(RagLak) Storm of love- part 1

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I know i’m very very much late… and i have made you for long wait…
But, now..now wait…
But before this, you have to read teaser, in order to understand this ff,

Teaser is here..
Click here

so, this happens in teaser..
Raglak are just married in a hotel in presence of all family members. But, suddenly terrorists attack all… all are dead in fraction of seconds due to bullents. Shekar saves Ragini adn asks Laksh to save her. Raglak hides in room and share their emotional love… then the terrorists shoot bullets on them..

Part 1

Terrorists come into the room where ragini and laksh are hiding. The bullets shot to Ragini and Laksh. One bullet shot at the side of her head and he too got shot at same place.

(*a music plays in back ground in Laksh’s POV*)

Both fall down. Their eyes didn’t close and their hands didn’t apart. Each one’s reflection is seen in other’s eye.

(*Now song in Laksh’s pov plays. He is singing)

{song} ******
(scene in song- a mountain area, where all clouds covered and the place is all dark. Laksh is wearing black shirt which buttons are open. His pant is black too.. Ragini is wearing black frock… her eyes are filled in smoky kajal. Huge wind is blowing.)

Ragini is standing on a rock… Laksh stands far from her… he sings in pain…

“The dark clouds have covered..!! (ragini smiles without turning back..)

The ocean has raised..!!

The mighty waves have touched the shore…
then it started..!!
(laksh comes near her and turns her… both hugs tightly)


which has buried in lands of dreams..

(*music continues*)

Real scene:-
The army enters the place and they kill the terrorists. They take out Ragini and Laksh who are lying unconscious. But, their eyes still open. As, they are taking, their hands become apart.

{Now, Song..Laksh singing}

The eyes want to meet with eyes
The hands want to join…
(scene in song- Laksh cups her face and singing and she is looking deep into his eyes)

The winds have thrown aside..
The rain has drowned us down..!!

(scene- Ragini pushes him back smiling lightly and she is about to run, he holds her hand tightly)

Don’t leave me alone..
in this mighty


Real scene:
They take them to ambulance. They tries to take them in separate vehicles. But, raglak’s ghat bhandhan stops them.

{song continues…}

(laksh falls on his knees. He is singing painfully. Ragini is playing with black butterflies.)

Want to fulfil unsatisfied dreamss…
want to tell a lot from heart…

(she turns to him and comes near him. She holds his head and raises his head up. She kisses his forehead)
Laksh is singing… (she sits in his lap, while his other leg is balancing on knee. He hugs her face to his bare chest.)

give me ur embrace..
give me ur love…
don’t let the knot break..

Real scene:
Their ghat bhandhan is removed and they are separated and made placed in different ambulances.

(Rag pushes lak…and starts running. Lak comes in front of her and stops her. She is panting. He holds her hair and moves her near him. She holds his head.
He sings…

In this storm of love..
make me yours and…
you are mine..!!!

(He leaves her and sings in pain again..She has tears…)

want to fight against this silence..
to save you from all cluthes..

(some monstors like people hold Ragini and she is trying to escape… Laksh tries to save her.. but, a fire happens in between them..)

He sings:
but see my helplessness
which can’t save us..!!

(Ragini disappears with monsters. Laksh faints as a monster attacks)

Real scene: Their treatment is started in different hospitals.

Emerge in me..before
the storm of love fades..
(scene in song- Ragini comes and bends to Laksh… Laksh wakes from bed. She laughs and keeps running… Laksh is running behind her… (they are in white dresses now..)

Don’t leave me alone…
In this storm of Love..!!!
Don’t leave me alone….

Ragini disappears in sunlight…..)

Song ends…!! (song was all happened in Laksh’s imagination.)

Everything becomes blank now..!!

Sanskar is a doctor. He comes out of the operation theatre. He has treated Laksh. Laksh is in saline bottle an oxygen mask. He was cleaning his hands.

Sujatha: finished your treatment..??

Sanskar amazes: maa, when did you come here..??

Sujatha: let’s go home first. We have lots of works related to your marriage.

Sanskar: maa, I’m in an important operation. He has lost his memory…

Sujatha amazes and looks Laksh through the glass. She goes near glass.

Sanskar keeps telling: we know about terrorist attack right, he has a bullet shot in his head, and he has forgot the past. I think, he didn’t remember anyone in his life…

Sujatha has tears in her eyes.

Sanskar: I’m not understanding how he is going to live from now…!!

Sujatha with tears: he will live..!! he will live with us..!
Sanskar amazes.

Sujatha: he will live with us as your brother who is dead when he is five years old..!!

Sanskar in tears: maa…

Sujatha: yes..my Nami would also have been like this, if he is alive. Yes..!! he is my son Namish..!!

Sujatha is crying. Sanskar consoles her.

Ram just comes: ok sujatha. He will be our second son Namish from today. We lost him once. He has come back now..!!

Sujatha wipes her tears.

Laksh just wakes and he finds himself in hospital. He tries to wake and he hits something on table. Sujatha Sanskar and Ram runs into room.

Laksh looks at them confused. He didn’t remember anything.

Laksh: where am I..?? who am I..??

Sujatha slowly goes near him…

Sujatha: nami beta… I’m your mom…
She has tears in eyes. Sanskar looks on…

Laksh: maa…??

Sujatha nods her head. Laksh has tears in his eyes and hugs her. Sujatha cries.

Laksh: what happened to me maa..??

Sujatha: nothing beta..! you are ok now..!!

Laksh looks at Ram and Sanskar.

Sujatha: what are you seeing Laksh..? your dad and brother…
Sanskar smiles and hugs Laksh. Ram rubs his head.

As Laksh is ok now, they discharge him from hospital. They bring him to home.

Sujatha is feeding Laksh with different food items.

Ram and Sanskar are sitting far from them.

Ram is looking at his 2nd son photo.

Ram: sujatha was shattered when your little brother was dead. I’m seeing her completely happy now after a stranger is coming home in his place.

Sanskar: i tried to get his information, but as there was also bomb blast in that hotel, all the registers and computers were destroyed. I think, all people related to him were dead. And more tragic thing, he was just married.

Ram looks at Laksh. He was eating innocently.

Ram: now if he remembers past also, there is no use. If he knows past, he will get only depression..!

Sanskar: yes dad..! he should never know his past..!!

Ram: so, from today is our Namish..!!
Sanskar nods his head.

Screen freezes on Laksh’s smiling face.

Precap: Laksh spending days as Namish…

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  9. G.Chandu

    I couldn’t believe it’s you astra…!! After reading your ‘my married life’ I didn’t expect you as this ff writer…!! Both writing styles are completely different…!! I loved this style too… trying to show it like a movie adding songs to it…!!! Loved it…!!

    1. Astra

      hahah…ya…this is astra…!! thanks a lot chandu…

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