Raglak – Pocket full of love [character sketch]


Shekar gadodia: father of ragini .head of the family . He is not so strict and a lovely father.gives freedom to his daughter so that her life should be according to her wish. He doesn’t decide anything about his daughter because he very well knew that his daughter about his daughter that she is best in making her own decisions. He own a famous 5 star hotel ”gadodia hotel”. Pampers his daughter a lot as she is his life.

Janaki gadodia: mother of ragini. Wife of shekar gadodia .loves ragini a lot . A lovely mom. Wants her daughter’s life to perfect but she doesn’t like all the family to pamper ragini a lot as she think that pampering her would not be very good. But little did she knew that she is the one who pampers ragini a lot.

Ragini gadodia: a 19 years old beautiful girl. She is traditional and innocent girl. An apple of the family as she is the only child of Shekar and Janaki Gadodia. Best friend of Laksh. Doesn’t like anyone who comes in between Laksh and her .A girl with lot of hopes and desires . wants to become a software engineer. Now studying 2nd year in computer science.

Parvati gadodia: Grandmother of Ragini and mother of Shekar. She loves and pampers Ragini very much. A lovely women unlike in the serial.

Dandeeyal gadodia: Grandfather of Ragini and father of shekar. He loves his granddaughter a lot and pampers her a lot. He is a retired army officer.

Maheshwari family:

Durgaprasad Maheshwari: the head of maheshwari family. Husband of Annapurna Maheshwari. A very strict father but loves his children a lot. Owner of a software company “greenware”. it’s one of the most successful software companies in
India. pampers laksh as he is younger kid in the family

Annapurna Maheshwari: wife of durgaprasad maheshwari .A housewife. Loves her children a lot. pampers lucky as he is young one.

Adharsh Maheshwari: elder son of Annapurna Maheshwari and durgaprasad Maheshwari. Elder brother of Laksh.
Laksh Maheshwari :A 20 years old handsome boy. He is so cool. He is very good in academics so that his Ragu would not face any problem to study and he can solve her all doubts. Loves Ragu since childhood but haven’t confessed yet. younger son of Annapurna Maheshwari and durgaprasad Maheshwari. Loves his family a lot. Wants to become a software engineer. Now studying 3rd year in computer science. Also loves to play guitar.

Ragini and Laksh were best friends since childhood. Laksh loves Ragini since he saw her ,it’s like love at first sight. His love for her is unconditional . he is so possessive about her and haven’t allowed her to be friendly with any other guy and she herself doesn’t want to be friendly with any other guy as she know Laksh is so possessive about her and may feel insecure. He studies very well and makes ragu study well. For ragini ,laksh is not just a friend but also a teacher, and her solace. She shares most of the secrets with him .Laksh knows Ragini more than anyone and so is with Ragini. Laksh’s love for Ragini is not a sort of any childish love but a pure and true love.

This looks something so cute right???but a question raises in our minds that what about Ragini. Does have the same feelings for Laksh. If yes, then why haven’t she confessed yet??if not ,what happens when she comes to know about Laksh’s feelings

To know more stay tuned to ”POCKET FULL OF LOVE”

Precap: ragini’s P.O.V

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