Raglak: together forever never apart maybe in distance but never at heart

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Hey guys, this zai with another os on Raglak. This is for Aasthu as she has told me to write on this plot. It was her idea, i just wrote it. So hope you will like it.

So it starts from where Mansi came out of coma. She came back to the house.
She stopped Laksh and sent Manasvi out of the room.

Mansi:”i am fine now, you don’t have to stay here.”
Laksh:”no, i am not leaving. I can’t go like this.”
Mansi:”what about your family? Your wife?”
Laksh thinks about Ragini and became sad.
Mansi:”see, you have to go back. They will be so worried for you. I guess you didn’t even talk to them in this 6 months.”
Laksh:”I can’t leave… and what about Manasvi?”
Mansi:”you are not her dad, she will have to accept it. You cannot stay here always. Sooner or later, you will go to your home, to your family. And Manasvi will have to accept this fact. And i am with her. I will handle her… Go back, Laksh. Maybe your family needs you. Your wife? Didn’t you think once what she must be going through? Plz go, Laksh….”

Laksh thinks about what she said to him and about Ragini.
Mansi:”i am telling you, go… Plz”
Laksh:”are you sure?”
Mansi nodded yes.
Laksh got up and was about to leave.
Mansi:”Laksh, thank you for what you did for me and my daughter. Thank you very much.”
Laksh smiled at her. And left the room.

Laksh left from there.
He was happy that he was going to his home, to his family, to Ragini. But was also tensed of what will happen once he reach. He doesn’t know anything about them in this 6 months.

He reached Maheswari Mansion.
He looked at the house and smiled. He went in. He arrived on the stairs. Only Ap was there. Laksh was emotional seeing her.
Laksh:”maa…” he called her out.
Ap turned and was surprised seeing Laksh. Laksh came to her and hugged her. Ap was not believing that Laksh was in front of her. (Ragini already informed them about his death)

Laksh:”maa… maa”
Ap had tears in the eyes.
Ap:”Laksh? Are you fine?” She hugged him again.
Laksh:”yes, i am fine.”
Ap kept on hugging him for sometimes.

Ap:”where were you? Couldn’t you call once? At least once…”
Laksh:”sorry maa… i know i am wrong but plz forgive me.”
Ap:”you return home safely, that’s enough but you won’t leave me again, understood?”
Laksh nodded yes.

Laksh:”maa, where is everyone?”
Ap remembered what Ragini said about moving on only for Swasan and think that everyone was at Baadi to convince Swasan to unite.
Ap:”they went to Baadi… to meet Swaragini”
Laksh:”to meet… what do you mean?”
Ap:”you don’t know what happened when you left. Swara and Sanskar had big fights about you being missing. Swara blamed Sanskar and they stayed separated from 6 months.”
Laksh:”what? But…”
Ap:”Ragini is also at Baadi, they don’t live here. That’s why the family went to meet them.”
Laksh:”lets go there.”
Ap thinks a bit but Laksh pulled her with him.

Everyone was talking and convincing Swasan to get back. Dp, Shekhar, Sharmishta, Sujata, Ap. All.
Ragini:”Swara, Sanskar, plz… you both have to stop it now. Swara, you left him for me, right? Then i am telling you to go back to him. Plz. Listen to me…”

Sanskar:”Ragini, I don’t want…”
Ragini:”Sanskar, can’t you do this much for your friend and Swara, for your sister. Sanskar, you still love her, right? So plz. I am requesting you to come back together. Plz”

Sanskar:”Ragini, everything is over.”
Ragini;”no, if you both keep your ego aside and both of you apologized then everything will be ok”
Swara:”apologized for what?”
Sanskar:”she must apologize.”
Ragini:”you both have to apologize to each other. You both were wrong.”

Ap and Laksh arrived just then.
Laksh saw everyone and was smiling. First, Sharmishta saw him.
Everyone followed her gaze and were shocked to see Laksh.
Ragini was teary eyed. Everyone hugged him. And were very happy. Everyone asked him about his whereabouts from 6 months.
Ragini was looking at him emotionally, she was teary eyed but smiling.
Sanskar:”you felt so bad the other day that you left us? You could’ve come home and beat me if you wanted. But no, you just left. I am your big brother, i have right to beat you.”
Laksh:”sorry bhai. I was so blind that I didn’t see that you were not wrong. I am really sorry. I should not have beaten you”

Sanskar:”even i was wrong…” They hugged. Everyone smiled seeing them.

Laksh looked at Ragini while still hugging Sanskar. He was happy seeing her. Sanskar broke the hug.

Ragini run to him and hugged him tightly. (Just like in the serial.)
Laksh also reciprocates the hug and they were like this for sometimes.
Everyone smiled seeing them. Nikhil was also there and he was happy seeing them.

Ragini realized that everyone was there and broke the hug.
Shekhar:”at least let them enter….” they were at the doorsteps.
They entered the house.
They talked for a while.
Laksh:”Bhai, plz you and Swara come back together… plz. Forget all, for me. It was my fault and I don’t want that because of me, you should be separated. Plz both of you.”

Swasan apologized to each other and hugged.
Laksh explained them where he was and why he couldn’t come.
They scolded him a bit but then let it be as he was back now.
Dp:”we should leave now. And we are taking our bahus too.”
Shekhar:”just let them stay here for tonight, then tomorrow i will send them.”
Dp:”ok, just for tonight…”

Maheswari left from there. Laksh wanted to talk to Ragini but she avoided him. (She was a bit angry with him)

Maheswari mansion:
Everyone were talking to Laksh. And happy that he was back.
In kitchen:
Ap, Sujata and Uttara were there.
Sujata:”thank God, Laksh came back, jiji, just in time, otherwise Ragini would have move on with Nikhil. She would have got married to him…”
Laksh who was at the doorstep heard it and was broken.

He went from there while still thinking of what Sujata said.
Ap:”no Sujata, you don’t know, but Ragini just said it that she will move on jist to unite Swasan. Do you think she will forget Laksh. We all know what she did for his love.”
Sujata:”sorry jiji, I didn’t know that she did it for Swasan. Really sorry.”
Ap:”it’s ok….”

Laksh went back to his room, still thinking what Sujata said.
Laksh:”Ragini was moving on, she forgot me just like that. How could she? I know i am wrong that i left her but she just forgot everything like that….”
He was really angry and angrily went out of the house.
He came to Baadi. Ii was quite late but the door was open. He peeped in and saw Swaragini and Nikhil talking happily.

He got angry to see Ragini with Nikhil, and that time, he came in.
Swara saw him.
Swara:”Laksh what are you doing here, at this time?”
But Laksh just held Ragini’s hand and pulled her inside the room. Ragini was quite surprised by his act.

Swara was confused and was about to follow them, but Nikhil stopped him.
Nikhil:”Swara, they met after so much time, let them alone, let them romance a bit”
Swara:”yeah… you are right.”
Laksh closed the door behind him.
Ragini:”Laksh, what happened?”
Laksh:”you are asking me what happened? You know what Ragini, i think i have done a mistake by coming back…”

Ragini, who was now teary eyed:”why, Laksh? Why are you saying that?”
Laksh:”why? Look at you… 6 months, 6 months were enough for you to forget everything?”

Ragini was confused.
Laksh:”6 months, were enough for you to forget our love? You were ready to move on with that Nikhil…”
Ragini realized that he got to know about that but thinks that he doesn’t know that it was a pretense.

Ragini:”Laksh, listen to me… this was all…”
Laksh:”this was what?”
Ragini wiping her tears:”It’s not like what you are thinking….”
Laksh:”then what, Ragini? Did the family members pressurized you?”
Ragini was crying.
Laksh, angrily:”answer me… did they force you to do that?”
Ragini nervously nodded no.
Laksh:”then, you did it with your own will?”
Ragini:”Laksh, just listen to me…”

Laksh:”Ragini, i hurt you a lot when i was not here and i know that. But even if i was not with you, I didn’t stop loving you like you did.”
Ragini, surprised:”do you think that i stop loving you in this 6 months?”
Laksh:”seems so as you were ready to move on”
Ragini:”if you think so then listen… (she wiped her tears) Laksh, i waited for you everyday. I only wished for your return. Some days back, i went to a hospital where the doctors told me that you have died 3 days ago…”

Laksh:”what? And you believed him?”
Ragini:”listen to me, you don’t know how much Swasan were fighting so i told them to unite. If they knew about your death, then they would have never unite. They would have been separated forever.”

Laksh:”you know Ragini, I don’t want to hear anything. Just forget, I should not have come here. Go out and continue to enjoy with him. I am going home. If i had not promised maa that I won’t leave her again, then i would have leave from here.”
Saying this, he left from there.

Nikhil heard everything as he came to tell Ragini that Swara was calling her in the kitchen.
Nikhil:”Laksh is misunderstanding everything. I need to talk to him… they just reunited and… i should stop him”
He followed Laksh.

In the room:
Ragini cried thinking about what Laksh said to her. Swara called her and Ragini wiped her tears before Swara came there.

Swara:”Ragini, are you fine? What happened?”
Swara:”so ma’am if your romance is finished then come in kitchen, we will eat ice cream, it’s been a while. And we will celebrate too. For Laksh’s return….”
Ragini, controlling herself:”and for your and Sanskar’s reconciliation too…”
They both went to the kitchen.

Outside Baadi:
Laksh came to his car and angrily kicked the tyre.
Nikhil:”what will you get by hitting the car?”
Laksh turned around and faced him angrily.
Nikhil:”listen, i know that you are angry, very angry but you have to know this, Ragini just said that she will move on for Swasan, nothing else. You are misunderstanding her.”

Laksh:”why are you defending her?”
Nikhil:”I am not defending her, i am just telling you the truth… she only loves you, and will only love you.”
Laksh:”I don’t even want to talk to you.”
Nikhil blocked his way.
Nikhil:”no… ok, if you don’t want to believe me then ask any member of your family, her family. Everyone would tell you the same. You can even ask Swara and Sanskar, they also know it.”

Laksh, angrily:”I said leave…”
Nikhil moved away and Laksh left from there.
Nikhil:”don’t know what he is thinking? Should i tell Swara? Let’s wait for tomorrow and see”

Next morning:
The whole Maheswari came to Baadi to take back Swaragini. Ragini was upset of what happened last night.
Swara asked her several times but she didn’t answer.
Laksh was there, he couldn’t refuse to come but was annoyed.
After sometimes, they left from MM

Swaragini went back to their own rooms.
Raglak room:
It was a tensed situation between them. Laksh didn’t want to talk and Ragini was afraid that he will again scold her and be annoyed.
Laksh left from there. He came in the garden area.

Swasan room:
Swara was unpacking her stuffs when Nikhil called her.
Nikhil:”Swara, i need to tell you something…”
He told her everything.
Swara:”what? How could he think that… i will talk to him”
She hung up the call.
Sanskar also came there and Swara told him.
Sanskar said that he will tell everything to Laksh.

Garden area:
Sanskar came to Laksh and talked to him.
Sanskar:”Lucky, how could you say all this to her? She did so only for me and Swara. She told everyone beforehand that it was just a pretense to unite us. She has always love you Laksh”
Laksh, shocked:”really? But she said she will move on…”
Sanskar:”only for me and Swara… once we would have unite, she would have tell is about your death. And everyone said that. She is not lying, Lucky”
The other family members also explained him and Ap told him about the kitchen conversation that Sujata didn’t know the truth too.
Laksh:”i am so stupid. I just listen to half of it and concluded that she… i told her so much. I should apologize.”
Everyone together:”Go…”
Laksh went to the room.

Ragini was at the window staring at the sky.
Laksh came to her.
Laksh:”Ragini… (but she didn’t turn to him) Ragini, i am really sorry. Everyone told me the truth. I am sorry for everything, to leave you like that, to scold you and not trusting you. I am sorry.”

Ragini turned to him:”i can forgive you for leaving me or scolding me but what about trust? You didn’t trust me. What do you think i will forget you? Laksh, I can’t forget you. Yesterday you showed me that my love was very weak. Just a small incident broke it. I don’t know why you felt so but Laksh, this time, you broke my trust, you question my love for you. And i am not going to forgive you. Just a little sorry won’t take back the things you said to me”

Saying this, she went to bed and switch off the lights.
Laksh felt bad but he knew it was his mistake.
Laksh, to himself:”i will keep saying sorry until you forgive me. I know i hurt you a lot this time. And i will do everything to convince you”

He also went to bed.

Next morning:
Ragini woke up quite late. She noticed the room full with flowers: roses, lilies and many more… There was also a card there.
She opened it and saw sorry written multiple time on it. Laksh came in front of her while holding a teddy bear in front of his face.
Ragini took it and put it on the bed and went to the washroom without saying a word.

After getting ready, she came down but no one was there. She called them out.
But there was no one.
There was some music and Laksh came in front of her singing the song i am sorry from the movie one 2 ka 4.

Soon everyone joined him. They tried to convince Ragini but this time, she was really angry. Swara tried to make her dance too but in vain.
Ragini run up and locked herself in the room.
Everyone was sad and upset.
Laksh:”it’s ok, i will convince me. She loves me a lot. She won’t stay angry for long time. Don’t worry, i will try everything.”

He went out of the house. And felt bad but he knew he hurt her a lot.
Everyone felt bad for Raglak.

Ap:”Laksh is feeling bad…”
Dp:”But Ragini is also right. He said so much to her. She has the right to be angry”
Ap:”yes, and he should keep trying”

After sometimes, Ragini came down. The others were also there doing their works.
Swara asked Ragini to join them. Dp announced that he was keeping a party for their return tonight.
Everyone was happy except Ragini, she smiled a bit.
Ap asked her to bring some flowers from the garden and she went out.
She went in the garden but she slipped on something and felt down. Her hand got hurt a bit and it started to bleed.

Laksh who came back with a bag in his hand, saw her and run to her.
Laksh:”what happened?” He touched her hand but Ragini moved back
Laksh:”you can get angry later on, let me see it for now. Come i will put medicines on it.”
Ragini:”no need, i can put it myself.”
Laksh tired to help her to get up but she didn’t let him and stand up by herself.

Ragini:”no, i will bring the flowers for maa.”
Laksh:”put the medicines and then carry on with your work.”
Laksh:”you won’t listen, right?”
Ragini turned around.
Laksh looked here and there and then picked her up in his arms.
Ragini:”leave me… leave me.”
She was struggling but couldn’t.
He carried her inside the house.
Swara:”Ragini? What happened?”
Laksh:”nothing she got hurt on her hand”
Sujata:”hand? Then why are you carrying her?”
Ap:”leave it, let me apply the medicines”

Sanskar signed Laksh what’s there in the bag. But Laksh didn’t show it.
He went to the room. The flowers were still there.

After sometimes, Ragini came to the room to get ready for the party. Ap gave her a blue lengha so she went to put it. (Actually Laksh brought it)

Ragini came out of the washroom and Laksh was mesmerized seeing her.
She went to the mirror.
Laksh came behind her and turned her around.
Laksh:”Ragini, again i am sorry. Really… I don’t know what went into my mind when i got to know about Nikhil. It’s because I don’t ever want to lose you. I want you for myself only. Plz i am sorry.”
Uttara came there and called Ragini, so she went with her.

During the party:
Sanskar gave Laksh the idea to apologized in front of everyone. He came in the middle and said that he wants to tell something.
Laksh:”Ragini, i am really sorry, i know you are really angry for what i did, for i said. But plz forgive me, I promise I won’t give you another chance to complain about me. I am really sorry, but I couldn’t see you with anyone else. I didn’t want to lose you, Ragini is only mine, i just couldn’t take it. I am sorry, Ragini. Really sorry.”
Ragini looked at him teary eyed.
Swara:”Ragini, he made a mistake and he is already apologizing for it.”

Shekhar:”yes beta. End it now.”
Ragini went to him and hugged him. Laksh smiled and hugged her back.
Ragini:”if you tell anything such again i will not spare you, Mr. Laksh Maheswari and don’t you ever dare to leave me like this”
Laksh:”I won’t”
They hugged once again. Everyone smiled seeing them.

The end.

Hope you like it

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