RAGLAK- Second love (recap)

Ragini was the second daughter of shekar and sharmista gadodia who was married to a divorcee Mr. Lakshya maheswari who was the son of durga PRASAD maheswari and Annapurna. She works at a local cafe whose boss was totally a bastard and harrased women working there. Ragini plans to study further to become a research scientist and for the coaching, she doesn’t have any other option to work here so as helping her midlle class father from lessing his burden on her studies. When her elder sister elopes, shekar decides to marry her lakshya who had failed in his marriage. Durga PRASAD was the manipulative person behind shekar who blackmailed him of getting fired from his middle class job. Bring afraid, shekar puts a hard face on and forces this marriage on ragini. Apparently ragini learns that laksh is also not intrestdd in the marriage just as her and they both live as complete strangers inside their room. But after few days, ragini learns that even her husband’s brother eloped and in the moment she says that she hate men because they always feel low about women being helpless and submissive. She shares incident about her boss then an obsessive lover from college and her dad.

The following day, a huge quarrel happens between ramprasad and durga PRASAD about sanskar and he finally durga PRASAD decides to invite sanskar whose wife is surprisingly Swara with a child in her womb.

Later ragini also learns that laksh tried to kill himself out of self guilt when anusha left lakshya, a girl who believed modern vales and was never a person to get adjusted in the family. She then meets anusha.
Meanwhile a soft corner develops in laksh for ragini. Both the couples happen to Goa for a business trip where she dreams about laksh returning to anusha and that throws her off guard about her feelings. At the end of their trip, she meets rahul, obsessed lover from college and also friend on both the brothers.

Everything was okay but she didn’t tell laksh about rahul but he listens to their conversation once near vegetable market but pretends he doesn’t know anything. One evening, when ragini was alone, rahul comes to her house with an intention of taking her back to his life. His drunken state loses sense as the argument proceeds and he tries to molest her.

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    Super dear, just love this ff n I ws waiting for months for this and for me recap is not needed as I know it by heart. Luv u dear, thanks for posting it

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