RagLak Track Analysis

Hi everyone Neha here with another analysis on the current track. I have uploaded the same analysis under the category of Episode Analysis but I know most of the readers are there in in Fanfiction category so I’m posting the episode Analysis under Fanfiction dont mind me 🙂 😉

Talking about RagLak’s track on the current Swaragini track it is not fully dissapointing as we see many scenes but very short but talking about this week we saw many scenes and I hope I don’t have to mention particularly yesterdays scene was the best.

First of all I would like to tell that I’m not bashing anyone here it is just a console for the upset and dissapointed fans of RagLak.

Currently RagLak are the couple who are managing the problems both of them are trying their very best to slove both the families problem. On one hand Sumi’s preganacy and the other one SwaSan’s problem. As a RagLakian I’m so happy to see them fighting for their families

A fact that I’m really happy that they symbolize a great couple and real husband and wife…Hoping to see them like this forever which I also know the CVs won’t let them just like our SwaSan got seperated the CVs would do something else

I’m having just a doubt after seeing the on location shoot maybe Ragini will act as if she lost her baby in futer episodes and then they would adopt Sumi’s baby in the name of healing the pain or Parineeta would expose Ragini’s drama anyways waiting for the future episodes and guys no one mentioned these facts to me its just my own stupid brain hinted me. I’m also happy that Ragini is usuing her drama tricks for the good purposes also which means acting in the acting is really hard thing (Love you teja)

Okay so RagLakians don’t dissapoint yourselves as they are the real heroes of the show currently and Im so happy there are moments of them coming in the future episodes and their risky stand taken to save the innocent child, their attempts to unite SwaSan…Least but not the Last the husband supporting and standing with the wife and fighting along with her I’m just impressed with Tejaswi’s and Namish’s acting as they made us feel it…Literally we could feel their love,care, respect for each other…They nailed each and every scene of them… RAGLAK rocks and live you RAGLAK!!!!!!

Dedicated to all RagLak fans, Swaragini fans and My fans 🙂 😉 😉 😉 (I’m kidding)

Hope I didn’t hurt anyone in anyway…If so I’m sorry..I do Love SwaSan and they did nail episodes and they are, they were and will be great actors too but I’m a RagLakian so I’m sorry for not giving any analysis on them 🙁 🙁 Sorry …

Analysis by crazy Neha hope you liked it 😉 😉

  1. A new article is there… fall out btw RagLak.. shomi blackmails ragini for something.. nd she hides it from laksh.. and my btw them.. don’t know how much is true… sahil guy said that after accident RagLak track starts.. so something intense is on its way

    1. Where did u saw this???? Can u pls share the link???? Pls di…. And sahil iv link too plss…

    2. Nitu..can u plz give me the link for sahil’s IV and article.thanks in advance

    3. Hey nitu grom where did you read it…pls share the link

    4. I just saw this news in youtube entertainment tadka…i thik they said sharmistha instead of parineeta..coz they were staring rsgini will be backmailed my shomi or else she will reveal her fake pregnancy but why will sumi do that..coz ragini is protecting her…

    5. I have shared the link in the bottom 🙂

  2. awesome neha.tat ws nyc.even im a grt raglak fan.luv tm lyk hell..n im super happy fo ysdys epi.n waiting to see more.raglak r d best.i hope cvs dn spoil tz.n ya temish rocks..

  3. Very nice and u are absolutely right raglak are real hero in current situation hope cvs will give more scene of raglak in future

  4. raglak always rocks but they are not using them properly, hope we may see more scenes of them in future

  5. Awsm analysis neha u’ ve just rocked it !! & raglak always rockzz

  6. True analysis di… I watched strdy epi by accident… I just love that epi..

  7. Guys tmr is teju’ bday… I know many of u know here…. But still I thought to say… If u were in fb pls see Aishwarya ‘s recent post and show the teju Fandom power pls… I m not in fb I saw it n my papa account… Pls see it..

  8. Neha……….a big bone crushing hug for u….thank u for the analysis……..agree with each n every word of urs…….And don’t worry there is no bashing in the analysis u just said abt ragalak…so there is no chance for others to take u wrong…….

  9. Nice analysis…well done dr..our raglak rocks….

  10. It’s a tb article.. I read it in forum.. I don’t have the link.. just google.. yu may find it.

  11. Sharmistha Turns Evil blackmails Ragini Lakshya in Swaragini !

    A very few television
    serials are a super-hit
    without the unnecessary involvement of supernatural elements, one of them being Swaragini on Colors.

    The show which started with narrating an incomplete love story of Shekhar and Sharmistha who separated and moved
    on in life with their
    respective families but got later united by their daughters Swara and Ragini, has been a
    forerunner in establishing unexpected twists and
    turns which are a visual delight to watch on-Screen.

    Complications in Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) and Swara’s (Helly Shah) life have already started brewing with the entry hero turned villain – Sahil (Anuj Sachdev). On the other hand, Sharmistha (Parineeta Borthakur) has been receiving a lot of criticism for getting pregnant at an age when she should be playing with her grandchildren.

    TTN&U earlier reported about Ragini (Tejaswini Prakash Wayangankar) faking her pregnancy and
    now, the show will be
    mounting towards
    another big twist in the tale!

    Apparently, Ragini and Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will adopt Sharmistha’s newborn in order to save her from the disgrace the
    society has to offer.

    A source informs, “The
    viewers will be on the
    edge of their seats at
    various instances when Ragini’s pregnancy will be
    on the verge of being
    exposed. The show will further unfold a lot of fall outs between Laksh and
    Ragini with regards to
    faking the pregnancy.

    Laksh will be disappointed with Ragini having Secretive conversations with Sharmishtha while
    Ragini will be disappointed with Laksh as he kept the secret of Sanskaar turning into Kisan hidden from her. The
    situation will get all the more complex when Sharmishta will flaunt a grey shade by
    blackmailing Ragini as she threatens her that she would spill the secret of her fake pregnancy if she
    does not adhere to her ‘secret’ demands.”

    Keep reading this space for more updates!

    1. now this was only left.lol . I was thinking from a long that they do not made only sumi and swara as negative till now. NOW by doing this proved that they love only negativivty. But the fact is now only mahaan swara who is no more mahaan is left to show negative. Usse bhi krdoo cv’s km se km iss me too fair raho.

  12. Hahahaha my sis has at last got a brain :p nice analysis sissy 😉

  13. pavani darling

    Nice analsis darling

  14. nyc analysis darling…………….I too love raglak than swasan…………….

    1. Swasan and Ragsan Rocks

      tere pasand napasand s kya hoge
      best hai to hamaree ragsan and swasan

  15. Awesome analysis. Totally agree with you. Raglak are the best. Hope Cv’s utilize them properly Like they did in yesterday’s episode. ☺. Thanks neha for such an amazing analysis

  16. f**k off!!
    SwaSan rocks..hmree swasan ko beech m ghusaya kyun hai?tum apne rag-lak k bareme bak bak kar na!haa kese vulte nali k couple k fans hai na isliye fr gaining commnets thoree see swasan k vee tareef karde.anyways sun swasan best
    -from me & my swasan fans :3

    1. Soo true.ye nali k couple k fans will not change..for gaining few comments they praise our swasan highlighting their nalis k couple

  17. Yuck hate raglak
    lovee both swalak & swasan

  18. Faltu analayisis
    CVS kbhi raglak i.e nali k couple k koi scene na dey i have to put effort on changing my channel when there scenes come , always Swasan best hai

  19. What u people love about raglak , frankly asking i mean no chemistry nothing atleast ragsan , swalak and swasan had a better chemistry i love all the apirs except for raglak


  21. Though I am a ragsanian ,the people who humilated the analysis and raglak are deceiving! I have seen all those names (all those who critisized raglak) in insta..I mean I have follwed 3 of them and they also have followed me back!So , u all share a good bonding and maybe u all planned to humilate raglak right?grow up people and wait a second , u all post a lot of edits on swasan but not a single edit on swalak , ragsan .by using swalak and ragsan’s name , what do u people want to prove?Ohh!Maybe u swasan fans , want raglak fans to hate swalak and ragsan fans or somewhat like that? it sucks !!!!!

    1. Cmon dy r free to share there opinion ok , who the f*** are u to interfer? and what wrong did they say , nali k couples ko nali k hi couples bolte hai na? dy dnt sy nythg wrong or offensive

  22. stop fighting people!
    all couples rock ok?
    swasan , swalak , ragsan , ragsan all are best not stop ur fights

    1. lol agreed..
      all the couples rock but fans of a few couple are garbage , fight and taunt for no reason..whatever happens enjoy every couple..chahe wo swalak ho ragsan ho swasan ho ya raglak ho!!nd how can i forget swaragini and sanlak..rofl , all of them romance well

  23. Swasan and Ragsan Rocks

    whatever ragsan and swasan are best other all couples are cow dung

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