RagLak OS by Yush

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again dis os is not by me but by yush

Ragini came stomping in the room and started to throw things here and there in immense anger. She was in rage after today’s water incident. She messed up the room, kicking to each and everything. Laksh came out of the washroom and saw ragini in rage; she went to the dressing table and threw the stuff placed on it. Laksh was taken aback by this rage of her. Was she the same ragini who never looked eye to eye towards elders? Was she the same ragini who respected every one? Was he responsible for her change? Was he that bad and blind to actually lust around someone else when someone who truly loved him was always in front of his eyes. Ragini took the vase in her hand and threw it on the mirror breaking in. laksh had enough and he went and get hold of ragini’s arm, sleeveless blouses have actually made contact of his skin to hers often even if it’s all about fights but when he touches her somehow the feeling is electrifying.
Laksh: enough ragini?

Ragini pushed laksh back with all her force: dur rahiyee humsay! Hum apki ankhon mai ansoo dekhna chahtay hain.. hum yeh job hi kar rahay hain na apko yeh andaza karanay keliye kar rahay hain kai hum bhi insan thay humara bhi dil toota tha..
Laksh felt his eyes welling up he went closer to her and whispered: toh band kardo yeh sab kuch
Ragini: taka yap phirse humay takleef dain? Phirse sabkay samnay kahein kai apnay humay apnaya hai aur phir iss kamray mai humay thukraein? Ab humay koi farak ni parta
She shouted

Ragini was about to push him again when suddenly laksh grabbed her by her arms and pinned her in front of the door
Ragini: ahhh (she hissed as her back touched the door knobs hardly) humay dard ho raha hai choriyee humay..
Laksh came closer to her: tumhay toh koi farak ni parta na? phir inn nazdeekiyo sai ku farak parh raha hai ragini?
He brought his face more closer to hers and now ragini could feel his hot breath on her face, ragini looked sideways: humay janay deejay?
Now she was tensed and bothered by the closeness and suddenly a smile came on laksh’s face to realize that all what she says in her anger is a mere lie.. She still love him and it affects her
Laksh: ku ragini?
Suddenly laksh’s hands was all over ragini and ragini felt going weaker by his closeness
Ragini: laksh please
It was a mere whisper

Laksh swallowed hard and traced her cheek with his finger, her face was glowing now, laksh looked down and saw that her saree was clinging to her body and her curves were visible to his eyes and all laksh wanted to do now was go with the flow. Laksh traced her arm and then held her hand looking into her eyes and ragini was looking back at him. suddenly laksh felt that ragini needs to be touched rightly. This rage anger is not meant for ragini, she deserves love, both of them looked into each other’s eyes and laksh tucked ragini’s hairs behind her ear taking off the ear cuff she was wearing. Laksh came closer to her ear whispering “you are beautiful” and he kissed her ear by which ragini suddenly flinched. Laksh came back looking at her face again she was so sensitive, ragini gulped down and closed her eyes and then she looked at laksh through her eyelashes and laksh did not know what he was doing but it all felt so right for him to do. Laksh moved her hairs to one side which gave him excess to her neck and he bent and placed his lips on her neck by which ragini threw her arms around laksh and laksh surrounded her back with his arms while his lips were tracing her neck. He planted a row of wet kissed on her neck and ragini was losing it fully. She never dreamt of this happening when she was most hated by the family. Ragini hided her face in his neck while he kissed her neck continuously. Laksh felt that ragini was gripping on his T-shirt but he could feel her hands trembling.
Laksh: relax ragini it’s me I am here

Laksh said looking at her face, he wanted to make her feel comfortable so he bent a little and carried her in his arms which totally took the earth beneath ragini’s feat. Laksh ever so gently placed ragini on “their” be. Ragini was in the sitting position and laksh sat in front of her and put his hand on hers
Laksh: calm down ragini
Laksh cupped her face trying to calm her “are you okay? Seems like malkin jee lost her voice somewhere”
Ragini was too stunned to reply was this even real
Laksh: okay just make a peg for me
This made ragini speak: laksh?
Laksh smiled: finally you are fine
Ragini smiled too
Laksh: hastay howay achi lagti ho.. sorry ku kai shaid yeh hasi maine cheen li
Ragini looked at his face, was this the same laksh saying all this? Making her comfortable? After whatever she did he was talking to her calming her down.. no zabardasti nothing at all?

Laksh moved closer and kissed her forehead “I am nervous too because this is my fisrt time too” ragini suddenly threw her arms around laksh and laksh hugged her back. They both were so close that not even the air could pass through them. Ragini’s body was fully pressed against laksh’s and laksh could hear her heart beats. Laksh gently made her lay down and then came on top of her. Laksh bent a little and kissed her neck again, he didn’t knew why but he was getting obsessed by her neck. Laksh inhaled her scent and she smelled like flowers and water to him. she smelled so feminine that all laksh’s hudden desires took the other route. Laksh looked at ragini and she was still nervous and laksh wanted her to respond equally too because then it would be something beautiful to cherish “their first time”. Laksh hugged ragini and she responded to the hug. Laksh lay down with her and ragini put her head on his chest. She looked up at his face and laksh slowly captured bent and captured her lips into his. The kiss was smoother both could feel each other’s lips. Ragini laid back again and laksh came on top f her.. both smiled looking at each other. Laksh left a trail of kisses on her shoulder and ragini was tugging at his shirt and she moaned with the sweet torture laksh was doing to her. Laksh felt as if he was consumed by ragini’s love suddenly, he could fully differentiate between love and desire and first time he felt that it was love which they were sharing right now.

Should he stop? How can he stop were the few thoughts hovering his mind. Laksh totally lost his senses and moved down and held her pallu in his hand and moved it away kissing her stomach while ragini took the bed shit in her fist. Laksh caressed the curves of her waist she was so damn perfect and laksh titled himself as “blind” FINALLY. Ragini pulled laksh up and laksh could feel her hand on his back, ragini grabbed the shirt and pulled on it. And laksh stifled a laugh on her this move and later ragini blushed beat read, and looked the other way but laksh put his hand under her chin and make her look at his face straight into his eyes. Laksh took off his shirt and threw it on the floor and now ragini could feel his bare top against her half naked body. She was in her blouse while laksh was shirtless. Laksh presses his lips on hers an kissed her fully this time, ragini responded back too. Both of them kisses thinking that they might not get a chance later to do that. Their bodies were pressed together and she was moaning now. Laksh slid his arm behind and searched for the blouse zip
Laksh: there is no zip? How would it open?

Ragini hided her face with her both hands blushing hard on what was happening and said: because zip agay hai
Laksh hit his head and smirked naughtily biting his lips. He held the zip and was about to slide it down when he felt a bucket of water thrown at him. laksh opened his eyes to see ragini with a bucket in her hands and he was totally wet and he was on his sofa. The room was fine while she stood in front of him
Ragini: hum iss ghar ki malkin hain aur agar aj kai baad apnay humara gala dabaya ya humay chunay ki koshish bhi kin a toh dekh li jaga hum kia karein gai.
She threw the bucket

Laksh realized that it was all his dream but such a dream. He looked at ragini from up to down and stood up
Ragini: ap gusa ku nahi horahay? Ab apki awaaz gaib hogai hai laksh ji?
Laksh: woh woh… actually kuch pochna tha?
Ragini looked confused
Ragini: kia pochna tha?
Laksh: tumharay… woh..
Ragini: woh woh kia? Boliyeeee
Laksh: tumaray blouse ki zip agay ku hai?
This shocked ragini and she looked at her blouse while laksh ran towards the washroom, ragini was left with an open mouth on such a question.

THIS IS IT!!!!! No more requests…
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