RagLak OS by yush-Roshni se

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Again dis os is not by me but by yush
Hope ul enjoy it n do comment
Roshni se (plug in to the song from ashoka and imagine raglak romance on it)

Ragini was upset by all those calls from parineeta bhabhi. Her life never provides her with contentment, all that she has to do is worry somehow. Was it a big mistake to be that innocent and naive?
But she possess something or more princely who was her strength and that was laksh and his love. But where was he?

Ragini saw her room door closed “Who closed d door?”

She stepped forward opening it when she saw darkness all around, she got a bit scared gulping down the fear when a lighter was lit up in front of her face, ragini looked up to see laksh.

Roshni sai bharay bharay
Bharay bharay naina teray

Ragini kept looking at laksh when he arched his eye brows and signalled her to look behind him, he get towards the side and ragini saw the full room lighted with candles. She stepped ahead stunned. It was decorated the same way as ragini dreamt of it once. She covered her mouth not believing that her dream was turning into a reality that too by a person she loved with all her life but back then he didn’t but now it was changed. Her eyes sparkled with tears of sheer happiness as a tear was about to make it way down, laksh cupped her face and kissed her under her left eye, ragini was startled a bit she placed her hands on laksh’s hand which were cupping her face, laksh planted his lips under her right eye kissing it as well. Ragini shyly pushed him a little back and stepped near the dressing

Laksh looked at her and smirked a bit walking towards her. Ragini’s back was towards laksh, so he came very close to her and ragini could feel his presence behind her and she was extremely nervous.

Sapno sai haray bharay
Haray bharay..
Naina teray..

Laksh raised his hand placing it on ragini’s waist making different patterns with his fingers and going upwards doing that, ragini shut her eyes tightly and was stuck in the magical moment. As laksh’s hand reached the dori of her blouse, he touched it before opening it. As the threads of her blouse opened ragini turned around hugging laksh while he surrounded her back with his arms.

Dhondha hai dhondha hai tujhay
Akash upar talay
Shaid kisi badri mai lipti hui tu milay

Laksh tilted his head placing his lips on her neck and smelling her hairs. He nuzzled tracing her neck with his nose while ragini made a fist of her hands behind his muscular back clutching on his shirt.

Laksh: ragini
Ragini whose eyes were closed: hmm
Laksh: ragini mujhsy kehdo ill take off my shirt. Itni zor sai pakro gi toh it will get tear.

Ragini pushed him again and ran ahead while laksh held her wrist. He kissed her hand, going towards the arm, he kissed it there too and then his lips reached her shoulders leading towards her neck again which seem to be his favourite spot. He came in front of her placing his lips an inch closer to her lips. He didn’t wanted to scare her. Ver slowly and gently her moved towards her lips capturing them. He pulled ragini more closer towards him as their bodies pressed together and he could feel her every curve and her figure pressed against his. Ragini looked at him while moving back and smile.

Laksh held her hand taking her towards the cupboard, ragini’s back hit the cupboard. Laksh unpinned her pallu and was about to remove it when she placed her hand on it and nervously shook her head.

Laksh brought his face closer to hers looking straight into her eyes

Laksh: ragini its just me
Ragini: jantay hain
Laksh: so may i?

He was still looking at her and she was looking back at his face. Laksh with looking in ragini’s eyes removed the pallu and ragini turned around. Laksh kissed her back and didnt stopped their he placed a trail of kisses on her back and the lowered one side of her blouse kissing her their too.

Ragini looked at him as laksh bend a little and cupped her in his arms. She was so petite so feminine so delicate, he was scared if he would go the harsh way he might hurt her someway

Maine samay rok kai
Tera pata pocha hai

Ragini put her arm around his neck, today was a blissful night for both of them. Laksh twirled slowly with ragini in his arms, he moved towards the bed but then he turned towards the washroom and took her inside placing her under the shower and turning on the tap. The water fell on both of them. Ragini wiped her face while laksh opened his shirt buttons ever so seductively. He placed his hand on her bare waist ragini felt a shiver down her spine

Lehro pai chaltay howay
Pani kai phan chutay hain
Jaisay teray hoont yeh
Mera yeh tann chutay hain

Laksh captured her lips again and ragini brought her hand towards his hair and moved her fingers in them which aroused laksh a bit more. Both of them could feel each others bodies which were pressed together. Laksh broke the kiss looking at her divine face he smiled

Laksh: i love you ragini

She smiled placing her head on his shoulder

Ragini: i love you laksh.

The end

No more than this
We have kids over hear too


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