RagLak or RagSan…..Choose the story… Small Intro

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Hello friends , how are you all…well Piyali here again…ok so Back with a poll , actually was disappointed with some comments in last one and was thinking never to post polls again but then I thought why…why should I care about those who don’t care about me so here back again , ok so I am doing it because I just ended with one of my Few Shots and so got a bit of time so I just wanna know will you accept it if I wrote one more ff??? Just want to know that and if you want me to write then choose one story , ok let me start with the descriptions then:

RagSan-: Missing Way- Ok so this story just popped into my mind yesterday in school…Ok I know I am mad about RagSan but the basic story would be a continuation of serial story plot and the couples as decided would be RagSan-SwaLak , I don’t know why but I am madly willing to write it down .


” I won’t let you destroy any life…” He said as he looked deep into her eyes.

” I want him and I’ll get him at any cost…even at the cost of you…” She replied back as she started walking leaving him behind.

” Lets see who wins…you or me…truth or lie…” He said as he started walking in opposite direction.


RagLak : Chahateein…Dil Ki… – Her singing is not a hobby but passion, she’ll fulfil it…crossing every limit of life , every barrier of world.


She is a princess…

He is a Princess maker…

She want to be a singer…

He is her path…but not her destination…

Will she get her destination or stop on the path???


The Red Roses: RagLak:

What happens when the strings of Guitar and Sitar meet?

Will it create a fusion of a Fuss?


She smiled at him , he smiled at her , was it that simple…You need to read to know…

( The basic idea of this story would be taken from a small thread of Ashwin Sanghi Ji’s Novel ” Chanakya Chant”)


I have created this Poll specially on RagLak and RagSan as last time I got many people who wanted me to write on Raglak/RagSan but I wasn’t able to and at the same time , I really want to write a story for my dii’s of RagLak AT… so please let me know if you want any of the above stories…or no story… Speak Politely rather than Rudely…

If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm, & You are the music -unknown’ Enjoy the Dance floor and Rhyme.

(Those who are waiting for my FF , I am working on Swara Aur Ragini currently)

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  1. Piyali

    So as it is the winner is missing way…….thanks to everyone who voted…………..I’ll post the prologue soon…….Love you…….be happy everyone…..

  2. Akshata

    Aaahh i want to become selfish becoz i love both of them, so write both the stories 🙂

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