart says no Ragini please stay with me only with me forever).

Saying this he looked away and he could hear his heart crying in pain. Ragini was dumbstruck hearing his harsh words. But her love had faced many pains. So it was not so new to her. So,
Ragini: Laksh. What r u telling? I know u r my Laksh. U r playing prank with me right? Please stop it. I don’t like this.
Now Abhi should say something to make Ragini to get out but before he could speak, Mishka said,
Mishka: Ragu teacher. He is my dad. He is not Laksh uncle. He is my papa, Abhimanyu Khanna. (Now looking at Abhi) say it papa!
Abhi could not open his mouth. Ragini was waiting for his answer and Mansi pokes her nose in.
Mansi: Hey. Who the hell is that Laksh? (Abhi got anger) Why r u doing such a drama here? Doesn’t u have any sense? (Abhi wanted to give a punch on her nose for talking like this ‘his’ Ragini. But he couldn’t do that. But he can make Ragini go away to save her from that devil.)
So without wasting anytime, he went near to her and held her arm and dragged her to the main door followed by Arun where Swasan were standing in shock. Ragini tried to speak but Abhi didn’t pay attention to her. He slightly pushed her to Swasan. But her leg slipped and was about to fall just then Swasan held her shoulder and made her stand straight. This is what can be said by a person who watches that scene. But only Ragini and Abhi know who had really saved her. When she was about to fall down, Abhi held her arms tightly and made her to stand straight whereas Ragini’s hands supported on Swasan’s shoulders. Ragini looked at him surprised and shocked. Her mind was flooded with many questions. Abhi although felt very angry on himself, he was happy that he could at least save her from falling down. He closed the main door as though he don’t want to face them. But his heart doesn’t want that. He angrily turned towards Mansi and she gulped in fear but covered it.
Abhi turned to Mishka: Mishu. U go to ur room I will be back in 5 minutes.
Mishka: But papa.
Abhi with straight face: Mishka go inside.
Mishka went inside and Abhi turned to Mansi glaring and whispered: Don’t dare to talk to my Ragini like that. Then I don’t know what I will do.
Mansi as though not feared: Don’t u dare to forget that u r Abhimanyu Khanna.
Abhi frustrated and tighten his fist to control his anger: If I had forgotten that now I will be with my family, my Ragini and my child. So u just registers in ur mind that I am doing this all for ur child, Mishka.
Saying this he went to Mishka’s room to console her. Mishka was crying thinking that he would leave her. But Abhi promised that he will be always with her. Then he made her to sleep and lost in the memories of Ragini.
With this I end this shot.

Shot 10…
At Baadi,
Everyone was shocked and happy to hear about Laksh. But they were worried about his behavior towards Ragini. Ragini was in dida’s house sitting on the floor in a dark room.
Ragini’s POV,
I could clearly say he was ‘my Laksh’; only my Laksh. I don’t know the reason for his ignorance and not accepting that he is Laksh. I always used to his ignorance. But still it hurts me freshly. When he first ignored me by choosing I felt like I have no life and then his second ignorance on the marriage day made me to attempt to end my life. After a long time this third ignorance. Why I am always ignored? Why? Ok now leave that. I have already fought many times to get my love. This time too I will fight but along with my child. Yes my champ will help me in proving that he was my Laksh, his father and my husband. What hurts me more is that he knows that I am pregnant. He was the one who was eager to have a baby. But when that time had come, he was ignoring it. Why? Because of some reason he was ignoring us. But I could say that he was always with me. I know even though he act like he hurt me, he was the one who had saved me from falling down. He couldn’t even ask me whether I am alright because of some reason. What is the reason? I need to find that soon. Yes I must.
With that she wiped off her tears and slept for facing a very big day tomorrow. It was all seen by Laksh who was standing outside a window with tears in his eyes. He could only tell that ‘I LOVE U RAGINI, I REALLY REALLY LOVE U RAGINI’. Then he went from there.

Next morning,
At Baadi,
AP, DP, Sanskar, Swara had stayed at Baadi last night. They saw Ragini coming out of Dida’s house with a file and her mangalsutra. They stopped her and offered to accompany with her. But
Ragini: No papa. It’s my life. Only I should take every move. I don’t want to disturb u all. I will definitely bring ‘my Laksh’ back. Just bless me and send me alone. Please.
But AP: Ragini beta. I know it was ur life and u should do anything to bring back ur husband. But before all that I am her mother. I need to see him. I didn’t leave him stay away from me at least one day. But now he had left me and stayed alone for 4 months. Even though he could leave me, I couldn’t. I hope u understand.
Ragini had tears in her eyes. She could feel her pain as a mother after all she was going to be a mother in few months so nodded in yes. AP, DP, Ragini had went to Abhimanyu’s house and Sanskar had went to get some proofs that Laksh had only disappeared and some identities of Laksh along with police (which was done by Swara alone in serial. Here since she is pregnant she was left in Baadi).

At Abhimanyu’s house,
Ragini rang the bell and Mansi opened the door. She was about to shut the door but saw police standing behind them. So she gulped and asked what they wanted. At that time Abhimanyu had came and was shocked to see AP and DP along with Ragini and police. Yesterday he had buried his heart to hurt Ragini but today he had to throw his heart away forever to hurt ‘his parents’. AP became emotional looking at Abhi but he turned his head to stop himself falling down. DP controlled AP and signaled her to wait for some time. Ragini was standing there emotionless and this hurts Abhi.
Police explained that they had come here to check if he was Laksh. As in serial they show id proofs of Laksh and Abhi. Ragini ask him to show birth mark and when it was found, Abhi proved it wrong. At that time Sanskar came and give some proofs that Laksh was alive and had disappeared for 4 months and at that time Mishka unknowingly said she had saw her father only 4 months back. Everyone became suspicious but Mansi sent Mishka inside to avoid the further questions. Now,
Abhi: So I have proved that I am Abhimanyu Khanna. So please go away. Let me stay with my family happily. Please I am begging u. (He said by killing his hurt which in turn hurt everyone but except Ragini because her heart says he was acting)
Ragini: So Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna. (Abhi’s heart sinks in deep pain but had a straight face to cover up his emotions) U doesn’t know who Laksh Maheshwari was. Right?
Abhi nodded his head in yes. Ragini: So how come did u know my name? (Abhi was shocked and reminded every incident that had happened yesterday night to avoid finding his lies) and said: U only has told me.
Ragini: Oh yeah. But how come did u know my name when u has admitted in the hospital? (Abhi was caught now and he had no idea how does she find that he had helped her) How can u say that u r my husband and fill the formalities in the hospital? (Abhi was trapped now and every one were eagerly waiting for his reply)
Abhi tried to say: I know u because my daughter had already told about u and
Ragini interrupted: But Mishu yesterday only had introduced me to u. Am I right?
Abhi don’t know what to do. His mind was blank and trying hard to give an answer. Ragini took her files and kept on the table as a proof. Ragini sensed his inability to answer her questions. At last,
Ragini: Ok now stop it Laksh. I know it was u. Please stop this drama and accept that u r Laksh Maheshwari. U adores me with this mangalsutra now and says that I am ur wife Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Let’s get blessings from papa and ma Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Annapurna Maheshwari. Let’s go to our house Maheshwari Mansion. Everyone were waiting for u. especially ur champ, junior Laksh Maheshwari (Abhi closed his eyes to control his tears. His cold heart was melting with her each word. He could not take it anymore. He wanted to break his promise. But)
Ragini: If not u r not accepting it, then promise on our child that u r not his father and u r not my husband, u r not Laksh Maheshwari.
Everyone had frozen hearing this. They all now were waiting for Abhi’s response.
What will happen next? I tried to make it interesting. Sorry once again making u all wait for a long time.

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