Raglak short story: Misunderstandings (Part 2)

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“Ragini..! Ragini! Don’t run! STOP RIGHT THERE!!”
A boy about 19 was shouting and running behind a girl who was about his age. She was laughing loudly and running before him like a deer. She turned around and stuck out her tongue to him and ran before he could catch her.
“You can’t catch me Laksh! You are going to fail! Hahaha”
Her laughing falls on his ear like a soft music without instruments. Her freely waving and floating hair was catching the attention of his eyes. Whenever she turned around to check the distance between them he felt warm glow in his heart. That warm glow gave him new energy and made him to move faster to reach her. Seeing him getting close, she squealed and jumped like rabbit. But before she could transform into a kangaroo he caught her!
She was on the air with her hands gripping on his arms while her whole body was balanced on his. His hands were around her waist holding her firmly and balanced her on his chest. His nose smelled her hair while slowly twirled around with her in his arms. Her laughter never died. He was like so much addicted to it. Slowly he laid her down on the ground. He turned her towards him and cupped her face. She closed her eyes feeling his hand and leaned more to his touch. His face moved forward slowly while she was also leaning towards him. They leaned more till their soft lips meet the others’. A sudden shiver passes through their spine. Their lips moved in a tune that no one except them could feel and express. At the lost of oxygen they moved apart only to merge their foreheads. Her eyes looked up and met his. Her eyes were twinkling while his eyes were so intense.
“I love you Lakshya!”
“I love you too Ragini!”

“Sir, we reached the place!”
The voice of my driver made me to come back to the present. Whenever I look that paper, I remember the painful moments that were once beautiful. I tried hard to forget them. But it is impossible to erase a memory where you had lived truly. I closed my eyes and ran the fingers through my hair to control the overwhelming emotions. I looked to my right. There she is! The angel that broke my heart! I will make her regret for what she had done to me. I stepped down from my car without breaking my eye contact with the school…Niya music Academy. I appointed a private investigator to know her recent activities and came to know that she had started a music school which was her dream. But her rich father, Shekhar Gaddodia won’t allow her as he always wanted her to take over his business. She would always fight with him for this and would end up in my arms seeking confidence and comfort. She could fight for her dream but not for her love! Wow! Isn’t it enough for me to prove that she doesn’t love me? But what makes me frown was the name ‘Niya’. It brings back the painful memories of my past.
Ragini + Lakshya = RagLak
She wrote on the sand and adored it for a while then looked at me with her mesmerizing eyes.
“Isn’t it beautiful Lakshya?”
She asked focusing her big doe like eyes towards me. I just smiled and wrote on the sand.
RagiNi + LakshYa = NiYa
“Well, how is this?”
I asked her wiggling my eyebrows. She frowned at me and said
“Raglak is so beautiful than ‘Niya’”
“Yes it is! But I am saying like Ragini (pointing at her) and Lakshya (pointing at myself) gives birth to Niya (pointing on the word ‘NiYa’)”
I heard her gasp which made me to grin mischievously at her. Her cheeks became red due to blushing. I winked at her and made a kissy face to make her blush more. But instead she took her book and threw it on my kissy face. She didn’t stop with that. She threw everything she got in her hands.
“You…! Shameless monkey! There we have lied that we are going to have group study but here you are talking about having kids? Seriously?! Have some seriousness Lakshya!”
She shouted at me and looked away. I made an apologizing face and put sit ups infront of her. She still didn’t look at me. I cupped her chin and made her to look into my eyes. She complied and looked into my eyes with worry and upset.
“Ragini, don’t worry about the future. Live the moment. I promise that I will be with you forever. I will definitely marry you also we will have ‘Niya’ someday.”
Her eyes shine brightly with happiness. She nodded and hugged me tightly.
“I love you Lakshya!”
“I love you too Ragini! Don’t leave me.”
She broke the hug and looked into my eyes. She kissed my forehead and said…
“I won’t”

But she did! She left me alone. Crushing my heart on her foot and taking away her heart with herself. Suddenly my body shakes in anger. She broke all her promises then why the hell does she name her dream school ‘Niya’? I wanted to confront her with the same rage, that too now itself. I took a step forward but stopped when I felt a pull on my blazer. I looked down and found a small girl pulling my blazer and motioned me to come to her level.
Her face is full of innocence. Her big eyes shine brightly when I looked at her. All the anger I felt inside fades away just looking at her face. My driver tried to shoo her away but I shook my head at him then looked back at the angel in front of me who still had my blazer in her small fist. She smiled widely when I bent down to her level. Seeing her smile, a genuine smile crept on my face. It’s been a while I had smiled genuinely. That angel took away my smile too but this little angel brought it back to me. I felt my heart becoming light and bubbling with happiness inside me just looking at this little angel. Her innocent face made me to feel that I should protect her from every evil eye. The little angel’s round cheeks, big eyes, thick eyebrows, heart melting smile…everything reminds me of ‘her’.

{She is Veronika Arora}
I shook my head to get rid of the thoughts and said “Hey princess!”
She grinned at me and said in her baby voice filled coated with honey “Hey handsome!”
I let out a small chuckle and asked “What do you want little angel?”
She gave me a puppy dog face and said “Balloon!”
I melted instantly. That look is very similar to mine. I smiled and looked nearby to get her balloons. But she cupped my face with her fragile hands and made me to look at the top of a tree. There was a balloon stuck in between branches.
“That balloon! My mom bought it for me. I want it. Will you bring it for me handsome?”
She gave her puppy dog face again. I grinned at her and said “Your wish is my command little angel! I will get that for you.”
With that I stood up and again looked at the tree. My driver offered that he would take it but I ignored his offer and stood in front of that tree. I removed my blazer and gave it to him and looked back at the little angel. She grinned at me and gave thumbs up wishing me best of luck. I chuckled and climbed the tree. I had climbed many trees when I was a small boy. I did many monkey stunts at those times. I maybe poor at those times but I had happiness. I maybe orphan but I was kind and caring to everyone. Everything changed when she came into my life. I thought she would give me all love which I am longing from my childhood. I thought she would give me a family and erase the name ‘orphan’ from my life. But NO! She is a rich spoiled brat disguised in the form of angel. She had always used my knowledge to complete her projects and works. I didn’t mind that thinking she loves me. But NO! She just used that word to make me fool. I was broken into millions of pieces by her. And so I am going to take revenge on her. She will definitely pay for what she did to me. With these thoughts I reached the branch where the balloon was struck. I got it after many attempts and climbed down.
I bent down infront of the little angel and gave the balloon to her. Her eyes widen and twinkled with happiness. She immediately got that balloon from my hand and throws her arms around my neck pulling me into a hug. The warmth from her made me to feel ‘home’. My eyes brimmed with tears because of the overwhelming feeling after many years. I hugged her back not wanting let the feel go. But after a while she broke the hug and saw something in the palm of my hand. Her eyes immediately filled with worry. I frowned and panicked thinking what happened. She looked up at my eyes which had the tears, immediately her eyes filled with tears. Those tears broke my heart. Before I could react, I felt her small lips kissing my palm. I looked down confusingly. But then only I saw some scratches in my palms.
“I am so sorry handsome. You got these because of me.” She said in a guilty tone.
I immediately cupped her face and shook my head in ‘no’ and said in a soft tone “It’s nothing to me little angel. You don’t need to worry.”
“Really?” she asked with a frown in her adorable face.
She looks beautiful in her every reactions. I smiled and shook my head in no and said “It’s not at all paining dear!”
She suddenly glared at me. Her glare reminds of her once again but I closed my eyes and looked at the little angel confusingly.
“Then why are you crying?” She asked with so much possession. It made my heart feel warmth. The warm feeling made my eyes to bring tears again. I closed my eyes to control them but instead it falls on my cheek. I felt her small fingers removing my tear drop. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was like she would cry at any moment. So I immediately pushed away the tears and smiled heartily at her.
“I am not crying little angel. Those tears were because of happiness. I am not crying dear!” I said in a soft and cheerful tone.
Her eyes immediately brighten up. She smiled widely at me and leaned on my cheeks and kissed it. I took deep breathe to stop myself from crying because of the feeling of ‘home’. I smiled and kissed her forehead lightly.
She grinned at me and said “You are a gentleman handsome!”
I chuckled and thought ‘only to you little angel.’
She suddenly jumped and said cheerfully “I will introduce you to my mom. Come inside with me handsome.”
With that she pulled me towards that music school. My body stiffens and wild thoughts crossed my mind…
What if the little angel shows Ragini as her mother?
What if this little angel’s name is ‘Niya’?
What if Ragini had married someone after our break up?
What if this little angel is their daughter?
What if Ragini doesn’t remember me?
What if Ragini introduces me to her husband?
What if…
NO! NO! NO! I closed my eyes tightly and shook my head vigorously to put a stop for my over thinking brain. I ran my fingers through my hair to cool down. I slowly opened my eyes. My breath caught in my throat. I was standing in a ground where there are full of trees, grasses and plants with beautiful flowers. Some students were discussing something with their group, some were making fun of their friends, some were moving towards their classes and some were playing their instruments while others were listening to it. Though it’s a school, it didn’t appear to be of built with bricks and cement. It appears to be homely. Though many were playing their own instruments, they all combined together and heard like a beautiful poem. But what caught me off guard was the structure of the building. It was my first sketch for a building and I gifted it to ‘her’ on her birthday to motivate and support her music career.
I was so much lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that the little angel had left me there alone saying she would bring her mom to me. Landing on my hometown, meeting the little angle, standing before my first model of the building, and the homely feeling everything is scaring me. Yes, I am scared. I am scared that I would get hurt if I get used to this homely feel once again. I am scared to face the reality. I am scared to trust or love someone. Everything is scaring me. I just want go back to my place and live in the bubble I was living for last 5 years.
Suddenly I felt the cold breeze on my face. The fragrance of hers’ hits my nostrils. I shivered and goosebumps runs over my body. I don’t want to look towards the direction of the cold breeze but still I turned and immediately the heart which was sleeping all these years suddenly started to pump and making me realize that I do have a heart.
There she is…the only woman I am in love with…my angel!
Netru naan paarthadhum… unnaithaana sol
Indru naan kaanbadhum… unnaithaana sol.
Aadai maara jaadai maara
koondhal paadham yaavum maara
kangalo un kangalo maaravillai.
Kangalo en kangalo yemaravillai… poi kooravillai.
“Was it you, that I saw yesterday? Tell me.
Is it you, that I am seeing today? Tell me.
In a different attire, with different features
From head to toe, everything is different
But your eyes have not changed a bit!
My eyes can’t be deceived.
They don’t lie to me”

She is walking down the stairs while the other woman is talking with her. She just smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear and listened.
Netru naan paarthadhum… unnaithaana sol.
Indru naan kaanbadhum… unnaithaana sol.
Pallikooda vaasam meendum
thalli pona nesam meendum
dhooraththil… un vaasnai ennai thaakkudhadi.
Paarvayai un paarvayai… edhirpaakkudhadi… manam ketkudhadi.
“Was it you, that I saw yesterday? Tell me.
Is it you, that I am seeing today? Tell me.
The fragrance of school days, again
The fascination that moved away, again
At a distance your love ambushes me
Wishing for your glances,
This is my mind’s plea!”

She had changed completely…from a crazy cute spoiled brat into a confident and beautiful woman. Her face is not like before. The chubby and bubbly Ragini is not coming down. I feel like I am seeing an entirely different woman. Though this Ragini is smiling, it didn’t reach her eyes. Her once chubby blushing cheeks are now pale but it didn’t stop me from attracting. Her eyes don’t sparkle or twinkle like before. She looks as dead as me.
But why?
She suddenly stopped walking. Her eyes met mine. Suddenly like a colorful cracker cracking in the dark sky, her eye brightens. I didn’t know how long we locked our eyes. But when I saw her eyeballs turns into a ball of fire I frowned. It should be ME who has that rage. But instead she is having, all my anger returns back. I was walked to her while she just stood at the same place shaking in anger. When there was a arm length distance between us, I heard a small voice shouting “Mumma!”
Of course everyone would have known who was that little angel by now… hehe…As I said I gave a pleasant surprise along with introduction of Ragini. So next part…on who’s pov do you guys want also say how is this part?
Have a nice day! Love you all! Keep smiling 🙂

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